Trump’s “Too Big to Rig” Strategy is in Trouble

By: Cliff Kincaid

With the most recent Fox News poll showing Trump losing to Biden, panic is setting in and Trump is making too many mistakes. Worse, election fraud experts say his “too big to rig” strategy of turning out Republican voters can’t surpass the Democratic Party’s vote-rigging operation.

The results are devastating for Trump, as some claiming to be in his corner are already talking prematurely about how a new Trump Administration will save America from the Obama-style Marxists running Biden and the Democratic Party.

Whether the Fox poll is reliable or not, the idea that Biden is closing in on Trump, or even overtaking him, sets the stage for another “close” election that suddenly turns in Biden’s favor around midnight on November 5, as more ballots mysteriously are counted.   

We have seen this before, and yet the Republican National Committee and its co-chair, Lara Trump, seem to have no understanding of what is happening.

At this point, with only five months to go and a stacked anti-Trump “debate” being planned, the former president needs a drastic overhaul of his losing campaign for the presidency. He is surrounded by yes men and people wearing MAGA hats who are blind to the reality of what is happening on the ground.

Remember the Red Wave of the election of 2022 that failed to materialize? Stephen K. Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and other self-proclaimed MAGA spokesmen had predicted massive Republican gains, including 50 seats or more in the House. Instead, the GOP barely achieved a majority.

For the facts about the red faces after the Red Wave propaganda, read my column on the embarrassing fiasco. I had predicted it.

The “news” organizations promoting the Red Wave propaganda included the New York Post, Fox News, Fox Business, Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech channel, the Clay & Buck radio show, PJ Media, Townhall, the Daily Caller, and the Real America’s Voice network.

The same thing is happening again. Tens of millions of Republicans and conservatives are being deceived about what is really happening.

A sophisticated data analysis group called Omega4America documents 500,000 fake voter/address combinations in swing states such as Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These will overwhelm the perceived enthusiasm for Trump, as reflected in the tens of thousands turning out at his rallies.

The group points out, “Remember 2020 – nobody showed up for Biden, throngs for Trump. How did that work out?”

Jay Valentine of the Omega4America group has written dozens of stories about the Democratic Party’s vote fraud machine for The American Thinker website.

I can vouch for the existence of the problem, stemming from personal on-site observations I made as far back as the 1976 election, when we found voters in the heavily Democratic Party city of Toledo, Ohio, registered at vacant lots and abandoned buildings. 

It has gotten worse since then and has expanded.

The Omega group issues this warning: “What you do not see through the optimistic polling [for Trump] are the grinding, daily registrations, added by the thousands, by hundreds of well-funded NGOs, in every swing state – which we publish in our Fractal videos…Take a look at state after state with thousands of ‘voters’ registered in warehouses, car parks, casinos, hotels, Walmarts, strip malls.”

Those optimistic polls for Trump took a drastic turn when the Fox News poll found Biden over Trump by two points.

On top of this massive problem, Trump is now heading into the lion’s den of a presidential debate moderated by CNN on June 27. That means it will be a stacked event, the two CNN people and Biden, against Trump. 

In addition to this major mistake, Trump interfered in a Virginia congressional race, endorsing John McGuire over Bob Good, both conservatives. This kind of interference makes Trump look petty. The outcome of this race is still in doubt and perhaps headed for a recount. There was no reason for Trump to try to throw his weight around in that race.

Trump bore a grudge against Good because he endorsed Ron DeSantis in the Republican race for president.

In addition to picking sides unnecessarily in that race, Trump endorsed the RINO in the Maryland Senate race, Larry Hogan, who hates Trump. It makes Trump look desperate and even incompetent.

Hogan refused to endorse Trump in 2016 or 2020 and is not supporting him this year, either. Hogan got the Republican nomination by sounding like Trump on border policy but now sounds like Obama on abortion and social policy as he runs against Democrat Angela Alsobrooks for the Senate seat.   

Meanwhile, MAGA “spokesman” Stephen K. Bannon is whining about going to jail to serve a prison sentence for contempt of Congress, when he could have testified before the Congressional J6 committee and avoided this debacle.  A talker for a living, he clammed up when the Democrats on the committee demanded his testimony. He could have testified and given his side of the story about J6 and other matters. Instead, he wanted to be a martyr.

Now his supporters are griping that he is headed to a tough prison.

The other major mistake is on the part of his so-called MAGA supporters, who are openly advertising what they intend to do if Trump wins. They are playing into the hands of liberal-left media outlets like MSNBC screaming about another Trump Administration outlawing abortion and jailing liberals and leftists.

As the old saying goes, they are counting their chickens before they hatch. It is a stupid strategy on the part of the Heritage Foundation.

Indeed, another old saying, putting the cart before the horse, applies to the well-endowed Heritage Foundation, now running a Presidential Transition Project that assumes Trump will win.

They are ignoring the evidence showing that the same vote fraud machine that was used in 2020 has been activated again.

It’s true that one “conservative” media company, Salem, has backed away from one claim in the film “2000 Mules” about one individual engaged in illegal voting using mail-in ballots. But the group behind the research, True the Vote, is standing by its use of cell phone geolocation data and video surveillance of mail-in ballot drop boxes to document the case for voter fraud.

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, was a researcher for the film and argued that mail-in ballots were (and are) part of a well-crafted strategy to subvert election integrity.  

The COVID crisis that was created by Communist China was the opportunity for the Democrats to subvert the processes that keep elections free and fair. Mail-in ballot schemes were based on unstable, untested, and insecure processes that could be manipulated by devious operatives.

Instead of challenging this process, many Republicans are hoping to compete.

The RNC is concentrating on a strategy for reaching registered Republican-leaning voters and getting them to go to the polls on Election Day.  This sounds good, but the increase in new Republican voters could be easily overwhelmed by the large numbers of fraudulent voters.

Clearly, having the RNC hire lawyers after the fact to file lawsuits is not the answer.  Having poll watchers on election day will not reverse the fraud that is taking place.

The only real solution is to stop mail-in ballots from going to ineligible addresses. The Omega4America group says the RNC and the Trump Campaign do not have the technology to identify these ineligible locations. They say 70 percent of the fraudulent voting is already taking place through early voting and mail-in ballots.

Their conclusion is that Trump and the Republicans are already in serious trouble in 2024 and do not seem to realize it.

Assuming Trump survives the assassination threats against him and does not land in a jail cell, it seems inevitable that another steal will happen again and more litigation will ensue that will fail to correct the results when the Supreme Court decides, as it did in 2020, that it will not intervene.

Setting the American people up for another communist “victory” at the polls, MSNBC and the liberal media are already warning of another January 6-style “assault on democracy” by those protesting vote fraud. Such a confrontation will certainly be another FBI set-up to capture, kill, and/or imprison Trump supporters.


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  1. It seems the “stupid” party still refuses to wake up to the degree of evilness (and total determination to win by any means necessary) on the part of the “evil” party. Could it be that America already passed her point of no return in 2008, when the country, mesmerised and hypnotised, voted for Comrade Obama?

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