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  1. Hi Tam. Was wondering how youre getting on. All Trump had to do to get an endorsement was to publicly apologize for his insults. He wasn’t man enough to do it. Ted stood up for his family and his base.

    Trump gave a great speech tonight, full credit to him. But check out the link below. This is one of the main reasons i have grave reservations about the man. Trump is under Putin’s influence. He is causing major turmoil in Europe right now over his soft on Putin views. He needs to get right of Manafort, Page, Flynn and Stone real fast. It will become a campaign issue believe me. Also needs to release his tax returns before Wikilealks does. I think going on what I’ve been told they would be HUGELY embarassing.

    Hope you’re well Tam.


    1. Donald Trump is very unstable. *After* winning the nomination, Trump spoke at a press conference for ten or fifteen minutes to further destroy Ted Cruz and repeat the smear that Ted’s father, Rafael Cruz, was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy. Crazy! Look up what Glenn Beck and Mark Levin have to say about this and their reaction to his speech. He is not a true conservative and is not a good candidate.

      1. Judyth Vary Baker has confirmed that two of the subjects in the 8/16/63 photo at the International Trade Mart in New Orleans were indeed Lee Harvey Oswald and Rafael Cruz. She was Oswald’s girlfriend at the time and ought to know. Some have questioned her integrity, but this seems convincing that she is who she says she is, http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/2010/03/14-reasons-to-believe-in-judyth-vary.html.

        Since you and Trevor see fit to call this link between Oswald and Rafael Cruz as a smear or crazy, would you care to post your evidence that refutes this?

  2. He lost. I’m all in Trump. Grow up, my friend. Your guy lost and then doubled down and insulted the Republican candidate who increased voters by 60%.
    This is about stopping leftists/marxists from destroying America. Ted talks a lot and got nothing done.
    Americans are sick of talkers.

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