ARRESTED: Bully who dumped drink on teen; steals MAGA hat

ARRESTED: Bully goes after teens for supporting President Trump

Three teenagers went to get a late night snack at a local Whataburger’s in San Antonio on Tuesday when a man approached them, tore one of the teen’s “Make America Great Again” hats off his head and dumped a root beer on another teen.

The attacker has been identified as 30-year old Kino Jimenez, who works part time at a local bar.

The local San Antonio Fox affiliate reported on the unprovoked attack, which went viral on social media.

Two hours ago, the teen gave an update saying the man “was arrested last night at 2am.”

The teen who posted the video got some love, and also some pretty sad comments by people who thought they deserved the abuse. (CAUTION: FOUL LANGUAGE)

Jimenez’ hostile attitude is exactly why so many people are walking away from the Democratic party.


Author: renee nal

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8 thoughts on “ARRESTED: Bully who dumped drink on teen; steals MAGA hat

  1. Shocking that a simple hat drove an adult to this alarming state of mind what the hell is wrong with people and the clown who posted a post that said if you act like a racist you will get treated like one. So wanted the country you live in to be great is somehow racism is pathetically laughable! These pathetic adults who has no concern for the disrespect our nation gets is alarming and should open the eyes of all those sleeping through this madness. MAGA will also benefit all immigrants, but for peace sake they must be legal immigrants, learn the difference!!!!!

  2. Did anyone else notice that all the ones talking about that hat representing something bad and saying the kid deserved it all had fucked up hadji names that are hard to pronounce?

  3. To all who condone this and call conservatives nazis. To all who want a revolution or civil war to kill conservatives, be careful what you wish for. Well maybe, just maybe you can figure out yourselves.

  4. Those teenagers showed more maturity than the asshat who acted like a baby throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get his way. Enjoy your stay in jail and your consequences for behaving like a child. I don’t care what you think about my choices. They are my choices and I still have a right to them…so do these kids. What he did was not only immoral and immature but most definitely against the law. What a complete idiot! Violence is not the way to change someone’s views. It the way to solidify them though.

  5. He did this crap to teenagers. For all of you that think this kid deserved it you should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope he does it again & gets his ass kicked. I bet if it was your kid you would be crying like little bitches.

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