How Did the ‘Mainstream Media’ Become the ‘Enemy of the People?’

Trevor Loudon EPOCH TIMES

Since the 2016 elections, Donald Trump has been calling the so-called “main-stream media the “enemy of the people’ and a whole lot of those “people” have loved him for it.

Now the “enemy” is fighting back.

On Thursday, Aug. 16 more than 100 publications across the U.S. will publish editorials rejecting President Trump’s accusations.

Orchestrated by the Boston Globe’s editorial board, each paper has committed to publishing its own editorial denouncing the president’s claim that the media “is the enemy of the American people”.

Rather than admit their obvious guilt, repent and reform, the “enemies” are doubling down, confirming to the world that the president, if anything, is understating the case.

But how did the most liberty-loving nation on the planet, the United States of America, get to the point where her media is almost completely dominated by the hard left?

How did America’s “mainstream media” go from upholding a sacred duty to inform the “people” to openly colluding to further misinform them?

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