The Weaponization of Psychiatry, Part Two

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

We had a president in office for eight years who was a heavy dope smoker and under the mentorship of a communist pedophile. He promoted the notion that boys could be girls and vice versa. His foreign policy gave an advantage to all of our enemies. But his mental health was not supposed to be an issue. Instead, we have this National Press Club event: Mental Health Awareness Month Panel: The Increasingly Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. Watch the video here and decide for yourself: who is mentally ill? Obama or Trump?


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2 thoughts on “The Weaponization of Psychiatry, Part Two

  1. Trump is a alpha male , a John Wayne type much more than the egg head professors whose psycho babble is just that…babble. Alpha Males, the John Wayne types fight back,take stands against stupidity, corruption and cowards. They don’t suffer fools very well either. Our sick, mentally unhinged society has waged such a war on real men, have so damn diminished them in this culture rot we call society, when a real man shows up they think he’s wacko…doesn’t fit the weak kneed girly man image. I’m sick to death of girly men, suspicious of intellectual “smart guy” responses void of common sense. These same “over educated “smart guys” are completely blind to the real wacko president…Obama. Talk about a narcissist, Obama’s self centered-ness was insufferable to any one with a shred of common sense. What I noticed about far too many over educated intellectual “smart guys”….. common sense has been educated right out of them. Obama and his chosen circle of arrogant, superior, insufferable dope smoking light weights and pedophiles are themselves masters of Projection…projecting their stinking thinking on the rest of us. God Bless the alpha male fighter in the white house. It is about time for real men to show up again. .

    1. Evelyn Zur… I love your comment. You are exactly right in your conclusions concerning President Trump and this current society. Third Reich type “psychologists”, who declare any man who would take a stand against the destruction of America and Judeo Christian morality to be mentally ill, are the modern day Joseph Goebbels, and their goals are just as sinister. They can ALL go to hell, I will continue to support the only President in the last 32 years that has truly loved America and wants to reverse the slide into the Socialist abyss.

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