Chinese Regime Recruits American Communists

Beijing opens new chapter, seeking to take the lead among world’s communist parties

With little fanfare and no mainstream media publicity, two of the world’s most important communist parties have begun rebuilding relations after five decades of minimal contact.

At the invitation of the Communist Party of China (CCP), a two-member delegation from the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) toured China from May 26 to June 3. The duo, Chicago-based party Chairman John Bachtell and New York official Carol Widom, represented the CPUSA at a conference on the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth.

Bachtell wrote: “We were invited to attend a forum to celebrate the 200th birthday of Karl Marx with 70 communist, socialist, left, and revolutionary parties in Shenzhen, an eco-planned city, followed by a week touring Beijing, Hefei, Fengyang County, and Xiaogang Village, the site of the first rural economic reforms.

“The event reflected the feeling by the Communist Party of China [CCP] that a qualitative turning point has been reached in socialist construction and that China is playing a new role on the global stage. The meeting is an example of China and the [CCP] opening wider to the world and expanding and deepening relations with communist and workers’ parties.”

Indeed, the meeting did signal a new era. With CCP leader Xi Jinping re-orientating the Party to a more revolutionary path domestically, it follows that old revolutionary ties would be rekindled internationally.




Author: Trevor

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1 thought on “Chinese Regime Recruits American Communists

  1. A very enlightening article indeed! I read the whole and I somewhat stopped at John Bachtell saying, “Trump has assembled a war cabinet whose members have the fantasy of restoring U.S. imperialism as the world’s sole superpower.”

    Take note: Bachtell speaks of the Trump administration’s attempt of re-gaining military superiority as being a “fantasy”. This is the exact same language we’ve been hearing from Comrade Putin, especially since his boastful March 1, 2018 State of the Nation address, in which he presented Russia’s new super-weapons and linked it with an “invitation” to the U.S. to stop denying the undeniable and sit down with Russia and everybody else so to lay out a new international order (that would, no doubt, be a communist “New World SOCIAL Order” dictated by Moscow and Beijing. In other words, Putin & comrades would like to see America signing her own defeat.

    It seems that the people in the CPUSA know perfectly well that the balance of military power has been turned against the West… It’s the language of mockery and ridicule. The warnings of Anatoliy Golitsyn come to mind that were predicting such a fatal outcome in which the West would stand, militarily, with its back against the wall…

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