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Reese Erlich

Reese Erlich is a best-selling book author and freelance journalist who writes regularly for CBS Radio, Australian Broadcasting Corp. and National Public Radio. He is a Special Correspondent for GlobalPost and contributes to VICE News. Erlich has won numerous journalism awards including a Peabody award.

Erlich worked with Walter Cronkite on four public radio documentaries. Cronkite has written, “Reese Erlich is a great radio producer and a great friend.”

Erlich is essentially a skilled and influential socialist propagandist.

Erlich was born and raised in Los Angeles. In 1965, he enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley and later became active in the anti-Vietnam War movement. In October 1967, Erlich and others organized Stop the Draft Week. They were arrested and became known as the “Oakland Seven.”

In 1968, he visited Cuba for the first time, which led to a continuing interest in that country that would eventually lead to a book called Dateline Havana (2009).

In 1968-9, Erlich worked as a staff writer and research editor for Ramparts, a national investigative reporting magazine published in San Francisco.

Erlich’s book, Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn’t Tell You, co-authored with Norman Solomon, became a best seller in 2003. His book, The Iran Agenda: the Real Story of U.S. Policy and the Middle East Crisis, was published in October 2007, with a foreword by Robert Scheer. In a San Francisco Chronicle book review, Ruth Rosen wrote, “Some people are treated as pariahs when they tell the truth; later, history lauds them for their courage and convictions. Reese Erlich is one of those truth tellers.” Erlich’s book “Dateline Havana: The Real Story of U.S. Policy and the Future of Cuba” came out in January 2009.

Erlich’s fifth book, “Inside Syria: the Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect” (Promtheus Books, foreword by Noam Chomsky), was published in 2014. In a starred review of “Inside Syria,” Publisher’s Weekly wrote, Erlich’s “insights and conclusions are objective and valuable. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the current turmoil in the Middle East.”

In the 1980s, Erhlich was a leading comrade with the League of Revolutionary Struggle, an ultra secretive, militantly pro-China organization.

Reese Erlich left
A delegation from the Central Committee of the League of Revolutionary Struggle visited the Dominican Republic at the invitation of the Unified Central Committee of the Unified Structure for the Foundation of the Dominican Workers Party (PTD) in March 1980. The League delegation, headed by Central Committee member Reese Erlich, held fraternal and informative discussions with leading members of the Central Committee of the Unified Structure for the Dominican Workers Party.

In late 1983, Reese Erlich and comrade Tim Thomas were part of a left wing journalists delegation to Grenada, shortly after American troops had liberated the communist outpost.

Recently Reese Erlich has been active in Iranian support work.

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