Some Advice from a Kiwi Cruz Supporter – how do we make the best of the Trump Disaster

No sugar-coating it folks. Donald Trump’s victory over Senator Ted Cruz in the Republican primary is a disaster for the Republican Party,  the Republic and for what’s left of the free world. The question is – how do Constitutional Conservatives strategize to mitigate this “dumpster fire” in the short-term, salvage what we can of our movement and turn this catastrophe to our advantage in the longer term.

The first thing is DO NOT PANIC. Trump supporters are now flooding social media with enticements, olive branches, threats and abuse – all designed to get us signed up for the Trump Train. Their main argument is that we if don’t climb aboard, we are somehow endorsing Hillary Clinton.

I am equally terrified of a Clinton (or the backup Uncle Joe Biden/Pocahontas Warren ticket) victory. But blindly piling in behind Trump is not the best way to stop that. Also it surrenders, without a fight, the greatest power Constitutional Conservatives still have left – our bargaining power, our voting and financial leverage, and most importantly, the moral high ground.

I believe we need to work out how best to achieve several things.

They are in order of priority:

  1. Maximize the chances of the increased liberty, security and expansion of the free world (including my beloved New Zealand).
  2. Maximize the chances the the United States of America will survive and grow and prosper as a Constitutional Republic and the leader of an ever-expanding free world.
  3. Maximize the chances that the Constitutional Conservative movement will continue to grow and become the dominant political force in that Republic for many generations to come.
  4. Maximize the chances that the Republican Party can return to its Constitutional roots, or that a viable alternative force may replace it.
  5. Maximize the chances that our champion Ted Cruz will play a major role in that process. Preferably as the soonest possible two-term President of the United States.

Is that ambitious enough for you folks? Is that in line with your political values? Would these goals give your children and grandchildren the best possible shot at achieving the American Dream?

For those of us about to join the Libertarian Party, form a third party, or just stay home, I want you to consider one thing. We do not have the luxury of twenty years to turn this around. We don’t have 5 years. We may have as little as 6 months. Why do I say that? One word – AMNESTY.

Please view this short video (more background here). It features  the leader of the Amnesty movement, former SEIU boss, Obama’s go-to man-on-all-immigration-matters Democratic Socialists of America Marxist Eliseo Medina, addressing a “progressive” crowd in Washington, DC in 2009.

Listen to him carefully. Add up the numbers in your head.

A “governing majority for the long term” is a mild way of saying “one party state.”

Think about it people. Mitt Romney lost in 2012 by 2.5 million votes. The Medina/Obama/Democratic party “amnesty” plan will give Democrats at least 8 million new voters. More like 15 to 25 million if the truth be told. Then there is the refugee influx we can expect to continue if the Democrats win again in 2016. Only the Chamber of Commerce/cheap labor wing of the GOP, seems not to understand that the Republic is doomed if the current out-of-control illegal immigration, refugee re-settlement, visa overstaying and cross border “invasion” is not stopped?

If Donald Trump owes his success to anything, it is his stand on immigration/invasion.

So any Constitutional Conservative strategy must take “amnesty” and illegal immigration/refugee re-settlement into account. We simply don’t have forever to stop this country going over the cliff. We have the barest sliver of opportunity before it becomes impossible ever to elect another Republican President – let alone a Constitutional Conservative one.

Consequently we must elect a President who will massively reduce both legal and illegal “immigration” and end mass refugee re-settlement. If this fails, we must strengthen the US Senate with hard-core anti-amnesty Senators to help Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions stymie either a pro-amnesty Clinton/Biden presidency, or a wavering, reneging Trump administration. So don’t go Libertarian or third party or couch potato just yet.Look at the 2016 Senate races, pick the most conservative, constitutionalist GOP candidates you can find and back them up with your money and your talents. Don’t give a dime, or a second of your time, to the RNC – EVER!!!

Donald Trump recently told Fox News’ Bret Baier that he could safely reach out to Bernie Sanders supporters, because he “pretty much has conservatives other than people trying get publicity for themselves.” He needs to get the message really quick that he does not and that he cannot win without us.

The first thing I urge is that all Constitutionalists in the remaining primary states: Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey and California, vote for Ted Cruz. He will not win, but a 5 or 10% showing for Senator Cruz will help his future prospects and send a very clear message to the Republican establishment and Donald Trump that we are NOT prepared to roll over. This could be the most important protest vote you ever cast.

Donald Trump has to learn he cannot treat the conservatives like a battered wife. He needs us to win and he better damn well take that into account.

Speaking of battered wives, brings me to my next piece of advice. If an abused wife finally musters up the courage to leave her deadbeat spouse, two things may happen.

He will likely swear to quit drinking, chasing skirt and beating up on her. If she gives him another chance immediately, what is almost guaranteed to happen? Within days, maybe hours, it will be broads, booze, beatings and business as usual.

But if she is strong, moves to a separate room, or house, or state and gives him an ultimatum, there may be a sliver of hope for their relationship. “Show me you can go six months without drinking, infidelity or violence. Show me respect, reform your ways, be a gentleman at all times… and then maybe, just maybe, I will give you one last shot. I will give you one chance and one chance only at redemption.” Which approach is more likely to succeed?

We are that battered wife, people. Donald Trump has abused us, our candidate and our values for most of this campaign. Mr. Trump has flip-flopped on a daily, even at times, hourly basis. He has lied so blatantly and regularly that fact-checkers have almost given up trying to keep track.

He has abused the most honorable and capable man to stand for the US Presidency in decades. “Lyin Ted” was projection of the highest order. I lost most of my respect for Mr. Trump after the Iowa Caucuses. I was there. Just before the Caucus started, CNN claimed Carson was dropping out. Some of Cruz’s people used this information to try and get Carson supporters to change their vote. There was no time to check. They did the right thing to help their man. It made no measurable difference, Carson polled higher than projected, but Donald Trump used this incident to slander Ted Cruz for months. BUT Trump’s people DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING for their man. So did Marco Rubio’s. But only Ted Cruz was man enough to take responsibility. If I can fault the Senator for anything in an otherwise superb campaign, it was playing it too nice over this incident. Ted Cruz wanted to keep the campaign decent and unfortunately it cost him.

Later Trump went out of his way to insult Heidi Cruz and to accuse Senator Cruz of serial adultery. Then right before the vital Indiana primary, Trump deliberately drew national attention to a completely false National Enquirer story that Ted’s father Rafael was associated with Castro supporter and JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

How many times do you think the Democrats are going to re-play that piece of lunacy over the next few months?

So, we’ve been battered, abused and slandered repeatedly by the most morally, psychologically and intellectually challenged candidate to run for the presidency in decades. Are you going to roll over and lick Donald Trump’s belly?

Is their any sliver of hope for a Trump redemption? Is their any chance at all for a Trump victory in November?

I believe that no one, not even Donald Trump, is beyond redemption. But like the smart battered wife, I have to see a clear and consistent, sincere and transparent change, over a period of time before I will even consider giving him one last chance.

This is what I believe Donald Trump has to do, at a minimum, to win back the 20% plus Republicans and conservatives that will never vote for him on his current trajectory:

  1. When Mr. Trump names his Supreme Court nominees, as stated that he may do before the July convention, they better be the best damn Constitutionalists out there. They’d all better make Justice Scalia look like Rosie O’Donnell. We want our Constitution protected. We want our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights protected. NO COMPROMISE.
  2. Mr. Trump should also name his VP before the convention. It better not be a Democrat. Not even Jim Webb. It had better be someone respected and trusted by the conservative base. No ifs, ands or buts. You’re getting on in years Mr. Trump. We don’t want you having a stroke or a heart attack in the Oval Office and having yet another socialist in the White House.
  3. Name his Cabinet early. And make every one of them a patriot and a Constitutionalist. I would suggest Rand Paul as secretary of the Treasury. Let him do what ever he damn well likes to the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Sarah Palin Secretary of Energy – abolish the Department. “Drill baby drill.” Drill in your backyard if you want to. Senator Mike Lee, Secretary of the Interior – return the unconstitutional “Federal Lands” back to the states so they can mine them and farm them for the benefit of their people. Senator Pete Sessions – Homeland Security. Seal that border Mr. Sessions. Tighten up immigration and visa abuse. Stop Obama’s enabling program for ISIS and al Qaeda. Ben Carson, Health and Human Services. End the welfare culture Mr. Carson. Restore dignity to America’s communities. We need to end Common Core. Abolish the department of Education. Restore control of education to the states and counties, to the school boards, churches and the homeschoolers. Governor Bobby Jindal for Secretary of Education. John Bolton, Secretary of State. Your job, Ambassador Bolton, is to “flip the bird” to “there is no such thing as a former KGB man” Putin, and the Ayotollahs, and to rebuild the Western Alliance. Then, of extreme importantance, Ambassador to the United Nations….no one.

Run as a team. Inspire the base. Show us the transparency you say you believe in. Show you are willing to break with your liberal Democratic/cronyist past and REALLY make America great again. But as far as policy, I am not convinced that Donald Trump has any desire to think about his team now, much less the constitutional-thinking staff which will be needed any time soon. Consider this buried in an article from Politico:

“A source familiar with Trump’s thinking explained that the billionaire businessman was reluctant to add new layers of policy experts now, feeling it would only muddy his populist message that has been hyperfocused on illegal immigration, trade and fighting Islamic extremists.

‘He doesn’t want to waste time on policy and thinks it would make him less effective on the stump,’ the Trump source said. ‘It won’t be until after he is elected but before he’s inaugurated that he will figure out exactly what he is going to do and who he is going to try to hire.‘”

And not just America. You need to stand up to ISIS for sure. And China. But also to Russia. Putin is trying to rebuild the old empire. He is helping to flood Europe with Middle Eastern refugees. Aided by his good buddy Angela Merkel, his FSB/KGB and Russian military intelligence have had their tentacles attached to Arab/Muslim terrorism for decades and still do. Russia is not America’s friend Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin can’t be your friend either.

You need to stand by the Ukraine. They gave up their nuclear arsenal in exchange for an American promise of protection from Russian military aggression. That promise was given by the US Senate under President Clinton. You need to prove you are willing to honor it. You must not be “neutral” on Israel. You must stand with Israel UNEQUIVOCALLY. You must commit to cancelling whatever you can of the fraudulent and treasonous Iran nuclear deal. You must commit 100% to NATO. By all means negotiate more financial commitment from NATO members for their own defense. Hopefully, that will make some of them reduce their insane welfare state. But make it very clear that any attack on America’s allies is an attack on America. Reagan’s doctrine of “peace through strength” kept the Soviets at bay and bankrupted their economy. It gave us some measure of peace in a warlike world.

Challenging Putin, Iran and China risks war. No getting away from that. America is far weaker and they are far stronger than 10 years ago. However, appeasing those powers GUARANTEES war. America MUST rebuild its military immediately and it must commit to its remaining allies. If you can keep the West strong and united, your many creditors will be willing to come to terms. If you abandon your allies, your creditors will come calling and your enemies will come marching.

With this in mind, Mr. Trump, you must sever your ties with your pro-Putin allies including your friend Roger Stone and fire your pro-Russia advisers Paul Manafort and Carter Page. Manafort and Page have both worked with some of the most odious and corrupt regimes on the planet. They have moved in circles infested by Russian intelligence agents. Even leftist outlets like the Politico are raising very valid concerns about these people. These associations are causing grave concerns to many conservatives and will be used by the Democrats to show you up as morally bankrupt.

And by the way, show us your tax returns and tell us what you really said to the New York Times about amnesty. Do it now. Do you think the Democrats don’t already have all that and much, much more?

Also, and this might be the hardest thing of all, show a little humility and publicly apologize to all those candidates you have slandered and to the voting public you have repeatedly lied to.

If you do some of these things you will start to win back conservative support. If you do all of it, if you are consistent, honest and stop tweeting like a Ritalin-deprived 15 year-old, you will have the most loyal and energized team imaginable going into this election.

So, please Constitutional Conservatives, hold your fire for now. Make it clear that you will support Mr. Trump only if your concerns are met. Hold off from doing anything rash. Take a deep breath. Look around for conservatives to back in House and Senate races.

If Mr. Trump shows good faith and names good people, and starts acting like the president we want him to be, then by all means get behind him. BUT ONLY WHEN HE PROVES he deserves it.

Keep voting for Ted Cruz as long as you can. Also make it very clear that you will be running a Constitutional candidate against Donald Trump in the 2020 primaries whether he wants to stand for a second term or not. Hopefully, if he is willing, that candidate will be Ted Cruz.

Hopefully, even at this terribly late hour, the United States of America and Western civilization still has at least some tiny hope of restoration.


Author: Trevor

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34 thoughts on “Some Advice from a Kiwi Cruz Supporter – how do we make the best of the Trump Disaster

  1. TRUMP has published his list of Justice nominees. All staunch Conservative.
    TRUMP has said he’ll have Hilary, Warren and the rest Jailed. That’s pretty damn Conservative to me.
    TRUMP has said he’ll use the Nuclear TRIAD. Something Conservatives have been wanting for decades to deal with Russia, China, and even smaller places like Denmark, NZ, or Greece that are falling to communism.
    TRUMP has said he’ll build a WALL and support the COPS

    more than good enough for me. Not voting for TRUMP is voting for Clinton.
    Voting for Clinton is Treason.

    1. Trump also said that the Clintons are “terrific” and Hillary was “better than everybody else” as secretary of state. Trump has given $$ to democrats for decades and supported single payer just last year (he also said he supports “universal” healthcare provided for people that can’t afford it because people are “dying in the streets.” He also said (last year) that doctors make too much money. He said (this year) that he would raise the federal minimum wage, that the federal government is responsible for healthcare & education and “really great neighborhoods,” and that the federal lands the government thinks they own should not be given back to the states, but just “managed” better. Trump also hired pro-Russian advisers Carter Page and Paul Manafort. In 2013 Trump met with DREAMers & funded the gang of 8.

  2. Someone said it very well…

    “If you held a gun to my head and forced me to cast a vote for Trump or for Clinton, I would take the bullet”…

    God Bless Senator Ted Cruz.

  3. To kevin Topalian..I have immense respect for Diana West, as i have for many Trump supporters. I hope she will always be a friend, but that is her decision to make.

  4. Ike. Mr Trump just won the political equivalent of American Idol. Hillary, or a Biden/Warren ticket have a ground game that will annihlate him. Trump’s organization has been terrible. Cruz was way better organized, but in the end mobthink prevailed. The Dems have both mobthink and organization. If you support Trump you need to get lot’s of ground organization going now, because the leadership wont be coming from the top.

    You have a completely inaccurate take on Cruz Ike. I think it is you have allowed emotion and wishful thinking to cloud your judgement.

  5. No, no, and no. There is nothing Trump can do or say to undo all of his lies and filth. The only reasonable demand to put on Trump for the sake of true conservatives is to go away. When Trump personally attacked his political opponents, especially Cruz (not on the issues or policies), he crossed my red line.

  6. Trevor,

    Your definition of who is a conservative and who is not is quite confusing.

    Trump is the only one who has brought up and promised to build a wall keeping drugs, terrorist and law breakers from entering our country.

    He is the only one speaking about these globalist trade deals that will destroy the solvency of our Republic.

    He is the only one that has the capability of taking care of these trade imbalances that will help us pay off our debt and allow us to build our depleted military up to the standard it once held.

    Cruz’s lie is that he was all along a Bush Globalist insider which clearly came out when you saw all the CFR members that were in his cabinet along with the WallStreet financiers.

    Lyin’ Ted was accurate on so many levels including him sending out a letter to raise funds saying that he will never take money from special interests when we all know including yourself that he took money from these special interests including 700k from the Koch’s Club For Growth.

    Lyin’ Ted did everything to usurp the will of the people in states that he lost by implanting his own delegates with the help of Rove and the establishment.

    If you want to be honest with yourselves Ted lied to all of us and once I examined the s306 legislation that would expand Common Core to include home schoolers I new he was a Bush plant which was capped off by Neil Bush becoming his finance head and direct endorsement by Jeb.

    The same Neil Bush at the head of the S&L crisis in the 80’s where he cost tax payers over a billion dollars.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Those who care about America remaining a free nation will vote for Trump while those who pretend to care and are more concerned about money or being relevant will either sit out, promote a 3rd party candidate and or vote for Hillary.

    I am disappointed in this site because much of the research that has been done has been thrown out the window based on emotions and not on facts.

    You folks knew that Soros, Clinton and Media Matters were behind the protest at the Trump rallies and you along with Ted Cruz blamed Trump and his people.

    Shameful which is why Cruz owes this nation a huge apology over these types of tactics.

    1. Your delusion must be wonderful, and with all the ‘Lying Ted’ Trump LIES, just know, that support of Trump will allow you to say Madame President, next year. Democrats made him the front runner, so you best hope they stick around. HERE is where this election is:

      VOTE FOR NOBODY: New Poll Has Bad News for Both Trump and Clinton, But Trump Even Moreso

      We really appreciate Trump and his supporters!!

      1. Fortunately in America the voters decide for now and the voters have come out in historic numbers to choose Trump as our nominee.

        Trump has received more votes than any other Republican nominee in history and what is more astounding and encouraging is that he went up against 16 all the way down to 2 which means his numbers are all the more impressive.

        To think that Hillary wants to go against someone who just broke a record in voter turnout is beyond delusional on your part.

        Trump 2016!

        1. Pure rubbish. If Trump is so popular with more votes than any other Republican nominee in history, why is barely able to get enough delegates by June 7? Notice how poorly Trump is doing so far in light of all the conservative political heavy weights pushing him: Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Fox News, Cain, etc.

          1. If there were 99 who voted and the winner got 33 votes, then the next time there were 999 who voted and the winner got 333 votes, he’d get ten times more votes than ever before. Trump is claiming that the increase in volume over previous elections is a significant margin of victory. I wish somebody would assemble the actual numbers. Mark Twain (or somebody) said, “There are liars, there are damn liars, and then there are statistics.” We can add a fourth, “and then there is Donald Trump.”

    2. Funny that Trump just hired Soros’ business partner to be his financial policy advisor.

  7. My brother-in-law predicted after Obama was re-elected that our country would not vote conservative any more, that the numbers were stacked against us. I refused to believe this at the time, trying to remain optimistic that people would develop some common sense on what has happened to our country and return to conservative values. After the Cruz loss, I am no longer optimistic. The majority of Americans have chosen the socialist path. I will write in Ted Cruz’s name in the general election and then, when Trumo or Hillary wins, I will prepare for my husband’s business to incur even more losses than under Obama, pay 50-70% of our income in taxes, and suffer persecution for being a Christian. Barring a miracle, this is what I see as the future of America. Trevor, what are the immigration policies of New Zealand? Would they take some disillusioned Americans looking for a place to start over?

    1. The last “conservative” to hold the office of president was a Democrat named Cleveland. Every one since then has been a progressive.

  8. You cannot squeeze good government out of a scorpion like Chump. His nature is still far too corrupt because he’s not the Christian he claims to be. Chump would govern more like Obozo or Hilary, so he must be stopped.

    Values are what made America great. Chump has shown for decades that he has none.

  9. A non-vote for Trump in the general election IS a vote for Hillary.
    Vote for anyone in the primary that you want.
    If you do not vote for the Republican nominee in the general election you are actively helping Hillary Clinton become the next President. No squirming away from that fact. Just admit you are a liberal, switch parties, and vote for Hillary if that is who you prefer.

      1. If by Putin’s candidate you mean Donald Trump, then YES.
        He is much better than Stalin’s candidate Hillary Clinton.

        1. If you support Mr Trump you are neither Constitutional or Conservative. Be honest when you post here please. Your moniker gives you undeserved credibilty. Like Mr Trump calling himself a Republican.

    1. It appears that Trump ending up the nominee is looking more and more unlikely. Trump apparently never learned that you don’t burn the bridge you are still standing upon!!
      The purpose Trump is serving is to knock off Ted Cruz, and give us an Establishment preferred nominee. The establishment is NOT going to finance Trump’s run in the General Election, and he cannot afford to finance it, himself.

      “Donald Trump Seeks Republican Unity but Finds Rejection”
      A hasty effort to make peace between Donald J. Trump and Republican Party leaders veered toward the point of collapse on Friday as Jeb Bush announced he would not back Mr. Trump in the general election and Mr. Trump unleashed a caustic personal attack on a prominent senator who declined to endorse his campaign.

  10. The problem is that Trump is a proven pathological liar. He will say what he has to say to get the vote. Then he will say the exact opposite sometimes on the same day. Trump cares about Trump.

    1. Yes he will. He’s a liar and I will never trust him. He’ll say anything. And he obviously thinks he can win without us. He said he could. He said he doesn’t need ALL republicans-the conservative ones. I am sorry, Trevor. But I think its time for the republican party to go the way of the Whigs.

  11. I understand what you’re saying, however, #NeverTrump means just that. He does not have the temperament, decency, honesty, or any other trait needed to lead a nation. Even if he promised that, even if he could pretend to be who he needs to be, I could never believe him, trust him nor forget the lies, deceit, vilifying, violence, foul mouthing, cheating, bragging, ranting tantrums this man does on a regular basis. He is not mentally well and a very real danger not only to America, but the entire world. NEVER EVER TRUMP. I do realize that means Hillary may win, I hate that, but as bad as she is, Trump really is worse. Isn’t this an awful predicament they’ve gotten us into? Sad. Really, really sad.
    I think our best hope is that the media and the democrats start telling the truth about Trump before the convention. He’s already spilling his true feelings about policies. The angrier he gets, the more he loses control and some truth escapes. Maybe they’ll force enough truth out that people wake up. I don’t know.

    1. Tend to agree with the comment. I understand that our country is at a crossroads and something dire is going to happen. I am praying constantly that the delegates pick Cruz and not Drumpf at the convention whether drumpsters get mad, he is wrong and Cruz is only hope now. He could debate the heck out of Hillary but Drumpf cannot. Why wait 4 more years and take the chance with a crazy flip flopping liberal running in GOP. He is 69 and will not change now because he is such a narcissist, just like Obama. He wants to win at all costs, even to lie and slander the names of good men. Disgusting. Why should we be loyal to GOP and Drumpf when they have not earned our loyalty? I will be writing in TED CRUZ NOW because that is what we need NOW. I don’t want to roll the dice with Drumpf, look at all who rolled the dice with the promises of Obama, didn’t work. The way Drumpf has run his campaign is despicable, not a statesman, no integrity, not at all what a president should be. I would be embarrassed and so against my beliefs to turn the knob for him. When there were 17 candidates and watching debate after debate and researching daily, my husband and myself said we could vote for ANY of the other 16 but NEVER Drumpf the only one left. I realize the stakes are high, but I will not own voting for someone that is a loose cannon. Sorry, only TED CRUZ for me and my hubby.

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