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Clare Lopez, Trevor Loudon, Lauren Morris and Jeff Nyquist have spearheaded a new Facebook Page “Conservatives 4 Ukraine”.

Conservatives for Ukraine is a gathering place for US and other conservatives to share information about Ukraine’s brave stand against Russian aggression and to counter the defeatist rhetoric that provides an echo chamber for Communist Chinese and Russian propaganda.

We believe that aiding Ukraine is not only a moral imperative, but the best way of avoiding a much wider and even more damaging war that eventually would drag NATO, including the U.S., directly into the conflict.

If the Nazis had been sanctioned earlier, or met with a united European response before the annexation of the Sudetenland or the joint Nazi/Soviet attack on Poland, the impact of WWII might have been lessened. That war may have been avoided altogether.

We believe that standing up to Russian aggression, late in the day as it is, is the best and safest path forward.

We advocate continued and increased US military and economic support for Ukraine. We call for increased sanctions on Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

We reserve the right to criticize the Biden Administration’s overly cautious and tardy response to Russia’s aggression. We support calls for much greater transparency in the delivery of that aid. The public lacks confidence in the efficiency and integrity of that delivery. That needs to change.

We also encourage Republican lawmakers, including the 20 who inspired the conservative base by holding Speaker McCarthy’s feet to the fire, to push for increased US support.

We call on the Republican Party’s conservative flank to acknowledge that Ukraine’s freedom fighters and American patriots have a common enemy – The Evil Axis of the Russian intelligence state, the Chinese Communist Party, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the murderous regime of North Korea.

Join Conservatives 4 Ukraine today!


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