12 thoughts on “Disgusting: “Wild Bill” Detained for “Hate Speech” in Canada

  1. Do not for a moment think that all Canadians are in agreement with these laws. We are fighting against this insanity and are being bullied by our own government, elected by a small fraction of wackos and brainwashed immigrants. We are a strong people and will not be kept down forever!!!

  2. Sorry about your experience in the Great White North. As a patriotic Canadian it is shameful that our leaders have adopted such behavior against the citizenry here and our friends to the south. We are all now considered guilty without charge and subject to loss of citizenship if we dissent against the government. Too, we are no longer allowed to criticize any Muslim for any act of violence against the citizens of Canada. Be thankful you weren’t murdered like Robert Dziekanski.

  3. In America, they’re using a back door method to circumvent the First Amendment: so-called “hate crime” laws are enforced in ways to create bodies of caselaw that chip away our speech rights bit by bit.

    It’s murder by precedent of the First Amendment.

    We must repeal hate crime laws.

  4. Liberalism ….. the naked truth about the left and their end game , the reality of their agenda ….. Hey Bill next time encrypt your I-Pad and Password protect …..

  5. Lesson: Don’t use your mobile device to store critical files. Download copies onto your desktop, flash drives or DVD. Then, if you ‘lose’ your mobile device you still retain copies of files you consider critical.

    One other note to Bill: When you get your iPad back, make sure it doesn’t contain any spyware.

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