Marijuana Madness In The White House

By: Cliff Kincaid

If you’ve been following “March Madness,” look no further than the purge of potheads in the White House. Somebody in power — perhaps Joe Biden himself — decided that potheads should not be writing his policies and speeches. He understands that using marijuana is still illegal under federal law and that it has wreaked havoc on his own family members.

News of the firings of potheads was leaked to the publication The Daily Beast, which reported that “dozens of young White House staffers have been suspended, asked to resign, or placed in a remote work program due to past marijuana use.”

Perhaps the stench of marijuana was getting too heavy around the Oval Office. Or perhaps there is a growing awareness at the highest levels of the government of the damage the drug is doing to people.

If it wasn’t Biden, it may have been Dr. Vivek Murthy, who was just confirmed as Surgeon General. He has been opposed to marijuana legalization in the past and has expressed concern about how rapidly states have been legalizing marijuana without understanding the potency of the drug.

In a letter to Dr. Murthy, the group Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana noted that research on marijuana’s harmful effects is known and accumulating. “This is a social change that has no positive outcomes,” the group says.

Anti-drug activists are pleased that the Biden White House has “doubled down” on defending the firing of potheads in the face of immense pressure and ridicule.

Our media have been implicated in the drug culture since the Jimmy Carter days, when Dr. Peter Bourne, Carter’s adviser on drug abuse, resigned amidst charges that he had written an illegal prescription for quaaludes and had been observed snorting cocaine at a National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) party. Two Washington Post reporters were at the party.

In regard to marijuana and other drugs, some believe we are entering the Brave New World of Aldous Huxley, where Soma is prescribed for the population, to alter their consciousness. The Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy has published a ground-breaking analysis of how marijuana is linked to violence, mental illness, and even Jihad.

In this regard, the arrest of a Black Lives Matter activist in possession of a firearm, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia is significant. He was arrested for allegedly participating in the defacement of a statue of former President Lincoln in Idaho during Black History Month. The activist, Terry Wilson, was identified as a former Boise State University adjunct professor.

The White House pothead firings created a problem, since Vice President Harris is a disciple of the marijuana movement, having declared it a mind-altering substance that brings “joy” to the world.

For potheads, “Joy to the World” means recreational marijuana. For Democrats and some Republicans, legalization means that stoners with a habit buy more and more dope, creating more government revenue.

Harris said during the campaign that marijuana would be decriminalized at a federal level in the United States under a Biden administration.

Democrats have been spearheading the drug legalization movement, egged on by millions from George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, and there has been predictable resistance to the firing of those White House staffers over their marijuana use.

The group NORML highlighted the fact that the Congressional Marijuana Caucus, led by Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Don Beyer, Jared Huffman, Mondaire Jones, and Barbara Lee, fired off a letter to Biden protesting the firings. The members noted that “Those in the upper ranks of your administration won’t face consequences for their cannabis use, and nor should they, but the same standard should be applied across the administration.”

By that, they meant Kamala Harris, now in charge of America’s open borders policy.

Kamala Harris loves marijuana, which is about to be legalized nationally in Mexico, and Joe Biden knows a lot about it, too. His daughter was busted for weed and his son Hunter experienced harder drugs like cocaine, forcing him out of the military after he was caught snorting.

There’s absolutely no indication that China Joe is a user but Barack Hussein Obama was such a notorious abuser of hard drugs that there was speculation about whether this stoner president was mentally impaired. Of course, China Joe seems mentally impaired in other ways.

Obama was a former member of the “Choom Gang” of heavy marijuana users and admitted to using cocaine. David Maraniss, the author of a book on Obama, notes that the word “choom” means to smoke marijuana. He said Obama “started a few pot-smoking trends,” suggesting the future president understood ways to make the “high” from the drug even more powerful and lasting. One method they used was to smoke dope in a car and then inhale or suck in what was left of the smoke in the ceiling of the car.

The firing of the Biden White House pothead staffers gives us some hope that Biden may not completely embrace the national drive launched by Obama (and embraced by Harris) to make cannabis more legally and freely available. It appears that someone in the White House making these decisions understands the lingering effects of the heavy use of illegal drugs. Perhaps Biden doesn’t want people around him who followed the example of his son Hunter.

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