America Must Confront The Enemy From Within

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

I am a big fan of author Sarah A. Hoyt — she was brought to my attention by my husband Garry Hamilton years ago. She writes tremendous science fiction books and I strongly recommend you check them out. But it isn’t her fascinating books that have captured my attention and caused my blood to boil. Her passionate post on confronting the evil that the left embodies today is what got me going this morning.

I sent out the post on social media but I intend to parse it and add my own two-cents to the mix here. I just can’t resist helping her ring the alarm bells that all of us should have been madly clanging long ago. Her post, “Don’t Look Away” points out in an alarming way that we have suffered the Marxists on the left and their evil for far too long. They deserve humor and ridicule, but they should never be underestimated or ignored.

I have researched Marxists in American for well over a decade with my colleague and friend Trevor Loudon. No one can tell you in more depth about those politicians who are communist and masquerading as saviors of the common man than Trevor can. His compilation of Marxists is stunning and a must-read at But I will tell you this… for all our years of work and dedication to bring to light the evils of communism in this country, most Americans cannot confront what we tell them. They would much rather ‘look away’ as Sarah puts it.

Sarah is not a fan of bloody horror movies and novels and neither am I. I much prefer older horror movies where the blood and gore are inferred. It’s not that I can’t deal with it but that it stays with me and haunts me too much. That happened when I was writing on the atrocities of ISIS and still haunts me to this day. However, what this country is living through politically is a horror of its own… much deeper and more personal than most can accept or deal with head-on. Unfortunately, our very survival depends on doing just that.

Our rot from within started long ago with politicians such as Woodrow Wilson leading the way. The Democrats have expertly used the Gramsci method of insinuating communism into American politics and throughout our culture… in schools, the media, entertainment, and even in our churches. They have brilliantly and patiently infiltrated every aspect of our lives and have done so with our consent. We were too busy living our lives and working to support our families to have to bother with dirty politics. So the left filled that void and now we have allowed psychotic monsters to grab hold of the leadership of our nation. Something our Founding Fathers feared and warned us of over and over again.

We’ve all watched as the rule of law is flaunted and the Constitution is trampled on by Democrats. They become more and more brazen by the day. Evil is really seeing the light of day now that Americans see how the left will conduct a soft coup to oust a duly elected president who has committed no crime. The Democrats have shown how they despise over 63 million voters who voted for President Trump and how they hold us in contempt. Trump has seen no due process and has been relentlessly smeared by these Marxists. Trump’s family has been dragged through the mud as well. But we let it happen and it’s still going on.

We watch as horrific abuses of power such as Fast and Furious and Benghazi play out and no one does a damn thing about it. Obama funds the biggest terrorists on the planet while Hillary Clinton plays tiddlywinks with the Russians and Ukrainians in treasonous ways that would put anyone else behind bars forever. and yet, here we sit feigning outrage and doing absolutely nothing about it.

We are witnessing a full-fledged attack on the Electoral College to rig our elections once and for all to always go Marxist. In fact, eventually, they will find a way to do away with elections altogether in the name of ‘fairness’. Between that and opening our borders to unfettered invasion, the left has a plan to control this country and rewrite our Constitution once and for all.

They have rigged election after election and won’t stand for anyone on the right winning. That inspired this attempted soft coup against Trump. The left literally rigged getting the House of Representatives back and again, we did nothing to stop them.

Emboldened by the fact that no one stops them, Democrats have lurched all the way into communism and spout the most insane ideas that they expect everyone to just accept and implement. Everything from the Green New Deal to Medicare for All to Obamacare to the sacrificing of millions of the unborn to some inherent dark beast. Every one of their potential candidates for the 2020 presidential ticket is bat-crap crazy in their policy views. I take some comfort in knowing none of them can come close to beating Trump but I fear a last-minute entry by someone like Michelle Obama who would ratchet up the stakes here nightmarishly.

It’s the revenge of the ’60’s hippy Marxists come to life. They control the big cities and they attract people who are themselves evil as well and/or bitingly stupid. Those useful idiots are easy to control and there are millions of them it would seem. In fact, we have a couple of generations of young people so brainwashed with Marxist ideology now that they truly believe and are willing to follow the left’s apocalyptic calls to communism, violence, and revolution in the streets.

It is utterly bewildering to me why Americans would let the freest nation on earth get to this point… teetering on the edge of total collapse and subjugation to communists. We are now letting impeachment be used as a political weapon against the executive branch by the legislative branch. The Democrats have uninvited the judicial branch to the kangaroo court. So much for checks and balances. The Founders are rolling over in their graves and shouting for patriots to stop this insanity. We let these criminals walk free instead of screaming from the rooftops that they should be subjected to the same rule of law the rest of America is held accountable to.

We give credence to these high-level criminals on the left and we insist on being civilized in the face of an all-out attack by the barbarians. That did not end well for the Romans and will not end well for us either. You can’t rationally talk your way into maintaining freedom with those that are intent on seizing and eliminating it in preference to totalitarian rule.

These are not normal or rational people we are dealing with any longer. They are not well-intentioned or simply misled. They are evil. Their hatred of President Trump, Republicans, Christians, and the common man is so overwhelming for them it will now spill into the streets. So will the blood and death of many Americans if we don’t put a stop to this immediately.

We have been lied to, used shamelessly, and then told that our politicians know better than we do when we are the ones that put them in charge in the first place. This nation wasn’t founded to be ruled by the large cities on either coast and by the Marxists who control them. But we are perilously close to that scenario.

As Sarah put it, “You have to speak out and loudly, before it comes to blood on the streets. Because if you don’t it will come to blood on the streets.” She is absolutely right. Do you really think the left will stand for Trump to be elected to a second term (which he will win in a landslide I believe)? And if the left rigs this election, do you really think that mainstream Americans will stand for that this time? I don’t. The only advantage we have over these “neurotic plucked chickens” is that we are armed but make no mistake, it would be a bloody fight to the death one way or the other.

One last quote from Sarah Hoyt:

“Mock them. Point out how ridiculous they are. How dangerous they are. Never let them forget the venal, despicable, stupid and insane things they say.

“Sound the alarm. Don’t look away.

“No petty tyrant’s self-importance can survive an encounter with unabashed humor and ridicule. And in this case, dear Lord, were we blessed with ridiculous enemies. Yes, they are dangerous too, but only because we keep looking away.

“Don’t look away. Look on, full-on and without flinching at the horror the left has become.

“Because the alternative is snakes on meaty skulls forever. And the skulls will be yours and mine, and those of everyone we hold dear.”

She is right — if we look away, communism will repeat its perpetual bloody outcome as it always does. Long before the enemy without comes banging on our door (and they will… another world war is coming), the enemy within will take us down. We dare not look away.


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2 thoughts on “America Must Confront The Enemy From Within

  1. “The time has arrived.” We The People MUST NOT ignore the criminal chaos being created from within our political system by certain criminals hiding behind their political positions, as well as those living outside our borders. ALL THESE OBSTRUCTIONISTS MUST SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR EGREGIOUS CRIMES AGAINST OUR GREAT AMERICA AND HER CITIZENS POST HASTE!

  2. Denial is a tricky thing. It gives you a false sense of security, for a while. But then, you have bargained valuable time in exchange for it. In the end, once you can’t possibly ignore what has happened any longer, more often than not, it might be too late.

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