Ted Cruz’s First Campaign Ad


Does any other Republican contender come close to the courage and conviction of Ted Cruz?


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5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s First Campaign Ad

  1. If Ted Cruz can somehow win the Presidency, I will be convinced there has been some kind of divine intervention involved. It appears through the media propaganda complex that the United States lacks the virtue to survive much longer. There is a lot of hate for Christians and traditional Americanism out there. Again, the D.C. propagandists magnify it, but they are very effective. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of good people in the US. We’ll soon find out if there are enough.

  2. Trevor,

    It is a breathe of fresh air every time I hear you speak. Thank you for your passion. Ted Cruz is the ONLY person that will have my vote in 2016 for President. I will be working in AZ to help build a Cruz Coalition for President. Thank you Trevor for giving the Cruz team through me last evening when I saw you, YOUR ENDORSEMENT for Ted Cruz.

    You, Trevor, are doing the job in America that no one else can do with your research; Ted will follow through on his commitments for America that no one else can do. Thank you for your support; and thank you Ted for your passion for America.


  3. A great and courageous ad!

    I love it when someone is up front honest in what he/she believes – that person is Ted Cruz!!

  4. I will pray for u Ted, even thou i bug the heck out of u about arresting Obama, I’m worried he will cause more harm to Israel, he cant be trusted, he sneaks behind our backs, he lies, as a Muslim lies, they can do that in there satanic religion, their god is Satan, the evil one. u can tell how mad he got when Bibi won, and when he came to America to speak his like a spoiled kid never telling him or calling him and telling him congratulations on his winning, he didn’t want Bibi to win that’s evident, we know what that sneak snake is up to. don’t
    t turn your back on him, i never voted for him, i seen because GOD gave me the wisdom to see!!! for 9 yrs now he woke me up. aren’t u glad Ted just think i wouldn’t have been on your back lol just remember Israel goes down WE GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for what ever reason u will not arrest this evil man in our white house. i pray u will stay on him like u know what on u know what lol thank u Ted May GOD BLESS U………………………Evelyn Johnson

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