3 thoughts on “WATCH: Trevor Loudon’s speech at #CPAC2017 (Video)

  1. Met you in Melbourne Florida bought your book which I loved. Drove over 1 hour to meet you at that dinner event.

    You are a great lecturer and just wanted to say congratulations on a great job at CPAC 2017. Wish you were in Florida again.

  2. As always, well done Trevor. It’s good to see that you’re getting exposure to a larger audience — your message is critical, and the more people that hear it, the better off our county, and the world, will be.

  3. We need more of these public gatherings to bring us together. We who elected Donald J. Trump; do not want to Riot, Protest in the Streets or Post Fake, False comments. So have more of these to demonstrate we support Trump.

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