Letter From Europe To USA: Do Not Take Refugees!

By: Nicolai Sennels, Denmark
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Dear North Americans

Rumors have reached Europe that you are about to repeat our mistake of taking in tens of thousands of refugees from the Third World. Having seen my country and my continent radically changed during the last decades as a result of such immigration, here is a friendly, but serious warning.

First I want to stress that taking Third World refugees to the West is not the most compassionate reaction to war and unrest in the Middle East and Africa. Helping people to a life in safety inside a culture, language area, and climate they feel home in – their own geographic region – is much cheaper, and we can thus help more people. On top, we will avoid exposing our own citizens to often criminal and violent individuals, of whom many have radical, religious views. We have an obligation as humanists to help people in mortal danger, but when a culture breaks down, merely fleeing from a dangerous situation does not entitle one to Western standards of living. And we can give safety, medical help, and education to dozens of people within their own environment for the money it costs to maintain a single refugee in the West.

This is not just my own opinion: All parties in Europe promoting such arguments against taking in refugees are rising in the polls.

Refugees – Integration Imposssible

Integrating people from especially Islamic cultures into our European societies has proven impossible. Of course there are always individuals who manage, but integration of immigrants and refugees from these countries has been a huge failure. A recent study from Denmark shows that immigrants from Islamic countries are all at the very bottom of the list when it comes to getting jobs in their own countries. This Muslim inability engage in employment in their home countries carries over when the Muslims immigrate to Europe (Islamic countries in bold font.).

Employment rate 30-59 year-olds (2013)

Men Women Combined
Country of origin  Percentage Percentage Percentage
Holland 86.4 77.5 83.1
Sweden 73.9 74.8 74.4
Germany 76.3 72 74.2
Lithuania 75.7 70.9 73.1
Finland 72.4 72.7 72.6
UK 75.1 66.2 72.5
Norway 73.1 71.9 72.4
France 76.5 65.3 72.2
Poland 76.4 67.4 72.1
Hungary 76 67.3 71.4
Rumania 74 66.8 70.6
Latvia 75.7 64.2 68.7
Ghana 67.7 68.4 68
Thailand 62.2 67.8 67.4
Canada 71.8 62.5 67.1
Macedonia 75.6 56.2 66.3
Italy 69.5 58.4 66.1
Iceland 66.6 64.4 65.5
Bulgaria 68.2 62.4 65.4
Philippines 73.9 63.4 64.9
Ukraine 72.9 59.3 64.5
USA 67.5 60.2 64.3
Vietnam 67 61.3 64
China 66.9 60.4 62.9
Spain 64.9 58.8 62
Sri Lanka 66.1 57.6 61.8
India 69.2 47.4 60.9
Brazil 59.9 58.9 59.1
Russia 54.4 57.2 56.6
Turkey 63.2 42 53.1
Pakistan 67.3 36.2 52.7
Yugoslavia* 55.8 45.5 50.7
Iran 50.9 47.5 49.6
Bosnia-Herzegovina 51.1 46.9 49
Morocco 59.3 39.1 49
Afghanistan 49.6 28 39.1
Iraq 38.8 25.4 32.8
Lebanon 39.5 19.4 30.4
Somalia 31.8 23.1 27.6
Syria 27.9 17.3 22.8
Denmark 83.7 81 82.3


An experienced integration senior official described how “Refugees see work as a punishment. They see social welfare as money they get anyway, and work as a punishment that comes afterwards, unless you find a way to avoid it.” A German study of Muslims in Germany concludes that almost all of them want to keep their own culture instead of integrating into German culture: “94 percent agreed with the statement that immigrants in Germany should keep the culture of their country of origin.”


Importing people from these countries will thus not save us from the economic challenges of not having enough children ourselves to maintain a demographic population replacement rate. On the contrary, large numbers of immigrants on welfare will leave even less money for our own young, elderly, and sick. Allowing Muslim immigration to sustain a nation’s economic workforce to compensate for below-replacement birthrates is a hope that is not based on reality.

Refugees – Crime Waves

The failed integration has led to the creation of hundreds, if not thousands of parallel societies around West Europe.

Many of these areas are already developing into so-called no-go zones. In a leaked report, Swedish police characterize these areas like this: “It’s no-go-areas … a police car that is alone does not stand a chance. …there are 55 such areas in 22 cities in Sweden. 

In these areas there is serious violence, crime, extortion gangs, and attacks on police, firemen, and journalists. … there are areas in Sweden where Swedish law no longer exists.”

In Denmark an ice-cream company, out of security reasons, had to hire policemen as salesmen in order to be able to continue their business in such areas.

A report from Germany gives several examples like this one from the German city of Duisburg: “Duisburg, which has a total population of around 500.000, is home to an estimated 60,000 mostly Turkish Muslims, making it one of the most Islamized cities in Germany. … 

“There are districts where immigrant gangs are taking over entire metro trains for themselves. Indigenous residents and business people are being intimidated and silenced. People taking trams during the evening and nighttime describe their experiences as ‘living nightmares.’ … 

“Experts have warned for some time that problem neighborhoods could become no-go areas. The president of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, told Spiegel Online years ago: ‘In Berlin or in the north of Duisburg there are neighborhoods where colleagues hardly dare to stop a car — because they know that they’ll be surrounded by 40 or 50 men.’”

The wave of refugees has thus also resulted in a wave of crime. We have all seen the videos of violent attacks on the police and border facilities at Europe’s outer borders. It does not stop here. On their way through Europe, hoping to reach the countries with the largest social benefits, there are scenes of pure havoc. Here is an excerpt from one eye-witness report: “This great mass of people — sorry that I write this, but it’s an absolute horde. Vulgar words, thrown bottles, loud cries of ‘We want Germany’ — is Germany at present some kind of paradise? I saw how they surrounded the car of an older Italian lady, pulled her out by her hair and wanted to drive off in that car. The coach I was on they attempted to overturn. Excrement was thrown at us. They banged on the doors, so that the driver would open them. They spat at the window… I ask, for what purpose? How can this wild horde assimilate into Germany? For a moment, I thought I was in a war… cars arrived containing humanitarian aid — first and foremost, with food and water, yet they simply overturned these cars…”

The chief of the German Police union describes the violence committed by these people among fellow refugees like this: “In our asylum camps all hell has broken lose; at the border in South Germany, and in Bavaria especially it is hell too. Our colleagues are so busy that they have no time to take off their boots. That is not just since last week or last month, but all year. Our federal police and the Bavarian county police especially, and also police from other countries have for months now been heavily overwhelmed, and now the politicians act as if they are totally surprised, but it can not be. Nobody is surprised, and they should have reacted a lot sooner. There are mass brawls in asylum camps, robberies in grocery stores, which further strain the police. … Criminality among the refugees, meaning rapes of women and children, massive use of violence, and crime such as sexual exploitation and slavery. We see it all there. Those are not just little squabbles caused by living in cramped spaces; these are territorial conflicts and dominance struggles. And it results in fanatical groups that can not be separated easily. Our private security personal are completely overwhelmed. We do not have enough and they are not qualified enough. … The foreigners do not respect our rule of law. They instinctively know that our laws are weak. … This is not about family squabbles. We are talking heavy crime, that is, extreme criminal offences…”

The below chart from the Danish state’s department for statistics shows crime rates for the biggest population groups (indexes are corrected according to income, employment, age, and education). The plus or minus deviation from the 100 baseline indicates the percentage of likelihood that an immigrant from a particular country will become a criminal in the nation to which he immigrates.

Crime index among immigrants (2007)

(adjusted for social-economic status)

Lebanon: 208

Yugoslavia: 198

Pakistan: 188

Morocco: 187

Turkey: 184

Somalia: 167

Iran: 155

Iraq: 142

Vietnam: 90

Thailand: 76

Philippines: 59

China: 37

If you import large amounts of people, you also import culture, and our societies and laws are very often simply too lenient for these people – our societies are too vulnerable. We can toughen the laws for our societies, but is this what we want in our countries?

Refugees – Jihad, Intended Consequences

High crime rates in ghetto areas are nothing new, also not in North America. But ghettos with an Islamic population are different. Being almost hermetically sealed from the surrounding democratic, secular society, the literal interpretation of the barbaric Islamic scriptures flourishes unchallenged by humanistic values and Western norms. A cross-European research project documented that 75 percent of Muslims in Europe thus think that the Quran must be taken literally. This is most likely the reason why a majority of young Muslims in Europe today sympathize with the Islamic doctrine of jihad, spreading the teachings of Muhammad, including the barbaric sharia laws, by means of violence against “infidels”: 80 percent of young Turks in Holland see “nothing wrong” in waging Jihad against non-Muslims. 27 percent of all young French and 14 percent of all young British under 25 sympathize with the genocidal terror organization, the Islamic State.

The violence potential in these areas is thus not just limited to participants of rival drug gangs. It stretches into the surrounding society because it has a political aim that involves all of us: the implementation of Islamic law, Sharia. Until now, police have been able to foil most attacks, but experts estimate that in Europe there are “So many potential terrorists being tracked [that it is] hard to track them all.”

Europe is Changing

Inviting thousands of refugees and migrants from Islamic countries to Europe has proven a catastrophe. It is destroying our economies and we are seeing how still larger parts of our beautiful cities are being dominated and ruined by a religious, violent counter-culture. On top of the cultural ruin comes the treat of terrorism.

Europe is famous for our open and tolerant culture, where we willingly pay a very high share of our income in taxes in order to maintain the weak and needy in a social safety net. But today most Europeans are experiencing just how Islamic immigrants and refugees are changing and challenging our way of life, in so many ways. Our children and youths are confronted by it in schools, on the street, and in discotheques. We all read the news daily about the increased violence, rape, and jihadist terror on our streets, while our welfare system and economic competitiveness are being eroded. The faces of our cities and societies are changing and becoming less and less recognizable for the indigenous Europeans.

Therefore today a majority of Europeans have a negative attitude towards Islamic immigration and religion. A recent poll showed that 63 percent of the otherwise tolerant Germans, many of them still burdened by a bad conscience from the Second World War, now think that Islam does not belong in Germany.

So, dear Americans, please do not make the same mistake that we Europeans have made. Learn from history, learn from our sorry example.

And yes, it is still possible to help refugees in real need with vital assistance. One example is the Kilis camp in Turkey (click for very a interesting article on “How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp,” plus great photos).

As an example of what is effectively possible, the yearly international aid to developing countries was120 billion US dollars in 2007. For this amount alone, 70 million people could have conditions like in the Kilis camp for a whole year. If we add the money that is spent for accommodating refugees here in the West, I would think that the problem would be solved. Furthermore, the West would benefit from not having to accommodate terrorists, criminals, and un-integratable refugees flooding our countries.

We want to help. We should help. But not at the expense of our culture, our rule of law, and especially not at the expense of the safety of our women.


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21 thoughts on “Letter From Europe To USA: Do Not Take Refugees!

  1. If more people actually took a couple minutes out of their hectic, hectic lives to actually read a few of these “Satanic Verses” they would be shocked, amazed & dumb-founded to actually believe this is a Religion. Muhammad was not a “Holy” man in our sense of the word, He married his wife Aisha at the age of 6!!!!, and consummated the marriage the same night, and until said wife(s) are of child bearing age, the Koran basically gives the man carte blanche to suck on the tongues, and sodomize little boys to fulfill their beastly needs. What else does Muhammad’s “Play Book” for World Domination say?, that a man, or men have the right to Stone a women to death for trivial things, along with mass executions of non-believers(which means all Christians & Jews regardless of colour,,,So this is not a “Racist” Issue)Be-Headings, forced Female Circumcision, Amputations,Murder, and the list goes on,,,There are not 2 different versions of this book, one for ISIS, and one for regular “Blue Collar” Muslims, There is only 1!!! Koran, that every Muslim must follow with his head to the ground and his ASS in the Air 5X a day!!, This is not a so-called “Religion” of Peace & tranquility IT IS A MASS CULT. PERIOD!!!, These so called Islamic Extremists are the exact same people who pass you by on the street everyday. The Koran is NOT just a nice book full of silly little squiggly lines! People!!!. These Sand Fleas actually believe that Westerners especially Americans Don’t Read!!!, Prove them wrong,, Memorize some of this shit so that you have some verbal ammunition the next time you hear one of them say,,those aren’t us, those are “Extremists”,,In order to be a Good Muslim,,,,,YOU have to be an “Extremist”

  2. The people of our developing countries need to let our governments know, THEY ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DESTROYING OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRIES.

  3. I am a pensioner and have been a hard working, law abiding citizen all my life. My grandparents immigrated from England and were thankful to be given the opportunity to move to Canada and to be able to lead productive lives based on their own initiatives. To have lived in Canada since birth and to have witnessed the drastic changes that have been occurring since Pierre Trudeau encouraged multi-culturalism and to realize what is happening in European countries presently is very frightening to say the least. Why are our government officials not paying attention to what is happening in our former Motherlands in Europe? We are not learning from the warnings that are coming to us from Europe with completely honest reports and photos of the the Muslim peoples who are attempting to immigrate into the Western world.
    I have already witnessed the segregation that has been gradually occurring in various cities in our lower mainland and watch as I see overall, that there is no intention to assimilate on the part of many of the newcomers to Canada. Our children are being outnumbered in our classrooms with non-English speaking children, jobs are being given to the ethnic groups that are taking over certain cities like Surrey, and Richmond. There is no intention to learn English by many who live and work within their own communities. Signage in many places is written in their language and not in English. Why should a new immigrant who has never worked in our Country be entitled to the same pension I am getting when they have never paid into the income tax system? It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize our governments are not showing any concern regarding the potential dangers to our society. Heaven help us! What can we do to wake up our government heads to pay attention to the warnings that are coming from our European brothers and sisters. It is time to speak out and demand that immigration changes be made. If English isn’t being spoken, if there is no intention to assimilate to our western culture, if the applicant has no professional designation or trade skills, how are they going to find gainful employment and be a credit to our beautiful country. We are not able to facilitate our long term needy citizens and the homeless so how can our economic state afford to bring in more people who have nothing to offer us in return. Why are we allowing our neighbourhoods to be bought out by people who have no long term intention to become productive, quality citizens, but instead take advantage of the privileges, and move back and forth to their homelands, feeling secure once they have secured home ownership in our cities. Once prideful residential areas are becoming run down and neglected by these new owners. We want givers not takers to enter our country who will become proud Canadian citizens and who want to contribute to our economy and to our society.

    1. This happening here in the states, also. It’s like waching a horror movie & you don’t have,an off button. I swear obama is doing this on purpose, to destroy our country. We are really fighting the refugees& most states are refusing to take them, but I just read that a year avo, he had millions of “green cards” printed, so we can get the brightest of the crop to work here. RIGHT, I believe that. If they think that there will not be enough people for our work force…..well government you better start running everything more efficient…just like the businesses are suppose to. We are going “nuts” here, to think the man who is suppose to be our leader is really going to run our country into the growd.
      When I saw the film clips of all of the muslums going into Europe & they were all young men…my first thought was an invasion. Do we,all have idiots as leaders ??? Did they not think of their economies ? BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT IS,THE SECURITY OF THEIR CITIZENS.
      American Housewife ♡

  4. We need another HILTLER to handle these feral, violent evolutionary throwbacks…. Kill these MUSLIM slim before its too late. Enough with the “open arms” liberal crap. We are in serious danger and our peaceful existance will be no more in the name of these “refugees” (infiltraters, in reality)…..

    1. I agree with you 100%. Where is Hitler when you need hIm? I am surprised that Merkel hasn’t been lynched for ruining your once great country. Obumer wants to bring those bastards over here in the US, hopefully congress can stop his plan. Fortunately he will be out of office in a year & hopefully Trump will take his place & put a stop to that. If that fails we have an advantage here in that most Americans are gun owners & won’t put up with the crime that you are facing. About the only option you have in Europe is to get your military involved & forcibly deport all of the invaders. Good luck!

  5. I agree that they can be catered to in there own land that they should not be defecting from. If they’re so faithful and honorable than its got to be a plan of infeltration. As an american patriot; I say their not welcome.

  6. They don’t work – they live in their own enclaves – they live off the government’s largess, meaning that the citizenry pays for them to be in the country – they would prefer to live under sharia rather than the laws of their new countries, and they endeavor to change their new countries into the pathetic hellholes they left. What a great deal for the rest of the world.

  7. You stupid ignoramuses! Or, ignorami…(If you understand Latin) You inherit the whirlwind folks! Good luck & goodbye!! Stupidity personified!

  8. this has taken longer than i thought it would. please let us know when they are close t taking over your nuke sites and we will do what we can, what we have to.

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