No Susan Rice, Nikki Haley does not want to kill gay people

Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice re-tweeted a cherry-picked smear piece from the hyper-partisan Soros-funded ThinkProgress (a project of the “Center for American Progress Action Fund) that claims America endorses laws straight out the Hadith that condemn gay people to death in an “article” titled: “United States rejects UN resolution condemning use of death penalty to target LGBTQ people.”

As an aside, according to

“The Sahaabah [companions of Prophet Muhammad] were unanimously agreed on the execution of homosexuals, but they differed as to how they were to be executed…” (More below)

Perhaps there should be a United Nations resolution denouncing the Sahaabah.

The reason for the U.S. rejection of the resolution, of course, is because the resolution calls for a complete ban on the use of the death penalty, not just for the execution of homosexuals. The United Nation’s position on the death penalty is no secret.

Here is a screen shot from the results of a Google news search, providing an illustration of why Americans really need to audit the news:

The United States rejected a similar resolution in 2014 under Obama. For some reason, the official explanation from that time is no longer available online, but it is captured at the Wayback Machine. It reads in part:

“There is wide divergence of views – both within and among nations –on the abolition of, or a moratorium on, the continued use of the death penalty. While we appreciate that this resolution sets forth policy objectives shared by advocates of an abolition of this form of punishment, we believe that the ultimate decision regarding these issues must be addressed through the domestic democratic processes of individual Member States and be consistent with their obligations under international law.”

The explanation further urges all countries to “…ensure that capital punishment is not applied in an extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary manner.”

ThinkProgress failed to publish the official statement on the resolution, which reads in part:

“The United States is disappointed that it must vote against this resolution.  As in previous years, we had hoped for a balanced and inclusive resolution that would better reflect the position of states that continue to apply the death penalty lawfully.  We reaffirm our longstanding position on the legality of the death penalty, when imposed and carried out in a manner consistent with a state’s international obligations.”

Susan “Benghazi was over a YouTube video” Rice tweeted:

The pedophile-founded Human Rights Campaign predictably lamented that “…the Trump/Pence administration failed to show leadership on the world stage by not championing this critical measure. This administration’s blatant disregard for human rights and LGBTQ lives around the world is beyond disgraceful.”

Here is the post from ThinkProgress Editor and founder Judd Legum:

The Washington Examiner reported that State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert criticized “‘misleading’ media coverage that implied the U.S. side voted specifically against such theocratic death penalty laws. She also emphasized that a narrower ban would have won U.S. support.” She continued:

“We voted against that resolution because of broader concerns about the resolution’s approach to condemning the death penalty in all circumstances; and, it called for the abolition of the death penalty altogether,” Nauert said. “We had hoped for a balanced and inclusive resolution that would better reflect the positions of states that continue to apply the death penalty lawfully, as the United States does.”

Here is a tweet from the State Department:

Here are two sources on Islam’s view of punishment for homosexuals:


“As to the issue of how the homosexual person is judged in an Islamic State, the Companions of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him differed among themselves on this issue, and this led to different views maintained by Muslim Jurists. For example, in the Hanafi school of thought, the homosexual is punished through harsh beating, and if he/she repeats the act, death penalty is to be applied. As for the Shafi`i school of thought, the homosexual receives the same punishment of adultery (if he/she is married) or fornication (if not married). This means, that if the homosexual is married, he/she is stoned to death, while if single, he/she is whipped 100 times. Hence, the Shafi`i compares the punishment applied in the case of homosexuality with that of adultery and fornication, while the Hanafi differentiates between the two acts because in homosexuality, the anus (a place of impurity) may also be involved while in adultery (and fornication), the penis/vagina (which are reproductive parts) are involved. Some scholars hold the opinion that the homosexual should be thrown from a high building as a punishment for his crime, but other scholars maintain that he should be imprisoned until death.”

Or this, from

“The Sahaabah [companions of Prophet Muhammad] were unanimously agreed on the execution of homosexuals, but they differed as to how they were to be executed. Some of them were of the view that they should be burned with fire, which was the view of ‘Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) and also of Abu Bakr (may Allaah be pleased with him), as we shall see below. And some of them thought that they should be thrown down from a high place then have stones thrown at them. This was the view of Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him). “

It is clear that ThinkProgress and Susan Rice are counting on their followers to take their lies at face value.

UPDATE: ThinkProgress doubles down on their heavily-implied “Trump wants to kill gay people” meme, saying in part: “While the resolution does refer to various other times the death penalty has been condemned, the actual resolution’s recommendations only address the discriminatory implementation of the death penalty.” They are really stretching.

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