Reds Turn On Putin

By: Cliff Kincaid

Some communists have turned on Vladimir Putin. An article in the CPUSA’s People’s World now proclaims:

Putin regime emerges as the main danger to global peace and security

Somehow, somewhere, in the upper reaches of the hierarchy of the world communist movement, a decision has been made that Putin is doing more harm than good to the communist cause. The invasion has backfired.

The CPUSA had previously been agitating against NATO and Nazis in Ukraine. Now their tune has changed. Why?

Here’s what the article by John Bachtell says:

  • By invading Ukraine and seeking to redraw internationally recognized borders violently based on Great Russian chauvinism, the Putin regime has emerged as the main danger to global peace and international law at this moment. Global collective unity is required on the order of the WWII anti-fascist alliance to end the invasion and in solidarity with the Russian people to oust Putin from power.

Bachtell, a major figure in the CPUSA, has concluded that Putin has departed from communist orthodoxy and has instead embraced Russian nationalism, not communism. Bechtel calls for regime change in Russia!

This may mean Putin’s days are numbered.

Bachtell’s bio identifies him as president of Long View Publishing Co., the publisher of People’s World. He served as national chair of the Communist Party USA from 2014 to 2019.
There are a number of factors at work here. We will be exploring them in the days ahead. Suffice it to say that the pressure will increase on Putin in the days ahead.

Bachtell says:

  • The invasion of Ukraine reflects the logical outcome of what some call kleptocratic patronage capitalism and the narrow economic interests of Russia’s ruling elite. This immensely wealthy cabal enriched themselves by looting the vast wealth of the USSR. Putin’s extreme nationalism and reverence for the glory of Czarism and Russian fascism reflect this gangster-reactionary class outlook. Repression and attacks on democratic rights flow from this internal dynamic.

Notice his condemnation of “extreme nationalism.” Putin is said to have gone capitalist. In other words, Putin went beyond communism.

It’s the “wealthy cabal” that may have a shot at dislodging Putin. But Putin will either kill his enemies, jail them, or make them “disappear.”

These developments bear close watching. The CPUSA is plugged into the world communist movement.

It looks like Putin will be deposed, or at least that’s the plan so that a new system of “collective security” can be imposed. This is the old United Nations “New World Order” plan I have been writing about for decades.

Bachtell says Putin is really a right-winger, alleging:

  • By combining ideas of Russian national and racial supremacy with authoritarianism, anti-Semitism, and white Christian nationalism, the result touches many of the hallmarks of fascism. Indeed, these ideas resonate with fascist movements globally, and Putin and Russia are a beacon for far-right movements, white nationalists, and fascists worldwide, including the US.

The CPUSA leader is actually referring to influence on Putin from Alexander Dugin, a figure in our Back from the Dead book.

This controversy may reflect a division among factions of the KGB.


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