Its Going Down: Antifa, Submedia And Crimethinc Plan To Set August On Fire With Violent Confrontations

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

August is looking to heat up with Antifa and their comrades Submedia and Crimethinc getting ready to get their violence on in the name of confronting fascism. That’s rich because they are communists. They are also taking a so-called stance against the prison-industrial complex and of course their efforts to throw the border wide open and abolish ICE. Watch the videos below, they are disturbing and alarming.

Their propagandic videos are spun to make groups such as Patriot Prayer look as though they are the ones bringing violence to the streets. From what I have personally seen, this is not true at all. It is fascist/communist groups such as Antifa that bring the violence every time. There are some on the far right that are violent, don’t get me wrong. But the overwhelming majority of incidents come from Antifa. They promote militant violence to combat those they label as fascists. That would be anyone who supports President Trump or who is a conservative. Antifa is unapologetic for wanting to get down and dirty with the right. They see them as the enemy and will go to war with them all the while claiming that the right brought the violence on themselves. It’s twisted… it’s leftist authoritarian think… it’s communism.

It’s ironic in the extreme that Antifa is claiming they are protecting people while inciting violence. They say there is a new wave of violence coming from the fascist right, but the only time we see violence is when the left and Antifa are involved. They are calling everyone on the right fascists and Nazis. I doubt they even know what that means.

I want to give you word for word what they are promoting on their site so you can see and hear this for yourselves. If these protests are coming to the place where you live, prepare yourself and stay safe.

From Its Going Down:

All Out for August! Fight Fascism, but Keep the Pressure on the State

By It’s Going Down – July 31, 2018

August is shaping up to be a busy month in the United States, with a convergence of struggles against fascist organizing, the prison-industrial complex, and the violence of the border as exemplified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With our comrades at Submedia and CrimethInc., we’ve prepared a short video addressing the situation, followed by a brief analysis.

Shut Down Fascism

We’re seeing a new wave of activity from the fascist movement that was so soundly beaten in the streets a year ago. Early on the morning of July 28, the Nazis of Patriot Front attacked the camp set up by Occupy ICE in San Antonio. This August, the same fascist groups that terrorized and murdered people last year are preparing to rally around the US again—everywhere from Providence and Washington, DC to Portland and Berkeley.

Fascists are the street wing of the Trump agenda. We have to shut them down wherever they organize. But above all, we can’t let them stop us from standing up to the state, the chief source of authoritarian violence.



And Keep the Pressure on ICE

For years, people concerned about the violence of immigration enforcement sought a point of intervention to take action against it. At the beginning of the Trump era, we proposed that people build on the example of the airport blockades by shutting down ICE offices. This summer, the Occupy ICE model finally took off, with occupations all around the United States.

The movement has managed to accomplish a lot with a relatively small amount of people. Unlike astroturf movements like the March for Our Lives that rapidly became a series of promotional events for the Democratic Party, Occupy ICE has offered agency to the exploited and excluded and achieved a direct impact. This has included direct aid and solidarity for the struggles of immigrants, halting specific deportations, and delaying deportations on a larger scale. Occupy ICE has blocked the Trump administration’s policy of breaking up families and forced Trump to try to distance himself from his own policy.

In short, direct action gets the goods: we don’t need political parties to make change, we can take action ourselves to force the state to stop what it is doing.

Unlike the top-down decision involving the FBI and DHS to clear the Occupy encampments in coordinated attacks, the Trump administration has thus far permitted cities to handle the encampments on their own, presumably for fear that centralized repression would backfire. In response, fascists and others on the far right have taken on the task of attacking the encampments themselves, following in the footsteps of DHS agents. The fascists aspire to act as an auxiliary force of repression to do what the forces of the state cannot currently do.

However, this strategy can backfire on those who hold state power. The failure of the “Unite the Right” demonstration in Charlottesville a year ago cost the Trump regime dearly. Likewise, the decision to rely on evidence provided by far-right surveillance vigilantes Project Veritas cost prosecutor Jennifer Kerkhoff the entire J20 case. When fascists and other grassroots reactionaries overextend themselves, their failures can undermine the legitimacy of the reigning party they hope to support. We have to see fascist attacks as an opportunity to seize the initiative in our struggle against the state.

Above all, fascists would like us to narrow the scope of our efforts to countering their organizing; they aim to trap us in a private grudge match while the state continues to mass-incarcerate and deport people. We beat them by organizing movements that can take on the chief source of oppression, the state itself.

The organizers of a looming nationwide prison strike have expressed solidarity with Occupy ICE, linking the fight against prison slavery to the call to abolish ICE. This has come in the form of statements from prison strike leaders in support of Occupy ICE and also recent hunger strikes in solidarity with hunger-striking migrant detainees. When prisoners unite across racial lines against prison slavery, it’s up to us to do the same on the outside.

So in solidarity with #AllOutAugust, we encourage people to continue to organize blockades against ICE facilities; to continue to defend Occupy ICE camps and reenergize them with events, music, films, and discussions; and to mobilize solidarity around the prison strike, as well. It is easy to draw links between resistance to prison slavery and the fight to abolish ICE and the borders it violently enforces. Continuing to support the Occupy ICE camps and anti-ICE blockades is one of many ways to act in solidarity with the prison strike.

Entering into open conflict with fascists is often terrifying. Yet we hope that the movement for a world without oppression can come out of the trying events of August stronger—and that as the summer comes to a close, the struggles against borders, fascists, and police violence will converge in new ways and gain new momentum.

Good luck out there, dear comrades.

Antifa and radical leftists will also be gathering on August 12th. The demonstration will happen on the one-year anniversary of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. And they are prepping for war in the streets. “The rise of white nationalism and racism has reared its ugly head in ways I haven’t seen in 30 years,” said Scott Crow, an author, spokesman for Agency, an anarchist media collective, and former anti-fascist organizer. “Anarchists are willing to take steps that other people aren’t.”

And there are others planning on attending as well. Jen Deerinwater, who plans to protest on Aug. 12, is the executive director and founder of Crushing Colonialism, an indigenous media organization, and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. “Indigenous people have been suffering the longest,” she said. “We are never going to eradicate white supremacy if we don’t eradicate colonialism.” The counter-protest will center on a rally in Freedom Plaza that will be just blocks away from a dubbed white nationalist rally in Lafayette Square. But it’s only one part of a weekend of events labeled “Shut it Down D.C.” I have no idea if those will be actual white nationalists or just people on the right. They don’t differentiate them anymore.

The weekend will begin with an event on Aug. 10, two days before the rally, to prep activists for confrontations with white nationalists and any possible violence. Counter-protesters say they aren’t planning to work with police. Gee, I’m shocked.

“Police are here to protect white supremacists, to protect the murderers, to protect the fascists,” one female leader named Green said, adding that the Aug. 10 training session will teach marshaling and deescalation tactics so the groups can protect themselves. These revolutionaries hate the police and the government as well as anyone on the right. “The purpose is, of course, to stop the far right, but it’s also to promote a kind of radical politics of the left, of direct action,” said Mark Bray, a historian who has written a book about anti-fascist movements. “Part of the idea is that the police are often sympathetic to the far right or disinterested in protecting people from the far right.” That guy is confused.

500 to 600 people are expected at the Aug. 12 counter-demonstration, which is scheduled for noon to 3 pm in Freedom Plaza, blocks away from Lafayette Square. They’ll also be at the other rally, which is scheduled to start at 5:30 pm after a parade to the White House at 5 pm. “Our goals are to defend D.C.,” Green said. “D.C. is not just the alt-right’s political playground.”

I am certainly no fan of The Washington Post, but even they called this one at least partially right last year. From WaPo author Marc A. Thiessen:

Last weekend in Berkeley, Calif., a group of neo-communist antifa — “anti-fascist” — thugs attacked peaceful protesters at a “No to Marxism in America” rally, wielding sticks and pepper spray, and beating people with homemade shields that read (I kid you not) “No Hate.” The Post reports how one peaceful protester “was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself.” Members of the Berkeley College Republicans were then stalked by antifa goons who followed them to a gas station and demanded they “get the [expletive] out” of their car, warning, “We are real hungry for supremacists and there is more of us.”

The organizer of the anti-Marxism protest is not a white supremacist. Amber Cummings is a self-described “transsexual female who embraces diversity” and had announced on Facebook that “any racist groups like the KKK [and] Neo Nazis . . . are not welcome.” The protest was needed, Cummings said, because “Berkeley is a ground zero for the Marxist Movement.”

As if to prove Cummings’s point, the antifa movement responded with jackboots and clubs — because their definition of “fascist” includes not just neo-Nazis but also anyone who opposes their totalitarian worldview.

And let’s be clear: Totalitarian is precisely what they are. Mark Bray, a Dartmouth lecturer who has defended antifa’s violent tactics, recently explained in The Post, “Its adherents are predominantly communists, socialists and anarchists” who believe that physical violence “is both ethically justifiable and strategically effective.” In other words, they are no different from neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazis are the violent advocates of a murderous ideology that killed 25 million people last century. Antifa members are the violent advocates of a murderous ideology that, according to “The Black Book of Communism,” killed between 85 million and 100 million people last century. Both practice violence and preach hate. They are morally indistinguishable. There is no difference between those who beat innocent people in the name of the ideology that gave us Hitler and Himmler and those who beat innocent people in the name of the ideology that gave us Stalin and Dzerzhinsky.

To Thiessen’s credit, he nails a good part of it. He’s wrong on the John Birch Society and that the right is mostly filled with racists. The right is not overrun with white nationalists and the KKK/Nazis. Those groups by the way are leftists in every sense of the word, not conservatives. Whether it is Nazis or communists and anarchists, they should be denounced. The problem is there are very few Nazis out there and more and more Antifa, communists and radicals on the left getting violent. He states that neo-communists committing this kind of violence, get a pass from the left and they do.

It needs to stop before there is a full blown civil war in the streets, which is exactly what the communists want. August is hearing up and it could get red hot.


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