“There Is No Shortage Of Cruelty”

By: Cliff Kincaid

“There is no shortage of cruelty out there” is one of the comments in a public service announcement asking for donations to save animals. Pictures of dogs cowering for survival in a snow-filled landscape tug at your heartstrings. How can people abuse and mistreat animals? But how can people do this to one another?

I saw the ad after the anti-abortion March for Life occurred in Washington, D.C. and news is breaking that the world is bracing for another massive Russian military assault on the people of Ukraine. Both events have one thing in common – the philosophy of atheistic communism.

Yet, the world seems indifferent to the fate of the unborn and the fate of Ukraine

Ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers explained how the abortion mentality was the communist mentality. “Abortion was a commonplace of party life,” he wrote in his classic 1952 work Witness. “There were Communist doctors who rendered that service for a small fee. Communists who were more choosy knew liberal doctors who would render the same service for a larger fee. Abortion, which now fills me with physical horror, I then regarded, like all Communists, as a mere physical manipulation.”

It was all physical because, in the communist view, there was nothing spiritual.

If we believe that humans deserve the right to live in peace and freedom, how can we defend abortion? And how can we remain indifferent to the fate of the people of Ukraine? These are two major issues that are front and center right now, far more important than a few classified documents left in Joe Biden’s garage.

In my view, those documents are relevant only in terms of what we already know about the Biden Administration – it is thoroughly compromised by our enemies, most prominently Russia and China.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin hides behind the spiritual. Divorced and said to have a mistress, he has presented himself as a defender of the Christian faith and Christian values. He counts on conservatives in the United States to ignore the fact that he was a Soviet KGB officer and ran its successor, the FSB.

His apologists insist that Russian leaders have not only turned away from their communist past and involvement with the KGB but are Bible-believing Christians today. But the Russian Orthodox Church, which backs the invasion of Ukraine, has been dominated by Putin’s old KGB and continues to serve the interests of the Kremlin. Former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky has called the Russian Orthodox Church “Putin’s Espionage Church,” and devotes a major portion of his book, KGB/FSB’s New Trojan Horse, to its use by the Russian intelligence service.

What’s worse, even as the pain and suffering continue, the West is divided over the issue of coming to the aid of Ukraine. Biden’s response has been too little too late, while Germany endlessly debates what weapons to provide. It seems that Germany is determined to preserve its relationship with Russia. This gives Russia another opportunity to inflict more devastation on Ukraine.

It is a well-known fact that Germany has consistently over the years failed to meet the NATO commitment of spending 2 percent of GDP on defense, causing former President Trump to conclude that “enough is enough,” in terms of Germany not doing enough to defend itself. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, considered by some to be a Russian agent, made Germany more dependent on Russian oil and gas by terminating Germany’s nuclear energy program.

At a rally, Trump had declared, “We’re supposed to protect Germany from Russia, but Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for energy coming from a pipeline, brand-new pipeline…How does that work?”

Remember that one of Biden’s first actions in office was to reverse the Trump approach and approve the Russian pipeline to Germany. It backfired. Was Russian influence over Joe and/or Hunter a factor? That’s reasonable to investigate. But the urgent matter before us is whether the United States will help this anti-communist nation resist what Putin has done to these people and what he has planned.

At the time, I had applauded the Trump approach to Germany. An American President had decided to move 10,000 American troops out of a deadbeat U.S. “ally,” already under Russian domination, from 34,500 to 25,000, moving them elsewhere.

Only a fool could argue for American troops on the soil of a European nation that had been falling into Putin’s hands anyway.

But everything changed under Biden, when he virtually encouraged a Russian invasion of its former Soviet republic, saying it might be only an “incursion,” and then failed to deliver the weapons Ukraine needs for victory.

Anti-communist conservatives in America have no alternative but to pressure the Biden Administration to deliver more and better weapons to Ukraine. To do otherwise is to deliver a nation back into the Russian empire and encourage a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Dismissing the war in Ukraine as a “regional conflict” only serves the interests of the Kremlin. This is a World War that involves not only Russia but its allies Communist China and Iran.

As the ad says, “There is no shortage of cruelty out there.” Spending less than a dollar a day helps save abandoned animals. Spending a few dollars every day will help save the people of Ukraine.

Whether the World War expands further depends on whether we can see beyond the issue of classified documents in a garage and understand how the cruelty of the communists, their allies and collaborators must be exposed and stopped now.


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