‘Zionist regime will perish in the not-so-far future,’ says Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

The lunatic Ayatollah Khamenei will not be the recipient of more pallets of cash in the foreseeable future.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ranted on his un-verified Twitter account that “[T]he #ZionistRegime will not last,” claiming that it was “founded based on falsehood.” He slammed “a few spineless states” who would support Israel, and singled out the White House for moving the embassy to Jerusalem. The “Zionist Regime,” according to the recipient of pallets of cash from the Obama administration, suffers from “fundamental illegitimacy.”

“Undoubtedly,” rants the Ayatollah, “the Zionist regime will perish in the not-so-far future.”

Here are his tweets:

After the 1979 revolution was successful, the Islamists imprisoned and killed the Soviet-backed Tudeh Party communists, who drove the revolution. Once the Islamists were firmly in power, Iran slid backwards into the dark age where it languishes today. The Tudeh Party is just one Marxist organizations who has crept back into Iran and is once again agitating for power amidst unrest in Iran. In a recent statement, they warned that Israel and America may seek to “co-opt” the protest.

“Tudeh however, also warned about the potential for Israel and the United States to co-opt what they declared to be a grassroots struggle against Iran’s theocratic rule. Among the forces in the appeal that Tudeh believes protesters should be wary of, they named ‘the regional reactionaries, the Trump administration, the right-wing government of Netanyahu and the Iranian monarchists.'”

The ongoing and stormy marriage between Islamists and communists is documented in Trevor Loudon’s film, “America Under Siege: Soviet Islam.”


As recently reported at TrevorLoudon.com, it was recently divulged that Iranian intelligence officials “secretly helped provide the [9/11/2001] al Qaeda attackers with passage and gave them refuge in the Islamic Republic.”


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