Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) Addresses Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day Weekend [Video]

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Among the citizens who gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC for the Rolling Thunder event on May 28 was Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi member and retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, who spoke to participants about the treatment of prisoners of war (POWs) as well as dangers the U.S. currently faces. And Accuracy in Media was there to record his speech, in spite of the rain.

“At the end of World War II we had fifteen to twenty thousand American POWs in German POW camps, and when they were captured by the Russians, who at that time were our allies, you would have thought they would have turned them over to U.S. forces,” said Lyons. “That never happened. They got shipped off to slave labor camps in the gulag, never to be heard from again.”

“So, Mr. President [Donald Trump], the next time you’re talking with Mr. [Vladimir] Putin from Russia, you must demand an accountability on those fifteen to twenty thousand Americans,” Lyons continued. “They earned the right to be brought home.” He argued that an accountability and passage home should be provided for those POWs still in China, Russia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, as well.

Lyons also reflected upon rampant corruption in the Obama administration, particularly by former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “Now I’ve got to say, our brave warriors did not pay the ultimate price to see our elected and appointed officials commit illegal acts and crimes in office,” he said.

Lyons argued that Clinton violated the espionage act, and benefited from shady deals such as Uranium One, as well as allowed the “transfer of our technology to Putin’s version of silicon valley,” Skolkovo, despite warnings from the FBI. “We then have the Benghazi tragedy, we have Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal. It goes on and on and on,” he said.

But one of the greater threats, Lyons said, is from the Muslim Brotherhood, which he argues has infiltrated the national security apparatus. “But the most insidious is by the Muslim Brotherhood, who have penetrated our national security and intelligence agencies for over the last 50 years,” he said. “Through their seditious actions there’s no question they should be termed a terrorist organization along with all of their front groups.”

“You must understand,” said Lyons, “Islam is a totalitarian ideology bent on world domination masquerading as a religion.”

Lyons recently wrote an open letter, offering some advice to President Donald Trump.

You can watch Admiral Lyons’ entire speech here:


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