Behind The Curtain Of Corona-Madness

By: Lloyd Marcus

Call me “Captain Obvious,” but this must be said out loud: Democrats and their fake news media enforcers cruelly created corona-madness as a weapon to further their failed transformation of America.  In their dream for America, the government controls every aspect of our lives and the God of Christianity is banned.

Louisville mayor Greg Fischer decreed that he will not even allow a church to have drive-in parking lot Easter worship services.  Thank God the church is suing his dictatorial derrière.

Drive-in worship services are banned in Raleigh, N.C.  Wake County even forbade a pastor from visiting his church members in hospitals and rest homes.

In Greenville, Mississippi, church members were given $500 tickets for sitting in their cars listening to their pastor’s sermon on the radio.

Elmira, N.Y. has banned worship services in church parking lots.

Most arrogantly unconstitutional of all, NYC mayor de Blasio threatened to close churches forever.  We are talkin’ tyrannical abuse of power on steroids.

Kentucky police recorded the license plates of churchgoers in order to fine them.  Meanwhile, abortion shops where Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts for profit remain open, deemed essential.

Clearly, Democrats are furthering their anti-Christianity and socialist/communist agendas under the pretense of protecting Americans from a flu virus.

Health experts using models to predict catastrophic coronavirus deaths have been proven wrong, dramatically dropping from two million to around 60,000, which is the typical number of deaths during flu season.  Ninety-eight percent of people who catch the coronavirus recover.  Yes, you heard me correctly.

And yet, fake news media and Democrats are clamoring for Trump to continue the shutdown for the next 18 months.  In just a month or so, 16 million Americans applied for unemployment, and 701,000 jobs have been lost.  Due to the coronavirus, suicide hotlines are super-busy.  Family fortunes are being lost.

Keeping America shut down for 18 months would be insane, a self-induced apocalypse.  Remarkably, fake news media and Democrats do not care.  The coronavirus is their latest weapon to remove Trump, ending his America first agenda.  Democrats and fake news media are well-funded elitists who live in a protected bubble.  They deem wreaking havoc upon the life of average blue-collar American Joe acceptable collateral damage in their quest to “get Trump!”

I realize that the last thing on anyone’s mind is House and Senate races.

Like a magician using misdirection, while everyone is focused on the coronavirus, Democrats are kicking Republican candidates’ butts in fundraising for House and Senate races.

Democrat fundraising emails, in essence, say if you hate Trump and want to stop his agenda, send money to defeat every Republican in every race.  While our side is generously funding Trump’s re-election, we are pretty much ignoring other Republican candidates.

You can imagine the horrible nightmare if Democrats retain a majority in the House and win control of the Senate.  The Democratic party has become a cult of anti-Christian and anti-American domestic terrorists.

Everything they desire to do will harm America and Americans; the Green New Deal — open borders — abortion even after a healthy child is born — mandatory LGBT indoctrination beginning in pre-K — repealing our Second Amendment right to bear arms — banning private health care — revoking our constitutional religious liberty — getting rid of the Constitution — redistributing wealth — and removing America from her throne as the world power.

Even now, Democrats are planning to impeach Trump again based on the lie that he had advance knowledge of the coronavirus and ignored it.

Trump has done a remarkable job for We the People despite 92% negative lie-filled reporting and Deep-Stater, Democrat, and NeverTrump efforts to stop him.  Trump can keep America on the winning track for at least a decade if Republicans win a majority in the House and Senate.  Please do not let Republican candidate races fall through the cracks.

Good news, folks.  A tsunami of angry, eye-opening articles and talking heads are condemning the insane, horrible damage we are inflicting upon our country.  Hang in there, folks.  Trust God and the man He put in the White House.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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