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#LoudonClear: Trevor interviews Jeff Nyquist on Russia influence

This week, Trevor interviews Jeffrey R. Nyquist, geopolitical expert and author of “Origins of the Fourth World War: And the Coming Wars of Mass Destruction.” This…

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UPDATE: Team Trump orchestrated outrage at Cruz during RNC & other claims

UPDATES: An additional delegate reached out to Scroll to the section “Trump surrogates sought to encourage boo’s during Ted Cruz’s speech” for details. In the wake…

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No, Ted Cruz did not blame Donald Trump for #BrusselsAttacks

In the wake of the horrific Islamic terror attack in Brussels, Belgium that claimed the lives of 30 people, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz made the point that…

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WATCH: Trump tells YUGE lie about position on federal land (video)

“I happen to be one who cheers and supports the Sagebrush Rebellion. Count me in as a rebel.” – Ronald Reagan, 1980 “The issue is…

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Journalists obsess over Trump getting NH primary date wrong

Journalists evidently chomping at the bit to slam Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump eagerly tweeted over and over…and over…about how Donald Trump mistakenly said that…

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