Kellyanne Conway Reveals The Reason That Michael Flynn Finally Had To Go [VIDEO]

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | Right Wing News

I am sure you have heard that Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser last night amidst allegations that he spoke of sanctions with the Russians before Trump took office. I have never cared for Michael Flynn. I gave him a clean slate when he came in. But after hearing what transpired, resigning was the right thing to do. I don’t know whether he resigned of his own volition or at the behest of President Trump, but he had to go. He spoke to the Russian ambassador five separate times. You can bet the intelligence agencies have that on tape. When Mike Pence asked him if he had discussed sanctions, he lied to him and Pence went forth and looked like a fool over it. The word out there is Pence was furious. Kellyanne Conway came right out and said that lying to Pence was the deciding factor here.

Michael Flynn was originally fired by Obama after serving a couple of months under him. He only lasted a couple of weeks with Trump and he probably would have been gone sooner, but Trump remained loyal to him. As recently as 2014, Flynn had gone to Russia before Trump came into the picture. The Department of Justice warned the White House that Flynn was susceptible to blackmail from the Russians. Just before Trump came into office, Obama levied sanctions on Russia. Normally, the Russians would have struck back, but did not, saying they would wait for the Trump presidency. That was after calls from Flynn, who most likely assured them that sanctions would be lifted. This whole mess is complicated. You have nine leakers involved that went to the media. These are probably a mix of White House insiders (leftovers from the Obama administration) and intelligence people.

From NBC’s Today Show:

“In the end, it was misleading the vice president that made the situation unsustainable,” Conway told TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

The incomplete information or the inability to completely recall what did or did not happen as reflected in his debriefing of particular phone calls — that really is what happened here,” she said.

Flynn’s departure comes less than a month into the job and follows revelations about information he shared with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak over American sanctions against Russia in late December, weeks before Trump took office.

“He knew he had become a lightening rod and he made that decision,” Conway said.

On TODAY, Conway was asked repeatedly why, despite reports that the Justice Department told the White House last month that Flynn had misled them and even put himself at risk for blackmail, he continued to retain the president’s full trust.

Conway said Flynn continued to be a part of daily presidential briefings as recently as Monday but “as time wore on, obviously, the situation had become unsustainable.”

She said that the president accepted Flynn’s resignation and “wishes him well, and we’re moving on,” noting three “very strong candidates” the administration is considering to replace him.

Arguably, Flynn was the worst pick of those chosen for Trump’s cabinet. I am not sad to see him go as I feel he was compromised by the Russians. I’m also not happy about it as it hurts the Trump administration deeply and exposes a very dangerous rift between Trump and the intelligence agencies. The left will also use this to accuse Trump of further connections with Russia. Trump needs to aggressively clean house in the White House and intel agencies and get rid of everyone who was ever even remotely connected to Obama. If I were him, I’d have Pompeo in my office this morning, reaming him a new one over this.

There appears to be chaos in the People’s House right now and that just can’t be allowed. The Democrats won’t care about the truth, just nailing Trump every way they can. They also don’t care that it hurts the country and puts us at risk. The media is celebrating this today and that is just despicable. Thankfully, Trump has three solid contenders to replace Flynn. Kellogg would be my choice at this point. It doesn’t matter how I feel about Flynn personally… this is a massively bad thing to happen so shortly after Trump takes office. Time to get serious and perhaps try some of that extreme vetting within our own leadership.


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3 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway Reveals The Reason That Michael Flynn Finally Had To Go [VIDEO]

  1. I do not know where you get your information, but Flynn did not violate the law. He may have committed a breach in ethics, but no law was broken. I would be more concerned about what the CIA/NSA did because they broke the law. You cannot link a recorded conversation with a name. Having worked for the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, we are schooled in the law. The concern should be who authorized the release of this information and how did it end up in the hands of the news media…this is a bigger story. After all Trevor is the one who pointed out the following about David Maraniss of the Washington Post. Maraniss’s father was a journalist also. He was fired from the Detroit Times for his views. He was a Communist. So Maraniss’s father and mother were Communists and this is how he was raised. So the Communists have taken over our media as stated in their goals. Also, I suspect Obama used the CIA/NSA to get information on his opponents and keep their message from being heard by the public. So now we have a CIA/NSA who is willing to use information as they will against who next…a congressman, a senator to get them to vote or support a particular position. This is a far worse situation than Flynn talking to the Russian Ambassador. I think this was a set up and we have not heard the last of I
    . We should all be requesting an investigation by the Senate and Congress.

  2. It was not against the law for Flynn to talk to the Russian ambassador and arguably it was his job. It was not against the law for Flynn to not tell the VP everything he said but probably not wise. It was against the law for the intelligence folks to leak this. It was also pretty stupid to say publicly what we all really knew and that is NSA is listening to and taping conversations by Americans without a court order. I do hope they find the leakers/saboteurs and that they get long prison sentences. I suspect our national security was harmed by these leaks and not harmed one iota by Flynn. Lets keep this in perspective.

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