Time For Some Good News

By: Lloyd Marcus

My wife Mary sent me links to the following three articles. “Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight Characters.” The article talks about how Hollywood is making everything about homosexuality, selling the lie that everyone is a closet homosexual. According to Gallop, homosexuals comprise 3.4% of the population. Leftists have scammed Americans into believing homosexuals are 23% and more. Some in Hollywood are campaigning to transform traditional heterosexual characters like Captain America and James Bond into homosexuals. Don’t laugh. It could happen, folks.

“Forcing Churches to Hire Homosexuals, Transgender Ministers Will Go National” Austin, Texas city council introduced an ordinance forcing churches to hire homosexual and transgender ministers on the grounds that not to do so is discrimination. Other cities are pushing the same ordinance. A few years ago, Houston’s city council attempted the same ordinance. It was defeated. Praise God.

Texas Pastor Council President Dave Welch said, “In the past, we have too often waited and watched from the sidelines, silent. We decided that that is not possible anymore, that’s not acceptable.”

This statement from Pastor Welch is particularly strong, “Forcing churches to violate core convictions is not acceptable. Once the government does so, all of our Constitutional protections are essentially gone — all gone, for all of us, across all America.”

It is thrilling to see courageous Christians in Texas fighting back in truth and love. Real Christian love is letting people know when they are going in the wrong direction; telling them that Jesus is the answer. As my late preacher dad said, “You shouldn’t pat people on the back to hell.” Dad instructed his five kids, “Don’t make my funeral about me. Tell people about Jesus.”

When the Supreme Court, in essence, made same-sex marriage the law of the land, a millennial family member said to me. “I don’t care if two men want to sleep together. What difference does it make?” I tried to explain to him that SCOTUS’ ruling was a veiled leftist attack on religious freedom, reaching far beyond guys sleeping together. The glazed look in my young relative’s eyes told me he thought I was paranoid, conspiratorial, and outdated.

This third article has sane people outraged. “Father Says 6-Year-Old Son, Refuses Mom’s Demand to Dress Like a Girl — Now He’s being Charged with ‘Child Abuse’.” Texas father, Jeffery Younger could lose his son for not going along with his wacko ex-wife’s decision to raise their son James as a girl.

James’ father has been legally prohibited from talking to his son about gender or sexuality. Meanwhile, James’ mother plans to start the process of chemically castrating their six-year-old son when James turns eight years old.

Every day we are confronted with outrageous attacks from leftists (fake news media, Democrats, and Hollywood) on our culture, morals, freedoms, and values. Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking about it. I am not advocating that we stick our heads in the sand and not deal with it. Passivity has gotten us into this mess – we have allowed ourselves to be pushed around by aggressive leftist bullies. I am saying that sometimes it is wise to take a break from all the negativity and focus on good things.

The tiny town in West Virginia that Mary and I moved to a year ago had their annual Christmas parade. While Santa and Mrs. Claus waved from their beautiful float equipped with a snow machine, a strong theme of the parade was Jesus is the reason for the season. That was truly refreshing. Support for Trump is high in my tiny town.

My wife Mary enjoys watching Hallmark Christmas movie marathons. As leftists fight to remove Christ from Christmas, I appreciate Hallmark Christmas movies prominently featuring hymns. The movies are predictable. Everyone is well dressed. The settings are beautiful. The boy gets the girl and Mary says it always snows at the end. As corny as that sounds, the movies are a pleasant refreshing safe haven from all the vile garbage shoved into our faces at every turn on TV. So much of TV promotes people behaving badly. Producers are relentless in their mission to normalize deviancy.

Extremely popular, an all-time high of 37 Hallmark Christmas movies will air this holiday season. Their ratings keep rising. That’s good news.

Like many of you, Facebook censored my articles and even closed down my account right before the midterm election. After jumping through hoops, Facebook restored my account. Mary excitedly signed me up on Trump Town, the new social network Facebook alternative.

Addison Riddleberger, the founder of the new platform, posted on his site. “Welcome to Trump Town — where you won’t be censored, ghosted or banned for supporting the 45th president of the United States.”

This site is great news for conservatives.

More people are beginning to realize that America’s political arena has become a battle of good vs evil. Every day I remind myself, “Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 Chronicles 20:15). Our duty as loving Christians and patriots is to remain diligent and faithful; spreading truth while courageously and legally pushing back against evil.

I close with wonderful news — a brief video of president Trump’s bold unapologetic biblical speech pushing back against leftists’ war on Christmas. All praise and thanks to God.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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