Webinar With E.W. Jackson And Trevor Loudon

On July 22, 2019, at 7 pm Eastern, a joint ACT Cleveland/Pockets of Resistance webinar will be presented featuring Bishop E.W. Jackson and Trevor Loudon. Register for this event HERE.

This promises to be a very good webinar. Most of you know Trevor and all the great work he has done. He has joined forces with E.W., a Christian pastor and former GOP candidate for both the U.S. Senate in Virginia (2012 & 2018) and Lieutenant Governor (2013). E.W. is a passionate speaker and committed conservative.

E.W. and Trevor have joined forces to create a new effort called Stand Against Communism. They will be talking about that and other relevant information. You can see their promo videos at YouTube, here:

Trevor: https://youtu.be/6bJS9niC8Hw

E.W.: https://youtu.be/U1RRpd4Mt4E

Please join us. Remember, you need to register for these events. No charge. HERE.


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