Dear Israel

Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques
By: Neo

From: Human Events

Dear Israel,

I’m an American, and I want you to know that I think the man occupying our White House is an idiot. Let me be very clear that I consider our two nations, Israel and the United States of America, as allies.

I apologize for the misguided and presumably darkly motivated remarks of Barack Obama, apparently intended to make it appear Americans stand against you and with the Palestinian terrorists….we do not. Based upon the people I know and communicate with, I believe the vast majority of Americans disagree with Obama.

Please be encouraged that we are moving as fast as we can, and sparing no expense or lack of effort to ensure American voters correct the mistake we made by allowing the Obama administration to be fraudulently foisted upon us by the liberal media, and their backers.

We have a lot to talk about once we’ve eliminated the immediate danger that threatens our own nation, and our important alliance with you, but for now, please don’t blame the American people for the ludicrous remarks of the idiot standing at the teleprompter.




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20 thoughts on “Dear Israel

  1. My name is LeFever. It’s not always easy on the Internet figuring out how to contact a country or its people to express your support. I know at least a dozen other people, beside myself, who would like their names attached to the letter by Neo above. Is there some way you can help us do this? Personally, I could not agree more with the thoughts expressed above. There have been presidents in the past that I sometimes disagreed with, some I did not or would not vote for. But this case now is very different: We have a very dangerous man running my country, America. He fooled many of us with his smooth and articulate talk, but we now know him by his actions. I am not Jewish, not an official member of any group or cause, just another regular American. This Obama is beginning to truly scare me and many of my friends. He is even using some of our own tax dollars to ingratiate himself with unions, special interests, and other voting blocks to get re-elected. He ignores parts of our Constitution that he does not agree with and refuses to enforce the laws that he does not like. All of this is public and known by the media, yet nothing is being done about any of it. I kid you not — we are all scared and don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi LeFever, Thank you for expressing what so many of us also see. It is frightening.

      I believe Neo’s letter could be posted on Israel’s facebook page/wall.

  2. Claire:
    Yeah, you’re right. Israel should just allow it’s citizens to massacred by Hamas. You know, the final solution that they have been yelping about since their terrorist inception.

    Now crawl back under the rock you live under, Claire. It’s people like you that will be the demise of the USA, or whatever country that happens to be blighted with your presence.

  3. I’m NOT SORRY that I WILL stand and fight, if necessary, with Israel against the Islamic demons intent on destroying Israel and then the U.S. and will gleefully kill any american that stands against us.

    Islam is evil. ALL OF IT! There are NO “good” muslims! That’s PC BS! By not coming out boldly and loudly against all the evil perpetrated by their fellow muslims – even if they are silent due to fear for their lives or their family’s – they are silently condoning the violence.

    Death to Islam.
    Death to Communist traitors in the U.S. and
    DEPORTATION of ALL Illegal Aliens.

    If the feds won’t seal the borders, we the people should do it ourselves – yes with weapons and deadly force because we’ll be facing armed drug cartels too!

    For the first time in my life I’m ashamed of my fellow countrymen!

    1. Ooops…the truth is no longer protected speech in America. Careful brother, your comments are probably sitting on Janet Napolitano’s desk. Remember her words. Returning Iraq and Afghanistan Vets are security threats….

      1. To Obama and Napolitano, in their own written words, war veterans and any American veterans are domestic threats. All guns owners are seen as threats. The list goes on and on. That’s the thanks you get for serving your country in the military. What’s going on here? Maybe it’s time to wake up, America.

    2. Calm Down Diamondback. Yes I’m against Obama and I don’t like Islamic terrorists. I do agree that we should stand with Israel. However, to say that ALL muslims are terrorists and there are no “good” muslims is a huge error and makes you just as bad as them.

      Why do you think the enemy hates us? They think that ALL americans are bad. They shout “Death to America. Death to Democracy and all who are for it.” Being against them is one thing, but standing on the complete other side of the field makes you just as bad and extremist as they are.

      I serve in the military and I can personally say that there are good people in the Islam religion. We have caught hundreds of terrorist cells only because we had their help. Many fight alongside our soldiers.

      Saying they’re ALL bad is what people who are uneducated in the matter say. So take the time to figure out what you’re talking about. Islam is a religion; the people in it are good and want to follow God’s will. It’s the Taliban and Jihad Extremists that become terrorists and threaten us.

      Before you pick up a gun Diamondback, take the time to find out who we’re fighting. And whether they believe in different things than we do, an American is an American. Don’t you dare threaten your own countrymen or else you’re worse than the terrorists we’re fighting.

      1. With all due respect Jensen, you’re playing a dangerous game of semantics. “Islam” is a religion demanding obedience to “Allah’s Law” based upon recorded words of one “Mohammad,” a murdering hedonist. The word “Muslim,” refers to those who subscribe to, and submit to the demands of the religion, “Islam.”

        Muslims have been terrorists and shouted “Death to…” at someone since long before America existed. Islam and Muslims are NOT A RACE, NOT A NATION, and NOT A GEOGRAPHIC REGION. However, wherever Islam exists, it demands obedience to Allah’s Law, bar none, and therefore seeks to displace all governments not based on “Sharia,” and to convert, kill, or dominate all who do not submit to Allah.

        Race and culture may be impacted by ideology whether it is secularism, Islam, or Christianity, but we need not fall into the trap of being couched as “Racist,” or “Bigots,” because we support free agency over Islamic violence and tyranny.

        The unavoidable root of conflict between Islamic terrorists and the West, is Christianity vs. Islam. The basic beliefs of free will in nations founded on Judeo-Christian values vs. forced submission to Sharia in Islam, are so diverse, that it is literally impossible for any Muslim to accept the freedom of choice enjoyed by Christian nations.

        If you have known Muslims who, either of necessity or by a willful act, claim to be your ally even though you are not Muslim, they are more likely deceiving you…an acceptable practice among Muslims in dealing with “non-believers.”

        We may find ourselves tolerated temporarily as enemies of their enemies, or even pity their existence under forced submission to Islam, but we cannot afford to pretend they are just good folks in a bad situation, and thereby aid and abet either the spread of their plight which we abhor, or ignore their hidden motives. Know your enemy sir, even if it is expedient from time to time, to shoot in the same direction he is shooting.

        1. Very well put Neo! I believe those who have escaped Islamic rule are a small minority and are deserving of praise. Although there are locals who are helping our wonderful soldiers as Jensen described (for which I’m grateful), the vast majority are as you describe. If that were not the case, our brave soldiers would have completed their mission there long ago.

          I’ve seen many videos of what and how they teach their children and there’s no other way to describe the barbaric indoctrination as anything other than evil.

          I view Islam as a ‘complete’ system – a political (totalitarian communistic), economic (sharia finance), judicial (sharia law), religious and cultural system all in one – it’s a dictated way of life covering every aspect of life. Oppression, murder and violence are an integral part of their way of life. It’s the exact opposite of the founding principles of America and, therefore, completely incompatible. This is why we must not allow them to infiltrate and foist sharia upon us… or any other component of their ‘complete’ system. If there are Americans here now who prefer the Middle Eastern Islamic way of life, they can certainly move there, but we must fight creeping sharia in our homeland because it will be the beginning of the end of our freedom, rule of law and way of life.

          Again, none of this relates to those who have escaped Islamic rule and live in peace in other countries; I’m only speaking of Islamic states that practice the ‘complete’ Islamic system… and of course the Muslim Brotherhood who practice Taquia to infiltrate countries and spread sharia to achieve Islamic rule.

    3. You may not believe this, but not all Muslims are brainwashed into evil. Some of them even make good careers in the US military and go on to study to help people.
      They just don’t make the papers. And please, don’t accuse me of defending Islam, because I don’t. But, it’s ridiculous to label all of them as one.

      1. Hi Nancy, You’re right and we weren’t talking about them. We were talking about those in the Islamic states that surround Israel and want to annihilate Israel and kill all Jews and anyone else who will not submit to Islamic rule – as dictated by the Qu’ran and Haddith. They are the ones telling everyone that this is what they are doing and want to do. Many just don’t believe them when they say it over and over again… and when their terrorist attacks support exactly what they’re saying. They’ve attacked many countries, including Israel – repeatedly, and their actions back up their words. Also, don’t forget the Fogel family – Palistinian terrorists slaughtered them – small children – a 3 month old baby.

  4. It’s painfully obvious to me and many others that Israel is moving toward a scenario where they are making all but impossible to restart the peace process. In what other country on Earth is it ok to build in disputed territory? The U.S. has ignored their bad behavior for years. It’s about time someone had the guts to stand up and call them on it. Sorry, I’m totally in support of President Obama.

    1. Claire, you are being used by the socialists/communists, who are openly flaunting their “social justice” ideas (which are neither social nor just)on the world. They use women, young people, poor people, gay people, Islam and the bought and paid for press to push their agenda. In all of history, communism is and has been a resounding failure resulting in the death of more people than any other “belief system” if you dare to call it a belief. Once they are done with the “useful idiots” they will dispose of them along with anyone who does not agree and has the courage to stand against them. Educate yourself and grow a spine, woman.

    2. There are two areas you need to check Claire:
      1) History
      2) Reality

      Don’t fall for the lies and manipulation they’ve been feeding you. Educate yourself and you too will stand with Israel instead of with Hamas – the barbarions who enslave their people and kill women, gays, Jews, Christians… among their many other unspeakable acts.

      1. Very well put Nancy, I have a few friends who are not interested in politics hardly read the news and still feel they will vote for Obama. It’s so sad, he has divided his Nation so deeply they are no more Americans, they are Democrats and Republicans.

    3. What the media has made “obvious” to so many in this nation is contradicted by actual history.

      When Israel was originally established (before 1948), the whole of the British holding of Palestine (not the nation of Palestine, as there was never a nation by that name)was divided into a place for the Jews (who were being devastated or totally ignored by the rest of the world) and a place for the Arabic/indigenous tribes.

      The state of Jordan (a much larger piece of property) was given to those living in the region. Actually, Jordan was a much more developed piece of property, as the nomads and poorer people had let the portion of real estate given to Israel return to a desert waste. The Israelis have developed it into the garden it is today.

      The only “bad behavior” I’ve seen in that part of the world has come from the unprovoked aggression of Israel’s neighbors, starting with putting their own people in refugee camps instead of taking them into their countries.

    4. “In what other country on Earth is it ok to build in disputed territory?”

      Uh, how about the United States during it expansion into the Indian lands and territories, with the dozens of broken treaties to boot?

      How about the Muslim conquest of Spain and some of France? Remember the Moors? (Many other Muslim expansions/conversions “by the sword” as well. Their Quran demands they do this.)

      Next time you want to spout your liberal/progressive lies and propaganda, you ought to consider that you can’t rewrite history. Israel expanded AFTER it was attacked by the Muslims REPEATEDLY. Get your facts straight. Educated people don’t buy any of your suppositions. You kind has been exposed for what you truly are — the real haters.

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