DeSantis is Finished as a Presidential Candidate

By: Cliff Kincaid

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently made a reference to “our fellow Mexicans that live in the US.” He is apparently referring to the “territorial dispute” with the United States over who owns the Southwest United States. Mexicans claim that region for themselves.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should take that into consideration when he referred to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “territorial dispute” and warned against the United States getting “further entangled” in it.  He made those comments to Tucker Carlson, the pro-Russia host of Fox News.  

Dr. Alexander Motyl, a professor of political science at Rutgers-Newark, comments, “…DeSantis doesn’t realize that, if his description of the Russo-Ukrainian War as a territorial dispute is correct, then Adolf Hitler’s absorption of Austria and Czechoslovakia and invasion of Poland and the Soviet Union also amount to picayune territorial disputes into which the United States should have refrained from becoming ‘further entangled.’”

In regard to Mexico’s designs on the United States, consider the separatist Aztlan movement, based on an Aztec word that is used to describe the Southwestern U.S. states that they hope to take over and restore to Mexico.

Conservatives who applaud the statement of DeSantis on Ukraine are sowing the seeds of their own destruction in the United States.

“DeSantis is an ignoramus,” commented one American with family and friends in Ukraine. “I can’t understand how this is possible since Florida is filled with people who fled from Communist countries.” 

He’s right. DeSantis has shot himself in the foot. He is finished as a presidential candidate even before he officially announces.

It is a sad turn of events. We had just commended DeSantis for signing legislation establishing a “Victims of Communism”  study session for Florida high school students. He touts this program in his new book, The Courage to be Free. But his comments on Ukraine indicate he should go back to school and take the course so that he can better understand what is truly happening in Europe. He needs to realize that Ukraine wants to be free, too.

History reveals that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, first in 2014 [under Obama] and then in 2022 [under Biden], is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s aggression in 1938 that led to the annexation of German-speaking regions of Czechoslovakia known as the Sudetenland. 

Using that same playbook, former KGB colonel and Russian President Putin exploits some Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine to justify his invasion of that country and reduce it to rubble. He is killing the people he claims to want to save.

Meanwhile, one element of the Mexican strategy, adopted by the national Democratic Party, involves deliberately overwhelming the white or European-American vote at the polls. In the next phase of revolution, the “progressive” strategy will entertain the idea that Mexican rights activists have a right to reclaim most of the Southwest United States as Mexican territory.  These are Obrador’s “fellow Mexicans that live in the US.”

Then, if the United Nations continues its support for “indigenous peoples,” as some Mexicans in the Southwest U.S. continue to define themselves, we can anticipate the world body joining the effort to dismember the U.S., turning over some states to Mexico and perhaps others to “native Americans.”

Following that, Russia will take back Alaska, claiming it was stolen by the gringos.

Under the cover of resolving “territorial disputes,” the United States of America will be no more.

All of this comes home to roost when referring to a “territorial dispute” involving Ukraine and Russia. This is not a territorial dispute. Putin wants all of Ukraine and then he wants Poland and other nations. He already took part of the former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2008.

Friends of Ukraine are disappointed in former President Trump’s recent comments on Ukraine as well. He claims he can “easily” resolve the war. But as Trump pointed out, in his comments to Tucker Carlson: “…for four years [during the Trump presidency] they didn’t attack, nor did they have any intention of doing so as long as I was in charge. But the sad fact is that, due to a new lack of respect for the U.S., caused at least partially by our incompetently handled pullout from Afghanistan, and a very poor choice of words by Biden in explaining U.S. requests and intentions (Biden’s first statement was that Russia could have some of Ukraine, no problem!), the bloody and expensive assault began, and continues to this day.” 

What Trump said is fact. Biden encouraged the latest Russian invasion and has failed to supply Ukraine the weapons they need to win.  It is a war that causes some people to get tired of defending the forces of freedom in Ukraine, especially when our own border is under attack.

But when DeSantis, a governor with no foreign policy experience, falls for Russian propaganda about a “territorial dispute,” he is sinking his campaign for the presidency before it begins.

Dr. Motyl counters: “Is DeSantis serious? Does he really believe that the issue is a sliver of land? And if it is, why destroy the very land and the very people Putin claims as his?”

Here, the destruction of the United States, in terms of being a European-American nation, has been an open objective of liberals and “progressives” for years. President Bill Clinton in 2002 had said he believed “an America without a white majority is a worthy destiny.” Subsequently, President Barack Hussein Obama’s “Brown is the New White” strategy became the practical approach to making Clinton’s vision a reality. Biden’s open borders were the logical conclusion.

When former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers was an instructor at the University of Illinois, one of his courses featured a book titled Pedagogy of the Oppressed as required reading. Author Paulo Freire, a Brazilian Marxist, declared, “This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well.”

Hence, Mexican revolutionaries on American soil see whites as the “oppressors.” On this basis, the Mexican cartels use Chinese chemicals to make fentanyl and poison the gringos. Then they pay Mexican officials to look the other way.

Under these circumstances, America has every right to take the war to Mexico itself, in order to destroy the cartels. It’s about time. In the same way, Ukraine has the right to defend itself.

The failure of DeSantis to understand this means he is not ready for prime time or the presidency. He must reverse course immediately in order to save his political future.


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3 thoughts on “DeSantis is Finished as a Presidential Candidate

  1. “DeSantis is an ignoramus,” commented one American with family and friends in Ukraine. “I can’t understand how this is possible since Florida is filled with people who fled from Communist countries.”

    That there says it all.

  2. True. I would have a difficult time voting for Desantis due to that position. I’d prefer the guy who criticizes political allies and who can’t make the right hires. (That’s Trump if you are not sure. There is no perfect candidate.)

    1. What Kincaid doesn’t seem to realize is that many American conservatives are now pro-Kremlin (they have fallen for the lie that Russia is based), so DeSantis’ pro-Kremlin views, instead of hindering his progress with voters, could do the opposite. Unfortunately, Trump is in the Kremlin’s back pocket, too. So we are stuck with two Kremlin assets for candidates.

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