Tea Party Movement Co-Founder And Policy Expert Michael Johns: Advancement Of WEF Agenda Demonstrates A National Conservative Leadership Crisis

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | NoisyRoom.net

The once ascendant conservative movement, which built the coalitions, grassroots advocacy, policy agenda, and messaging that in 1980 sent Ronald Reagan, our first modern conservative president, to the White House, has struggled in the post-Reagan era.

Yet, there have, of course, been at least two world-altering successes.

The first is the Tea Party movement in 2009, which emerged rapidly and impressively to stop Obama’s momentum a mere two years after his 2008 presidential victory. In November 2010, the Tea Party movement famously led a historical 63-seat pickup in the U.S. House of Representatives, which represents the largest swing of power by a political party in any U.S. election since 1948. With its 2010 victory, the Tea Party movement forced Obama to either govern by executive order alone or to govern in coordination with the new Tea Party-led U.S. House of Representatives. Because of this, much of the Obama agenda was never adopted and its deficiencies and failures were exposed.

Then, for an encore, the Tea Party movement, in 2014, led a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate, which in turn blocked many of Obama’s most radical judicial and other appointees.

The second big win in the post-Reagan era, of course, was Donald Trump’s improbable victory in both the contentious 2016 presidential primary, where he beat over a dozen seasoned Republican candidates, and then in defeating the Hillary Clinton political machine, which vastly outspent Trump’s campaign and was deemed by most to be essentially guaranteed victory.

Who among us could have seen the emergence of the Tea Party movement, which grew quickly to tens of millions of Americans and represented the largest and most impactful independent conservative grassroots political movement in history? Who, in 2015, could have envisioned that Trump was precisely the sort of candidate and agenda that the American electorate was seeking in November 2016?

It is a small number, to be sure, but one who saw and helped lead both was Michael Johns, who co-founded the Tea Party movement in February 2009 and then, in June 2015, was likely the most prominent conservative in the nation to endorse Trump on day one of his candidacy on June 16, 2015.

Throughout it all, Michael largely subscribed to Reagan’s so-called 11th commandment of not criticizing fellow conservatives or Republicans who did little to help the Tea Party movement and then did everything possible to disparage and undermine Trump. He instead urged an enhanced application of strategy and collaboration and kept his focus on prevailing despite the larger movement and GOP-related dysfunctions.

With the radical left now seizing major institutions in the West, however, Michael believes it is time to hold to account those conservative leaders who failed in their charged mission of defending crucial institutions and functions like America’s election integrity and its public health. In a featured presentation on Twitter Space on December 29, 2022, Michael warned that the nation’s survival demands that the conservative movement be restructured with a greatly enhanced commitment to accountability on policy outcomes, responsiveness to grassroots sentiments, a sense of urgency on the historical nature of this moment, and a recognition that the movement’s strategic and collaborative efforts are insufficient for the battles he believes are to come.

If you are concerned for the preservation of sovereignty and liberty in the U.S. and the West generally or are seeking to better understand the Global Reset agenda and the threat it represents and the victories it is assembling, you will not want to miss this presentation by Michael Johns in which he provides an incredibly thorough and fact-based overview of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Great Reset and the threat it represents. Michael also argues, however, that Americans’ rage should not be at the WEF for its success but at the conservative and Republican Party leaders who promised to protect the nation from these toxic ideas and then did little or nothing and predictably failed.

Michael provides an impressive overview of the WEF and the progress the Global Reset has made to date while also addressing the strategic and collaborative deficiencies by conservative leaders that he believes have allowed this alien agenda to gain such troubling ground. Listen carefully and share with fellow patriots:


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