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“Amazing Grace” By Wintley Phipps

Truly beautiful, truly inspiring. Hat Tip: Big Peace

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Lulu Belle & Scotty – “I’m No Communist” (1952)

Tell me one lyric in this song that doesn’t apply today!

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“Mexico Came Here”

Multi-platinum selling country / pop music duo the Bellamy Brothers are fuming mad about the current illegal immigration situation in the United States. In fact,…

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“Give Me Liberty Not Debt”

Rappin’ fo’ the counter-revolution!!!

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Dolly Parton: “Daddy’s Hands”

For Fathers Day!

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Ray Stevens on the “Obama Budget Plan”

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Oath Keepers Rally to Honor Jose Guerena and Oppose SWAT Searches

NoisyRoom By: OathKeepersOK

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“The Star Spangled Banner” 4th Verse

I’m not an American, but this short video from Darin Southam still brought tears to my eyes.

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“Hold it Against Me” 266 Rein Marines Do Britney

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