America’s “Collective Responsibility”

By: Cliff Kincaid

We hear a lot these days about “collective responsibility” for what a nation does. Thanksgiving represents gratitude for what our ancestors gave to us. But “collective responsibility” means something more.

The Palestinians brought Hamas to power and are paying the price, in the same way, the Germans ultimately suffered because of Hitler’s rise to power.

The USA is unique in that we, as a people, do not seem to hold other countries responsible for what they have done to us. Consider Paul Kengor’s article, “Killed by a ‘Silly,’ Deadly Communist,” examining some of the evidence that the Russian Communists used Lee Harvey Oswald to kill John F. Kennedy. To this day, the old Soviet Union/Russia has never been held responsible for this crime.

If there was justice in the world, Vladimir Putin, a former KGB colonel, would be put on trial for crimes against humanity, not only for the murder of JFK but the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. The KGB was responsible for both.

In a speech in Indianapolis in July 1968, President Ronald Reagan stated:

“Five years ago, a president was murdered by one who renounced his American citizenship to embrace the godless philosophy of communism, and it was communist violence he brought to our land. The shattering sound of his shots were still ringing in our ears when a policy decision was made to play down his communist attachment lest we provoke the Soviet Union.”

Just last week China Joe entertained the Chinese Communist ruler, Xi Jinping, who bears ultimate responsibility for more than one million dead Americans from COVID. But China Joe treated him like a conquering hero on American soil. China Joe did call him a “dictator” but that is not controversial. What is controversial is that Xi acts like a dictator of America and that the USA appears to be a colony of China.

For this strange predicament, we bear “collective responsibility.” It is our fault. We as a nation did not object sufficiently when Democratic Party officials used the COVID pandemic as an excuse to make illegal changes in election law that permitted their own political party to grab power under questionable circumstances in several swing states, turning the results against President Trump.

Faced with the opposition, Trump endorsed a patriotic and peaceful protest but then, in the end, ceded power to a corrupt political machine and its puppet, Joe Biden, operating at the behest of Barack Hussein Obama, the real power.

Speaker Mike Johnson notes, “Since the Obama Administration, the Left has fallen deeper and deeper into the fell clutch of Marxism.” But our descent into oblivion began decades earlier.

For those confused by the communist claims that right-wingers or the CIA murdered JFK, I encourage you to read the text of the speech that John F. Kennedy was scheduled to give at the Trade Mart in Dallas on November 22, 1963, the day of his assassination.

Kennedy was an anti-communist determined to stop communism’s advance around the world by making the U.S. into the strongest military power on earth. This was the main subject of the speech Kennedy never gave.​

Ominously, Kennedy, the victim of a communist assassin, spoke in the prepared remarks of “the guerrillas, saboteurs, insurgents, and assassins who threaten freedom” in the world. It was a clear reference to Castro and communist efforts to take Latin America and Southeast Asia.

As we remember those words, our attention turns to an amazing development – the election of an anti-communist to the presidency in Argentina, Javier Milei.

But in the same way we continue to hear disinformation about the real villains in the JFK assassination, I urge people to go to Milei’s own website, to understand what his “Freedom Advances” political party is all about. He is a free-market economist who supports Israel and Ukraine and opposes the policies of the pro-Marxist Pope Francis and Russia and China.

But he is being smeared as a lunatic and extreme right-winger.

His stance should be copied by conservatives here, especially in foreign policy. His pro-Israel and pro-Ukraine positions represent the best of anti-communism today. These two countries, as well as Taiwan, are standing strong against Russia, Iran, and their clients.

Milei’s running mate, Victoria Villarruel, is an Argentinian lawyer and president of the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and its Victims (CELTYV), which documents communist terrorist crimes committed from 1969 to 1979 in Argentina. She promotes legal rights for Argentinian victims of communist terrorism and fights against Cultural Marxism.

During the 1970s, the Montoneros and the People’s Revolutionary Army (ERP) by its Spanish acronym) carried out many acts of communist terrorism. They were part of the Russian use of terrorism to achieve communist ends.

It is difficult to overstate the significance of their victory in Argentina. They promise huge changes, making them targets of the communists.

To understand their opposition, especially in the economic sphere, consider the letter signed by over 100 “progressive” economists from across the world ahead of the elections. They don’t want Milei to dismantle the Big Government welfare state.

Echoing the points in this letter, the far-left British Guardian nevertheless noted, “Four in 10 citizens currently live in poverty and annual inflation is close to 140 percent – a crisis Milei has vowed to fix by defeating his rival, Argentina’s finance minister, Sergio Massa, and taking dramatic measures such abolishing the central bank and dollarizing the economy.”

With 4 in 10 in poverty and an inflation rate close to 140 percent, no wonder the people threw the bums out. They realize socialism doesn’t work.

What Milei has done in Argentina we must do in the United States. Like Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, Argentina is now a shining example of what can happen in the U.S.

Our Central Bank – the Federal Reserve – is supposed to ensure financial stability. People can see that it has not worked out so well.

We operate in a dollar economy, still the world’s reserve currency, but the rating for our outlook has shifted from stable to negative, and the day may come when Treasury securities may not find buyers because of inflation, national debt, and deficits.

Ironically, the workers and “the people” in the United States are revolting against the liberal elites. And that means that Trump or any Republican if elections are fair and honest should be easily able to win the presidency in 2024.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

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