The Living Hell of Gay Pride

By: Cliff Kincaid

Seeking to escape the irrelevant witty banter on most of the channels, I turned to Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen network by accident and found a riveting true crime documentary, “Catching a Serial Killer,” on the case of Bruce McArthur. You can bet those behind the ongoing “pride” celebrations won’t be highlighting this member of their “loving” community.

The subject of the book, Bruce McArthur: The Toronto Gay Village Murders, this sick mass murderer “preyed on men from Toronto’s gay community and managed to avoid any detection by carefully cutting the bodies of his victims into pieces and burying them in the pot planters and grounds of his landscaping customers.”  He was convicted of killing eight of his sexual “partners,” most described as hairy “bears” from the gay community and known to frequent a notorious homosexual “leather cruising” bar.

The documentary reveals that McArthur was also motivated to turn gay by a bad relationship with his abusive father. This is very typical among gay men.

Meanwhile, as the viewing public is saturated with ads for HIV/AIDS drugs, the monkeypox virus is the latest dangerous disease to affect the gay community.  A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine found that 98 percent of those infected with monkeypox were homosexual or bisexual men.

There were some fears there would be a rise in “mpox” cases linked to gay “pride” events such as Chicago’s recent International Mr. Leather convention, celebrating the “leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM communities.” BDSM stands for sex involving bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission.

Some might say that inflicting pain on others for sexual pleasure is just one step away from killing people for sexual pleasure. The difference, of course, is that one form occurs through “consensual sex.”

Biden was quick to act and named Dr. Demetre Daskalakis as the new homosexual National Monkeypox Response deputy coordinator. Peter LaBarbera’s WorldNetDaily story explores allegations that he is associated with Satanic-themed Pentagram images and tattoos and sadomasochistic sexual practices.

Before that, of course, the deadly disease HIV/AIDS had emerged in the gay community because of the unnatural manner in which they have sex. Millions died and are still dying.

You may recall that President Clinton responded to the disease by announcing a “comprehensive AIDS vaccine research initiative” under Dr. Anthony Fauci’s supervision and direction.  It failed and billions of dollars were wasted that could have been spent to treat other diseases.

Today, television viewers are treated to a series of commercials advertising various HIV/AIDS drugs with limited effectiveness and serious side effects as gay men hug and kiss or get ready for bed. Even the federally-funded Centers for Disease Control runs these ads about gays at bars and in bed looking for “Mr. Right” and “Mr. Right Now.”  

The excellent book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, speaks about the power of the LGBT lobby and “unprecedented censorship” in the medical profession and scientific establishment about how the gay lifestyle spreads disease and death.

In the same way, you can search in the major media for the names of homosexual serial killers and find their homosexuality either ignored or blamed on their conservative parents and churches. 

But the truth sometimes comes out. The gay lobby condemned Netflix for affixing the “LGBTQ” tag to a documentary about the homosexual serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, even though he was in fact a gay serial killer and met his victims in Milwaukee gay bars.

On the national level, both major political parties have gone gay.

I gave a presentation, “How the Republican Party is Going Gay,” back in 2015, as part of a conference which also exposed Fox News funding of the homosexual lobby. 

Today we see how this limp-wristed response has worked to the benefit of those not only pushing transgenderism but drag shows for kids. The next phase is sex with kids.

At the time of our conference, I posted two videos exposing how I was nearly thrown out of a gay journalism fundraiser in New York City, as I was filming the event where a male stripper performed for the assembled journalists.  The “journalists” were embarrassed.

Those two videos were subsequently censored by Google’s YouTube platform.

Though touted as “conservative,” the Fox News channel’s current LGBT Pride “Celebrating Diversity” promotion on its website even highlights a Fox story about a “transgender teen” who began “transitioning” at the age of five and whose mother says it was God’s will.”

The two-faced channel airs interviews with people opposing transgenderism but hired former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner as a transgender spokeswoman. It’s all about the views and clicks. They cover all the bases, with conservative viewers falling for the bait.

In another display of weakness, in response to Biden threatening sanctions against African countries for passing anti-sodomy laws, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said he, too, opposed “criminalizing homosexuality” in Uganda, a majority Christian nation. 

The United Nations Secretary-General, a socialist, also jumped in, condemning Uganda’s “draconian law.”

The law doesn’t outlaw private conduct but attempts to prohibit public displays of a “lifestyle” many Christians find offensive. Liberal U.S. media said it included the death penalty for homosexuality, but that can apply only in rare cases of “serial offenders” and those who engaged in such practices as knowingly spreading AIDS.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has said that, if elected, he would retain the Biden policy of allowing transgenders to serve in the military. One such individual, Bradley/Chelsea Manning, was the former U.S. Army analyst sentenced to prison for espionage for his/her collaboration in the release by WikiLeaks of thousands of top-secret intelligence reports. Manning was an open homosexual in the Army before deciding to become a woman.

A frequent Fox News guest, Ramaswamy postures as an opponent of “wokeness.”

Former President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence, which was originally 35 years in prison for espionage.

But when NSA analysts William Martin and Bernon Mitchell defected to Russia in 1960, President Eisenhower labeled them as traitors and former President Harry Truman said they should be shot.

Investigations revealed that both young men had been members of the Communist Party and homosexual lovers.


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