Waiting for the Global Messiah in the Age of Trump

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Constance Cumbey has written two books on the New Age Movement, whose purpose is to overthrow Christian civilization, creating a post-Christian and socialist world. In this video, she emphasizes the role played by European socialist Javier Solana. Recall that Marilyn Ferguson’s “Aquarian Conspiracy” described a powerful network of anti-Christian organizations and personalities working to bring about radical cultural and social change in the United States and the world through the “expansion of consciousness.”


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1 thought on “Waiting for the Global Messiah in the Age of Trump

  1. Lee Penn’s False Dawn is amazing. His research on the New Age movement from Blavatsky to Soros is second to none. With thousands of footnotes he even indicts Ghandi as a follower of Blavatsky.

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