GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus: Trump supporters should ‘feel shame’

Cheri Jacobus via Twitter
Cheri Jacobus via Twitter

Self-described “GOP consultant” Cheri Jacobus tweeted on Friday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is “trying to mainstream abhorrent attitudes” such as “racism” and “white supremacy.” She further added that Trump supporters should “feel shame.”

Not surprisingly, Jacobus was not pleased with Donald Trump’s first campaign television ad:

“The ad is full of alarmism and fear-mongering,” Cheri Jacobus said as reported at kutv. She continues, “in addition to being downright disturbingly childish by using the phrase ‘until we figure out what’s going on’ as a part of the process of developing policy on terror.”

Jacobus appears to dislike Ted Cruz, as well. She re-tweeted someone saying that Ted Cruz is likely “unlikable and untrustworthy,” and then re-tweeted someone saying that establishment candidate Marco Rubio is “trustworthy:”

Cheri Jacobus1

Cheri Jacobus2

Jacobus’s sentiment is not new, as she slammed the conservative base as “low information” in August as reported at Breitbart during a Twitter exchange with John Nolte. At the time, Nolte observed:

Jacobus says she has been fighting for the GOP for three decades. Over these same decades, in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, these genius consultants have consulted us to losses in the popular vote.

Without specifics of HOW Trump promotes white supremacist attitudes, Jacobus declares:

When the author asked Cheri to back up her statement with specifics, she was unable – of course – to rise to the challenge.

Cheri Jacobus’s bio at Politico declares in part that she is “a nationally-recognized political strategist, pundit and writer…”


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