We Must Reject LGBTQ Craziness Becoming America’s Accepted Norm

By: Lloyd Marcus

Turning around in Walmart, I saw a large exhibit of Listerine mouthwash. The exhibit was covered in rainbows stating that it was in celebration of LGBTQ (and other alphabets that I can’t remember) pride. The wording on the exhibit preached to us about love, respect, and anti-bigotry. Why is Johnson & Johnson which owns Listerine making a big deal about portraying perverted lifestyles engaged in by less than 3% of the population as something beautiful and crucially important?

My wife Mary showed me a photo on Facebook of a Philadelphia politician with his male sex partner. The politician’s male sex partner had a full beard with his face painted in gaudy feminine makeup wearing a dress. When did things get so crazy in America that admitting being repulsed by the obviously perverted photo would get one branded a bigot, publicly shamed and severely punished?

The greatest trick of LGBTQ activists was convincing corporations and bullying lawmakers into believing their lie that those in LGBTQ lifestyles are born that way. Science proves no one is born LGBTQ. And yet, anyone who dares to state this truth risks a total destruction of his or her life.

Take just the ‘T’ in that LGBTQ alphabet represented in that rainbow flag. Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of American College of Pediatricians, explained that if a brain was born the wrong sex due to factors before birth, every single identical twin would have the same gender identity every time. They do not. Identical twins have identical DNA. Therefore, if transgenderism were in the genes, 100% of the time, both twins would be either transgender or non-transgender. Studies show that if one twin is transgender, 72% of the time the other twin is normal. This proves that post-birth events primarily impact your identity. In other words, transgenderism is a mental disorder.

Using their “born this way” lie, LGBTQ activists claim rejecting their lifestyle in any of its manifestations is bigotry, the same as rejecting me because I am black. This is nonsense. My DNA confirms that I was born black. But there is no homosexual gene. As I stated, daring to state this scientific truth is not permitted; igniting swift and intense retaliation on offenders. It blows my mind that we are not allowed to publicly state facts, common sense and truth. The LGBTQ enforcers demand that we embrace lies, evil, and craziness.

Dr. Cretella shared a horrific story: In a California kindergarten class, the teacher read to her students two transgender indoctrination stories for kids. After the teacher finished reading these stories, little Joey went to the restroom and returned to class wearing a dress. The teacher said: “Boys and girls, Joey is really a girl just like Jazz in our story. From now on we need to call her Josephine.” This was Joey’s parents’ and the teacher’s way to introduce Joey’s transformation to his fellow kindergartners.

Joey’s classmates were extremely confused. One little girl was terrified. At home, after bathing in the tub, the girl’s mom wrapped her in a towel. Passing a mirror, the girl noticed that her hair was slicked back. Panicked, she burst into tears. “Mommy, am I turning into a boy? I don’t wanna turn into a boy! Joey turned into a girl. Am I gonna turn into a boy?”

Folks, allowing our kids to be traumatized with LGBTQ crazy ideology is incredibly cruel, insane and irresponsible. God commands us to protect children.

But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.” Mark 9:42

Folks, do you know the only diagnosis used to begin gender reassignment is a child saying they feel like the opposite sex? That’s insane.

“I Am Jazz” was one of the transgender indoctrination children books read to Joey’s kindergarten class. Insanely, Jazz’s parents started his male to female transition at 3 years old. How on earth could rational parents conclude that their 3-year-old was born in the wrong body? Looking like a female from the waist up, Jazz is now 17, star of his own TV show. LBGTQ enforcers are on the verge of making the reading of “I Am Jazz” a mandatory part of the national curriculum in public schools.

It shows that government-mandated sexual child abuse is taking root in public schools across America. Meanwhile, far too many Christian pastors give us sermons about how we must be more tolerant of the LGBTQ agenda.

Still, I keep trusting God. Responsible parents said ‘no’ to the mandatory reading of “I Am Jazz” to their children in schools. The great Christian patriots at Liberty Counsel are handling the parents’ case. Here is one of the fake news media headlines trashing the parents: “Elementary school cancels reading of book about a transgender child after ‘hate group’ threatens to sue.”  The tactic of LGBTQ enforcers and their fake news media minions is to brand all who oppose them infecting our children with LGBTQ craziness as “haters.”

Dr. Cretella made a great point. She said if someone wants to cut off a healthy arm or leg because they believe they are an amputee trapped in a normal body, medical professionals correctly would diagnose that person as mentally ill, suffering from Body Identity Integrity Disorder. And yet, if a person wishes to cut off her healthy breasts or his healthy penis, medical professionals diagnose them as transgender. Dr. Cretella says transgenderism is a mental illness whichshould not be a civil right.

The problem is everyone is terrified to publicly state common-sense facts and truth regarding LGBTQ ideology. Dr. Cretella said she has been secretly contacted by even leftist medical professionals, thanking her for her courage to tout the absurdity of LGBTQ ideology. They won’t go public because they fear losing their jobs as she does.

When I was a black kid growing up in the projects of Baltimore in the 1950s, I thought America was the greatest source of good around the world. I still believe that. I thought presidents were exceptional people because six-year-old George Washington confessed to chopping down his father’s cherry tree. He could not tell a lie. Roy Rogers and Superman were good guys like my dad who always tried to do the right thing. As a young man, I thought politicians could not lie because of video. Silly me.

Today, youths are taught there is no longer such a thing as definite right and wrong.

What happened to us? Biblical morality upon which America was founded is systematically being banned from government and our culture. The Democratic party, LGBTQ enforcers, and fake news media demand that biblical morality be replaced with government-mandated satanic evil, lies and plain craziness. We must not allow craziness to become America’s accepted norm.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American. Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk http://LloydMarcus.com


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  1. You are out of touch, babylon is already lost and only war with millions dead and a military righteous government setup could ever save it and that will never ever happen because the west are all brainwashed by the sickening vile NT commandment of turn the other cheek pacifism. The handful of righteous men who would go to war will only be able to kill a handful themselves and even if they were to take over the country, who the hell are they going to leave it to after they die? A bunch of fucking demented antichrist freaks to begin with, there is no use going to war if your next generation will not protect what you fought and died for to begin with. Thus the only real option is to LEAVE all western nations and use military force to protect the last refuges for christians left like paraguay and a select handful of nations still left in africa that will go to war to protect christian morality like uganda. Ethiopia is lost too and most of the rest of africa as well.

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