1 thought on “#LoudonClear: Special guest Judd Saul to discuss #EnemiesWithin movie

  1. I think Obama is following Bill Ayers plan for The People’s Revolution he and his Weather Underground members wrote back in the 1960’s. I was wondering if Trevor Loudon has ever read about their revolution?. Their plan called for using the Union’s to start uprisings in the mid east countries to overthrow their Leaders and replace them with their own people. They planned to take over America with the help of all the other communist countries including Russia, China and Cuba so I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Obama reopened relations with Cuba now because it would be easier to sneak Castro’s Army into the country. They were also going to start a race war and crash the economy. We know Obama has at least 15,000 Russian troops here already supposedly for crowd control for large events but America has never needed help from our own military to handle crowds of people leaving concerts or football games so we know that isn’t why they are here. I also read a comment last year from a woman in Canada who said the Chinese had a large camp of military a couple miles inside their Border. I think that needs to be looked into.

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