James Simpson: I Am Fed Up!

By: James Simpson | BombThrowers

Trump leaked classified information! He tweeted something stupid! He is offending our allies and encouraging our enemies! He is a threat to national security and must resign now! Such are the fanatical ravings coming from the Lords of the Press, the Democrat Party, and a rogues’ gallery of brain-dead Republicans.

I am absolutely sick to death of it!

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), that stalwart example of political grace, politesse, and comity, leveled his stern opinion: “In a week full of revelation after revelation — on a day when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, they have,” he said on the Senate floor. “I say to all of my colleagues in the Senate: History is watching.”

The heroic John McCain, ever a voice of level-headedness, moderation, and grace, said that the White House scandals are rising to “Watergate-size and scale.” Wow!

In an opinion piece, appropriately titled “No More Benefit of the Doubt,” the formidable Erick Erickson himself said, “Frankly, if there is not a course correction soon, the President needs to consider resigning.”

I have to ask: Are these people serious?

I have never, ever, ever seen such hyperbole in my entire life of watching this sordid melodrama called Washington, D.C., play itself out on the world stage. The cacophony is shaking the rafters. It is almost impossible to hear oneself think.

And after all, that is the goal isn’t it?

For there has never, ever, in the twisted history of this stinking, corrupt, self-absorbed, self-deluded, seditious city, been a greater demonstration of fraud, hypocrisy, and knuckle-dragging stupidity.


And that, my friend, is saying something!

After being treated to eight years of an almost daily assault on our economy, our Constitution, our culture, and our national security; where casual disregard for the rule of law and eye-popping corruption and scandals were so commonplace they rarely received more than passing comment; where the government was turned against our nation, using the IRS to target the president’s political enemies and intelligence agencies launched an  unprecedented, massive surveillance of our entire society, including reporters, private citizens, and politicians; where President Obama repeatedly insulted and betrayed our citizens and our allies, when those same allies – even, or perhaps especially, the Muslim ones – got the message and began abandoning us like rats deserting a sinking ship; when meanwhile Obama was telling Putin “I’ll have more flexibility after the election”, (has anyone questioned what he said to Putin after the election?); where we switched sides in the War on Terror – making mortal enemies like al-Qaeda and Iran our allies – while Hillary Clinton sold American foreign policy to the highest bidder by coaxing $176 million from 16 foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation; where we went on an apology tour among nations like Cuba, which has been seeking to subvert our country for decades; where Obama gave away not billions, but trillions of dollars to Russia, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and his political friends; where the White House could rely on a totally complicit press – in spite of illegal wiretaps of reporters – because so many press regulars were related to White House staff; where GOP politicians violated practically every single promise made to the citizens who worked tooth and nail to elect them by giving Obama every penny he ever asked for, and then some; or where we became exhausted watching completely useless, phony hearings, that never accomplished a single thing — not one conviction in a sea of corruption — where insipid Republican spinelessness was on daily display; Washington, D.C. now has something to be genuinely outraged about:

Trump said something stupid.

Let’s be clear, that is all there is. None of the allegations the Democrats scream about have been proven. Those who supposedly have evidence of Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and other nonsense steadfastly refuse to show their hand. Why? Because they don’t have a hand to play, and in fact are trying to redirect the gaze from their outrageous, criminal, unprecedented surveillance of the Trump campaign. We are still waiting for the intelligence community to divulge who among them has been illegally passing state secrets to press allies. Unlike Trump’s occasional ham-handedness, these are criminal acts for which they should go to jail.

Now that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has given the Democrats a special prosecutor in former FBI Director Robert Mueller, he needs also to be tasked to look into the leaking of classified information by Obama holdovers and the diabolical effort to undermine President Trump being carried out before our eyes by Trump enemies still buried within the government.

Furthermore, if telling now-fired FBI Director James Comey to lay off former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn is criminal, then where is the outrage when President Obama unilaterally halted the amply justified investigation into Hillary Clinton’s serial wrongdoings? In fact, Trump, as president, can do that. He has the authority. And in suggesting that Trump obstructed the Flynn investigation, Comey may actually have violated the law. This entire campaign is seditious hubris.

As Greg Gutfeld said:

[E]lecting Trump, a disruptive force, was revolutionary. So now, what you’re seeing is the counter-revolution, led by a frantic force that slept through the last nine years. The whole thing is silly and overwrought. It’s like a Twilight movie with old, ugly people.

Washington survives on words. Actions mean little within the rarified D.C. air. But in the real world, deeds speak much louder than words. So what has Trump actually done? Has anyone stopped for a nanosecond to consider actions rather than words?

While we are disappointed in his lackluster battle for control of the border — which we can blame at least partially on corrupt, absurdly overreaching federal courts — or the Obamacare debacle where the GOP establishment more than anyone else is responsible, once again, for betraying its promise to REPEAL the stinking, destructive, unconstitutional law, we can point to an unprecedented number of positive actions the Trump administration has already taken while this D.C. circus distracts us, to reverse the almost incalculable damage Obama did to our country during his eight years in office:

  • Rolling back heinous Obama environmental regulations, including:
  • Reversing Obama’s war on coal
  • Approving the Keystone Pipeline
  • Neutering Obama’s insane global warming agenda
  • Rebuilding our military – reduced under Obama to pre-World War I levels
  • Cutting funding for sanctuary cities
  • Strengthened border enforcement

–    Illegal Southern Border crossings have declined 74 percent since December.

  • Strengthened law enforcement
  • Standing up for law enforcement
  • Standing up for Second Amendment rights
  • Reducing regulations on manufacturers
  • Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees
  • Exiting the U.S. from the TPP
  • Despite the court stay on Trump’s executive order on immigration, refugee resettlement is down significantly, and – music to my ears – the corrupt, self-serving resettlement industry is wailing about its lost funding
  • And much more

So the Washington hysteria grows, feeding on every new concocted outrage. But if you open your eyes, it is exactly as planned.

What we are really witnessing is an unprecedented effort to destroy this presidency. They have said that is their intention. And Republicans, not content to sit on the sidelines and watch their serially corrupt Democrat brethren and the Democrats’ media and street thug allies wreak havoc, have jumped in to help out rather than get tarred with the same brush.

Washington’s roar of reactionary discontent is simply the D.C. version of what we are seeing played out in town halls, airports and public parks across the nation, where Antifa communist thugs are violently attempting to impose their own version of the Arab Spring. (If you recall, that misnamed effort at “direct democracy,” i.e. mob rule, ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood – the kings of terrorism-  that birthed al-Qaeda and practically every other Islamic terrorist group in the world. Fortunately, saner heads prevailed in Egypt and the military intervened to save that country from drowning in what would have become a Sharia-compliant, 7th century-style, brutal autocracy.)

Republicans and conservatives have been attacked, poisoned, run off the road, threatened with guns and savagely attacked in the press, but this all gets a yawn from the media.

We are indeed wading into dangerous waters.

But it is not because Donald Trump tweets out conflicting statements. Admittedly he doesn’t help his case by doing this. He should instead use his substantial powers of persuasion by taking to the bully pulpit and explaining what our domestic enemies – the Left, and the establishment that rolls over for them – is doing in this country.

Unlike Trump’s seemingly compulsive need to tweet — which detracts from the great things he has already done – his enemies’ destabilizing, anarchistic efforts are pushing this country toward a crisis from which it may never recover. They are truly threatening our nation’s very existence.


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