Huffington Post Doxxer Luke O’Brien doubles down on victim status

“Moral courage can help us achieve something beyond ourselves, but often at the core of this is the question of whether or not we’re willing to brave the road of suffering.” – James O’Keefe

Verizon’s Huffington Post author Luke O’Brien says Amy Mek “spread hate online for years”

Huffington Post’s Luke O’Brien is doubling down on his enthusiastically-embraced victim status. Two recent articles from well-funded organizations with national platforms are claiming that after Luke O’Brien doxxed Twitter user Amy Mek, he and his colleagues were subject to harassment and death threats.

As reported at, it all started when Luke O’Brien aggressively targeted a politically-incorrect Twitter user deemed by CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper to be “a major cog in the Islamophobia machine” and is therefore, evidently, allowed to be persecuted by a national news organization.

Ibrahim Hooper, as an aside, was born in Canada and his birth name is “Doug.” In 1993 he was quoted at the Minneapolis Star Tribune as saying he would eventually “like the government of the United States to be Islamic” but assured readers that he would get there through education, not violence.

Luke O’Brien stalked Amy Mek revealing her full name, the name of her gym, and even got her husband fired from his job. Ethical journalists have historically had a “universal code” against attacking private individuals, but evidently that code has disintegrated in the Era of Extremely Partisan Fake News.

To add insult to injury, O’Brien then claimed to be a victim. An article posted today at The Guardian titled “Doxxing, assault, death threats: the new dangers facing US journalists covering extremism” laments that O’Brien and his fellow journalists at the Huffington Post were victims of “a concerted harassment campaign….where he [O’Brien] and other journalists were actually doxxed, with their addresses and phone numbers published for the use of far-right trolls.”

As usual in today’s Era of Extremely Partisan Fake News, no evidence was offered of the above allegations or any of the other claims made in the article.

The comments Luke uses as evidence of persecution against him were not on Robert Spencer’s website. The first comment identifying “O’Brien” is nowhere to be found, and the other comment stream can be found at FrontPage Magazine. The entire thread is here, but the first comment was deleted so context is impossible and Luke’s name is not even mentioned.

Two days ago, the Soros-funded “Committee to Protect Journalists” (CPJ) reported that Luke O’Brien and his colleagues were “harassed and threatened” after Luke O’Brien doxxed Amy Mek:

“At least 11 journalists at HuffPost, their families and others were harassed and threatened online in late May and early June 2018, Lydia Polgreen, editor in chief at HuffPost, told CPJ. The harassment came after the outlet published a piece written by reporter Luke O’Brien that identified the person behind a Twitter account that shares and tweets Islamophobic and anti-immigrant content.”

The “Committee to Protect Journalists,” who claims that their “mission involves not only journalists but anyone who cherishes the value of information for a free society,” ignores the doxxing of Amy Mek, and also ignores the persecution of investigative journalists such as David Daleiden, who exposed Planned Parenthood as selling the body parts of aborted children and James O’Keefe, who exposed ACORN and rampant corruption at the Hillary Clinton campaign and more. Both of these actual journalists were targeted in wake of their groundbreaking reporting. They are just two of many who are actually persecuted in today’s Era of Extremely Partisan Fake News.

Luke O’Brien, who wrote in his “article” that Amy Mek “spread hate online for years” is the embodiment of the pot calling the kettle black. Here are just some of his tweets, by no means exhaustive and please be mindful of the language:

Amy Mek is a target because she is effective. Amy exposes radical Islam in all of its forms. If CAIR and Luke O’Brien were honest, they would expose common human rights violations suffered by gay Muslims and women in Muslim-majority countries. If CAIR and Luke O’Brien and their enablers in the mainstream media were honest, they would stop fighting “Islamophobia” and start fighting acid attacks, child marriage, the stoning of women for perceived adultery, the forcing of women to wear prisons known as Burkas, persecution of Christians, etc.

Amy Mek is very good at exposing inhumane practices in Islam and therefore, she must be stopped. Amy knows that she is a target, but she endures because like James O’Keefe, she is “willing to brave the road of suffering.”

The Huffington Post is a national “news” outlet owned by Verizon.


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