2 thoughts on “Communist Party USA Chairman: We Are The Progressive, Pro-Labor Wing Of The Democrat Party

  1. The Truth does not exist for Communists. It has failed all over the world where it has taken hold. Still, these die-hards will never give up their naive belief in Marxism nor will they ever give up their selective denial of truth and reality. They appeal to baseness of people particularly their envy and greed. and use Capitalism as their scapegoat to appeal to have nots. Personal failure and non achievement are not the results of Capitalism. It is mostly the result of one’s failure to accept personal responsibility to make something of one’s self besides being hedonistic and lazy. If people refuse to attend school and study, Schools are not responsible for their ignorance and failure in life. Like school, Capitalism is an opportunity not an evil.

    Socialism and communism are the same! Socialist comes about by evolution while Communism comes about by revolution. Both crush Individualism and Freedom and demand absolute subservience to the State. Where they are in power, woe be to those who oppose the State. It is an intrinsically EVIL political system and is a modern day form of slavery. For the life of me, I cannot understand ANY Black supporting the Democratic Party which today is marxist and hides behind the name of Socialism.

  2. This is only half right and backwards. The present day democrat party was created by the early communist movement in this country with the assistance, funding, and supervision of the mother communist party in the USSR in 1924.

    It began in conjunction with the labor union movement, which is what communism IS, (workers of the world-unite, etc.). The labor unions are the democrat party’s recruiting and fund raising apparatus and in turn the democrat party serves the labor unions as their political prostitute. They are part of the same package.

    The democrat party is an appendage of and front organization of the Communist Party-USA. Compare the democrat party’s platform with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution and see most of it is word for word; compare it with the Program of the CP-USA see see it is IDENTICAL. See on the CP-USA’s web site that they cheer and applaud everything their “fellow traveler” democrats do.

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