Russian Freedom Lovers Want Ted Cruz for President

American Putinistas and other fools please take note.

From a friend in Moscow.

According to a poll conducted by the most popular pro-democratic radio/Internet-resource in Russia, the majority would like to have Ted Cruz as Russia’s head of state (no fake, no joke):


Ted Cruz has the “inspiration factor.” We haven’t seen that since Reagan. Russian freedom lovers loved Reagan too.


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8 thoughts on “Russian Freedom Lovers Want Ted Cruz for President

  1. Trevor, I think it would be a worthwhile project to dig into Cruz’s background to the extent that it can be determined that he is without a doubt that his father is not a KGB illegal.

    Rudolph Hermann, when first he came to the western hemisphere, landed in Canada and from there ended up in the U.S. He portrayed himself as a right-wing, anti-communist, freedom-loving American for decades, when in reality he was the KGB’s top illegal, a staunch Marxist-Leninist, and carried out espionage activities for decades.

    Not only was Rudolph Hermann a KGB illegal, so too was his wife. And not only did the two of them carry out espionage activities on behalf of the Soviet Union for decades, when their son, who had been brought to the Canada as an infant, was old enough, he too commenced to spying on behalf of the Soviet Union.

    Hermann’s son was a KGB agent beginning in his teenage years. His academic and career track (which was managed in part by the KGB) put him on a trajectory for success in American politics and there’s no telling how high he could have gone had not the FBI saved the day in this instance.

    Ted Cruz’s father is said to have fought alongside Castro prior to being locked up by the man and subsequently turning up in Canada, where he married an American who gave birth to a son we know as Ted. The family didn’t move to the U.S. until Ted was four years old, which makes Ted a naturalized U.S. citizen.

    It could be that all is as it seems on the surface, that Ted Cruz’s father is not an agent of a foreign power, and neither is his son. I think it’s very much worth looking into.

  2. The Russians indeed could be considered a sort of indication. The “Freedom Lovers” there do really have got their well-earned (oh, yes) understanding and political instincts – most probably at variance to those Western “appeasement lovers”.
    More than 5 000 killed in the Eastern Ukraine on both sides so far. You may ad those crippled, the widows and orphans…
    My Israeli friends keep saying: “The Jews were being exterminated while Europe and the US were just watching..”. If that still not enough (!?), everyone can easily recall what came next.

    I assume the “appeasement lovers” may not like the clip:

  3. The people know a good leader when they see one.
    That reaction is exactly why the left fears him. He speaks from the heart. He believes what he says about the constitution.

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