The Trump Train Has Derailed

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


Donald J. Trump’s turnaround, from having CNN feeding out of his hands during the Republican primaries, to now denouncing the “Clinton News Network,” confirms the fears that conservatives had not only about the media, but also about the New York businessman. He used the media to win the Republican nomination and now they are using and abusing him, since he is playing into their hands with idiotic statements.

“You look at CNN, it’s called the Clinton News Network,” Trump said. “All day long, Trump, Trump—all day long, CNN, Trump, Trump, such a bad guy.”

Trump’s most recent comment about the general election being “rigged” suggests that he is preparing to lose and blame others for his loss. As left-wing analyst Webster Tarpley outlined in a presentation to the Left Forum in New York in May, Trump could leave the Republican Party split in half, thus guaranteeing Democratic Party dominance of the executive branch. Trump could return to playing the role of businessman and paying off politicians of both parties. The Republicans may still be able to control one House of Congress, at least for a while. We’ll probably see the GOP abandon the social conservativism that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi derisively refers to as “God, guns, and gays.”

The American branch of the Roman Catholic Church has already thrown in the towel, as Clinton vice presidential nominee and “Catholic” Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) faces no repercussions, let alone excommunication, for making common cause with Hillary Clinton and the abortion industry that finances the Democratic Party. Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden, another faux Catholic who trashes Catholic teachings on human life and sexuality, has just presided over a same-sex marriage. He was proud to marry Brian and Joe, he said.

On the other hand, Kaine speaks Spanish, and Latinos increasingly make up part of the constituency of the Catholic Church in America. So aborting babies has to take a back seat to money in the collection plate and bodies in the pews.

Trump, a reality TV star who understands new media, had the media feeding out of his hands during the Republican primaries. Most media—and most Republicans—had never seen anything like it or him. Here was a politically incorrect figure attacking the liberal media! It was refreshing. But that kind of attack would only get him so far. As predicted, the media which made him into a contender and the nominee have now turned on him, since they want the first black president to be succeeded by the first woman president. One can always count on liberal media bias again rearing its ugly head.

As Accuracy in Media (AIM) has documented over time, the major media in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as Hollywood, are largely dominated by Democrats and liberals. Studies going back to the time of FDR document Democratic Party domination of the national press. My college journalism textbook was written by a member of the Communist Party-dominated Progressive Party. My colleague Roger Aronoff notes the evidence of continued leftist domination of the national media, through the evidence in the JournoList and DNC email scandals. It’s collusion. The national media led by CNN are still a virtual adjunct of the Democratic Party, even celebrating with wine and song during the Democratic National Convention.

The liberal media monopoly did break down, under pressure from groups like AIM, talk radio and the Internet, and Trump had support from some new conservative media, including Drudge, Breitbart and Fox News. But Trump’s most recent comments—bashing CNN and newspaper outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times—seem to indicate that he believes the liberal media still have enough clout left to save Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from her reputation as a security risk who will say or do anything to get elected.

There is still the chance of an October Surprise, as a result of disclosures of new emails or Mrs. Clinton’s health problems surfacing again.

As far as the general election being rigged, Trump has a point, but not in the way he seems to be suggesting. Some conservatives cannot vote for him or Mrs. Clinton because both candidates are perceived to be in the back pocket of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Allegations of Russian influence have been lodged against both candidates with some validity. Trump is surrounded by pro-Russian advisers and his own statements on foreign policy have been pro-Putin. On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Trump mostly shrugged when asked about his campaign watering down the Republican Party platform on Russia and Ukraine. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is up to her neck in Russian intrigue, having presided over a failed Russian reset that led to the invasion of Ukraine, and dirty deals on behalf of Russia to get them a chunk of America’s uranium assets, in exchange for millions for the Clinton Foundation.

The election does seem to be rigged, but on behalf of the Kremlin. The controversy demonstrates the extent to which foreign interests are controlling the fate of the United States. A top critic of President Putin was apparently murdered in Washington, D.C. in November of 2015.  Yet we hear nothing about the case. Trump doesn’t even seem to know that Russia has invaded Ukraine. For her part, Hillary talks tough but Putin knows she is willing to accommodate his demands for more “Clinton Cash.”

The likely tragic outcome, at least at this stage in the campaign, is that the white working class voters who put their faith in Trump will be left in despair, as their jobs, values, and traditions go up in smoke. Anybody who covers the situation with the “Rust Belt” in the United States knows that American industries are closing, while Chinese money and Mexican heroin are pouring in.

Under a female President Clinton, anxious to please her progressive base, we can anticipate America’s middle class being drained of more resources through higher and higher taxes to pay for financial reparations for blacks. That is the new demand of the Black Lives Matter movement. The prison population would be vastly reduced, putting more predators back on the streets in the name of racial justice. Crime rates, already on the rise, would skyrocket.

All of this should be pretty clear by the time the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture opens in September, with a special wing devoted to America’s first black president. Construction of the Obama Presidential Center will be underway on Chicago’s South Side. It’s a project of the Barack Obama Foundation, whose purpose is to “carry on the great, unfinished project of renewal and global progress.”

The fundamental transformation of America is on track. The Trump Train has derailed.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


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3 thoughts on “The Trump Train Has Derailed

  1. Trump has a loyal support base such as yourself Mountain Queen.

    But if you think you can win without broadening his support you are delusional. Trump’s negatives are through the roof in most demographics. Hillary is ahead in the polls and gaining steam. Trump is floundering from one PR disaster to another.

    I’m no fan of Trump, but I’d still prefer a GOP administration to a Dem one by a country mile. Hillary will destroy America. of that I am very confident.

    What is your plan for a trump victory Mountain Queen? Specifics..not vague generalities. how can this be done given Trump’s seeming lack of interest in staying on message for more than 5 minutes. You’d better come up with your plan fast, because Trump doesn’t seem to have one.

    1. Trevor

      It always amazes me that those, like you and the author, have incredible knowledge about the State-controlled press and the origins of leftist propaganda, yet when polls and disinformation and spin and smears come from this same State-controlled enterprise toward Trump, it’s Trump who is blowing it.

      So, when Russian dissidents dared to write or criticize Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc, and ended up censored, sent to prison or murdered, it was their fault? According to this logic, they should have been crucified because they were too stupid to counter the lies?

      And before you go ballistic–yes, I am saying that Trump, for all his warts, is the first politician to stand up against this evil in the media. Not to mention, his enemies include Obama, El Chapo, the Left, BLM, the entire msm, illegal criminals, corrupt pols and judges, Islamic terrorists, Muslim suberversives–wow, what an incentive to get to the polls and ut him in office.

  2. I really don’t think the media or those who support anti-Americanism matters to those who support Trump. It seems that KeyWiki and Trevor Loudon’s crew has been in the tank for Cruz and can’t get over it. The reason Cruz lost was because of this bias and pro-Americans are against the typical, life long politician, such as Cruz, and the many others who tried to compete against the only one who has truly done what is American, who is Trump.

    Trump supporters don’t give a rat’s ass about those like you who try to persuade others into socialism or any form of it. You, trying to tell others your opinion, is no different than the left wing media or left wing supporters, etc.

    Therefore, what I’m trying to say is your biased opinion doesn’t matter to Trump supporters and that’s why he’s the candidate and not the others who lost against him.

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