Dopers, Doping, And The Dopes In Charge Of Our Lives

By: Cliff Kincaid

We live in a world of pretense, where we pretend that our enemies don’t exist and that our government will protect us from them anyway. We are surrounded by liars, cheats, and thieves – minds clouded by dope and doping.

As American athletes compete for medals in Communist China’s Olympics, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)  administrator Anne Milgram has confirmed what we already know – that Communist China is working with Mexican criminal organizations to flood the United States with deadly drugs, killing tens of thousands of our people.

One of the highlights of her interview on CNN was a warning to potheads and stoners that marijuana is now being laced with the deadly drug fentanyl.

She should take a tour of the DEA Museum and its exhibit on Harry Anslinger, who ran the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) for more than 30 years and was a major critic of Red China’s role in drug trafficking.

Sadly, the exhibit plays down the threat, saying, “After the war [World War II] America’s attention turned toward the Cold War and the spread of Communism. China, a source country for opiates, became a target for a so-called Communist narcotics offensive. The McCarthy scare reinforced Anslinger’s worries that Communists were ‘flooding the world with dope to corrupt the youth of America.’”

It looks like DEA administrator Milgram is now beginning to understand the “so-called” communist source of the problem.

But China was more than a “source country.”  Anslinger’s article, “The Opium of the Peoples’ Government,” describes in detail how the Chinese Communists pushed drugs on the Free World to demoralize the “bourgeoisie.”

We have known this for decades. It still continues. This is a deliberate policy on their part.

The Russian communists push drugs as well, even on their own people, as evident in the case of the 15-year-old Russian figure skater, Kamila Valieva, who has tested positive for a banned substance.

It’s being called the new Russia-gate scandal. This one is for real.

Many don’t realize the official Russian team has been banned, and Valieva is a member of the ROC, the Russian Olympic Committee, a substitute. It’s how the Russians managed to get into the Olympics anyway, after a major doping scandal was exposed, implicating the top officials of the Putin regime.

Like most things in Russia, it is state-sponsored.

Despite this, Putin showed up at the Olympic games, dozing off in the bleachers before issuing a joint statement with the Chinese communist dictator calling for a New World Order free of United States influence.

As much as this appeals to an American population disgusted with the China Joe regime, America is still our country, and we have been blessed by God and the work of our ancestors. We have a duty to save it.

We have got to make sure it survives so that our families can have a future. We have got to think of the Biden Administration as pretenders, working in tandem with the enemies that want to destroy us, and figure out ways to evict them from power while making sure the country does not go down the drain.

Our enemies at home and abroad are real. We have to stay focused.

One who is literally out of his mind is Tucker Carlson, who pretends that Russia is not an aggressor and that Ukraine’s 40 million people should just get out of the way, to make sure Russia’s borders are secure and that Putin can remain a peaceful world leader. This is what passes for modern conservatism. It’s not Ronald Reagan’s conservatism.

Equally significant and bizarre, Biden says “There will no longer be” a Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany if Russia invades Ukraine. But Biden already approved it. He has no interest in saving Ukraine, except as a cash cow for his family.

Tucker likes to talk about corruption in Ukraine, a real concern. But nobody wants to talk about Russian ownership of major German politicians, a process underway for decades and which claimed Angela Merkel and current Chancellor Olaf Scholz as alleged Putin puppets.

No matter what happens with Ukraine, most of the rest of Europe seems lost.

To understand our future, consider the “new” communist man (or woman) promised by the Russians, designed to make this morally corrupt and bankrupt country look great at the Olympic Games.  That was the genesis of the notorious Russian doping scandal.

That first Russia-gate doping scandal involved a man named Grigory Rodchenkov, the former director of Moscow’s anti-doping laboratory, who revealed how the Moscow regime drugged their athletes. The case was featured in the Oscar-winning documentary film “Icarus.”

The Russian regime reportedly sent an assassination squad to kill him after he escaped to the U.S. This, too, was state-sponsored.

Such plots can be traced back to Putin himself, who holds Ukraine and the world hostage while he makes threats. Biden negotiates with this criminal, making Biden complicit in Putin’s crimes because Russian nukes can obliterate and incinerate our nation.

The Russians stole our nukes, and so did the Chinese.

KGB poisons are still in the Russian arsenal. So are banned substances to make Russian athletes win competitions.

If you don’t serve the state, in Russia, you will die, one way or another. Even if you do serve the state, you may die, after your usefulness is over.

In China, if you criticize a top official for sexual harassment, you disappear, only to remerge with a government monitor and change your story.

In the U.S., at least, most enemies of the state are allowed to live. Thank goodness for small favors. There is still a measure of freedom left in this country.

But was the Russian skater aware she was being drugged? Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports writes that “it would be par for the course for Russia to drug a child athlete only to have her stay eligible because, as a child athlete, she is too young and naive to know she was drugged.”

The Russians may get their gold medals anyway. Let’s just pretend the doping didn’t take place, officially.

But we are not much better than the Russians or the Chinese in the matter of dope. Many of our state governments encourage drug use, through the legalization of dope, because of the tax revenue. Conservative hero Joe Rogan once called marijuana a performance enhancer and supported Bernie Sanders for president. That makes sense.

An excellent treatment of this problem, demonstrating the interconnections, was on the Fox News  “Lawrence Jones Cross Country” show, where a drug addict discussed how smoking marijuana as a teenager eventually led her down the dangerous path of pills and fentanyl. But it’s not prim and proper to refer to marijuana as a gateway drug. It’s too lucrative to legalize the dope and create more potheads.

In a major reversal, it turns out that the Biden Administration will NOT be giving out crack pipes to addicts, to get high at taxpayer expense when they are given “safe drug use” kits. They will have to get their own pipes and needles.

We need more people like Harry Anslinger – and Joe McCarthy. They wouldn’t tolerate communists killing our people with drugs.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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