Will the Biden Family Split $200 Million?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

As a result of the devastating debate performance of Joe Biden, calls are being made by some Democrat lawmakers and especially donors to the president to drop out of the race… but c’mon Conservatives, we need him to stay on the ticket and in the race. Why you ask? He is the easiest to beat now and there is the matter of $200 million… but I will get to that shortly, so follow along.

Kevin Morris has been Hunter’s sugar daddy for quite some time as he has paid IRS debts for Hunter along with his legal bills. He has even shown up in public and in hearings with Hunter and his lawyer Abbe Lowell. But allegedly, Kevin has stopped the gravy train. It is also a fact that Joe Biden took out loans by re-financing their Delaware home (35 times per Yahoo News). So, it is apparent the family needs some money now and certainly in the future.

Just consider that Jill and Hunter, and the rest of the world for that matter including White House staffers and the media, know that Joe has no physical or mental stamina for the job now or for four more years… but the plot begins here.

Hunter was with the whole family at Camp David over the weekend plotting and finding blame for the president’s awful job performance at the debate. Furthermore, Hunter is at the White House on a full-time basis leading the charge… but what charge? He is so good at creating shell companies that he likely has created several more recently and they are on paper only providing services to the re-election campaign. In reality, they are probably paying themselves through the shell companies from the $200 million in the campaign war chest.

You see, campaign finance law says that money CANNOT be transferred to another candidate but only to Kamala Harris if she stays on the ticket and only if she becomes the nominee. That is a problem but as no one is calling for her to step up and replace Joe, it isn’t hitting the family yet so that $200 million stays with Joe. This family could be purposely throwing his re-election for the sake of the money. Sure it is alleged that Jill and Hunter are running the operation and in some cases, even the White House, but who is running the presidency or the scheme is the question.

The whole family needs money and lots of it and could need even more based on continuing investigations by the House into their crime operations.

The Democrat Party is in a real mess and it could get worse when the donors completely bail out from now to the convention. After all, it is quite expensive to pay for a convention in Chicago and outside money is required for that in addition to DNC money.

Do we really want the Biden crime family to ride into the sunset splitting $200 million or even $100 million after learning what he have so far about them? Especially after living through hell for the last 3.5 years?

The legal issues for Hunter are not over yet by a long shot and for that matter neither is the investigation into the whole Biden crime family. That includes the Securities and Exchange Commission. Given the cunning tactics of secret shell companies already at play, it stands to reason they will do it again. The big question here is what state would they register these companies in and in what names? Who would be the agent of record?

Maybe a deeper dive into that pesky laptop with some new things to search for and some new clues… maybe someone can reach out to James Comer and give him a heads up on something new to look for. The media likely won’t do it but given how angry they are perhaps someone will.

But dear readers… you all are very good at research. Jump in with comments and even trails following that money.


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