AIM Editor On Cavuto—On Media Double Standard

Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on April 8 on the Fox Business Network. The topic was how the mainstream media are covering the 2016 presidential candidates.

“It’s a complete double standard,” said Aronoff. “The questions that are asked of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders just pale in comparison to the treatment that [Ted] Cruz and [Donald] Trump get, and just in general.”

As we have reported, news media elites lob softball questions to Democrat candidates, staging love-ins which provide favorable free coverage for their campaigns. Meanwhile, this same news media have practically nothing but criticism and derision for the Republican candidates.

“Her numbers are so high on [untrustworthiness], as are Trump’s,” said Aronoff. “But, again, it’s always emphasized about Trump and the Republicans, and how unlikeable Cruz is.”

The mainstream media have gone to great efforts to protect President Barack Obama’s reputation. “…there’s no one who’s been a greater beneficiary of President Obama’s recent complaint about the news media not digging enough, asking the tough questions, challenging the accuracy of statements—there’s been no greater beneficiary than he himself,” said Aronoff.

“…a lot of people who do just get their news from The New York Times and NBC, they aren’t even aware” of what’s really happened with this administration, argued Aronoff. “They believe that this has been a scandal-free administration, overlooking IRS, Benghazi, Hillary’s emails.”

You can watch Aronoff’s recent appearance on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” here.


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