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Hello and welcome to the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we award the famed golden plastic Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations and check back Thursday to see which Weasel gets the votes and walks off with the statuette of shame!

Here are this weeks’ nominees…

America’s Mainline Pollsters!!

Virginia Right: I am going to nominate the Pollsters who badly misled America either intentionally out of a desire to make the election appear more favorable to Democrats, or out of utter incompetence.

I wrote several posts on the horrible skew going on in the polls this election. Some pollsters were sampling Democrats in larger numbers than the 2012 elections showed. And at the same time, voter enthusiasm for the Democrat candidates was low and the sale question for Republicans was high.

And while it did no good in the end, a Republican slaughter was in the cards, the close races probably helped Democrats raise money and get out the vote.

Something is rotten in Poll-land.

Obama Campaign Stooge Turned State Department Spokesmouth Jen Psaki!!

JoshuaPundit: There are weasels and then there are WEASELS. To my mind Jen Psaki deserves special singling out for being a willing spear point in what is increasingly becoming the Obama regime’s campaign to demonize and discredit Israel.

Last Week, U.S. Chief of Staff General Martin Donovan made a speech that went pretty far off the Obama Regime’s reservation. He not only praised the IDF for their efforts to avoid civilian casualties, saying that Israel had gone to “extraordinary lengths” in Gaza, but revealed that the U.S. Armed Forces had sent a delegation to learn about the IDF’s policies to help Americans to improve their own record in wartime.

This directly contradicted the State Department and the White House, whose stated position was to attack Israel at every opportunity for not doing enough to avoid civilian casualties.

Aside from discounting what General Dempsey had to say, Psaki doubled down on the State department and White House views that Israel was guilty of failing to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza. Her exchange with the AP’s Matt Lee has to be read to be believed.

She then described two terrorist assaults that murdered two Israelis as “unfortunately a couple of events” and believe it or not, that “both parties take every possible measure to protect civilians and de-escalate tensions.”

‘Protect civilians???’

“And of course, we urge all parties to exercise restraint.”

A reporter asked her, “If you’re standing at a bus stop or something and someone runs a car into you or comes up and stabs you, I don’t know how – I mean, those people aren’t – don’t need to exercise restraint, do they?”

Her reply? “I think I’m referring to the fact that we know that there have been – there’s been rising tensions in the region that has led to some of these incidents. I think we all are aware of that.”

Yes, it’s her job. But there are limits in what most people with any decency will do for money …unless they’re true believers. Ms. Psaki obviously is one and is thus enabling what I’d call more than the usual level of evil.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell!!

The Noisy Room: Mitch McConnell for first saying before the election last week that he would use the power of the purse to stop Amnesty if Republicans won the Senate. Then one day after the election, handing the power of the purse to Obama by saying there would be no government shutdowns on the table.


Asked about the prospect of the president granting work permits via an executive order, he said “I think it’s a bad mistake…if the American people do change the Senate and give the Republicans control of the Congress, we certainly are, through the spending process, going to try to restrain the overactive bureaucracy that’s been attacking virtually every business in America and is the reason for this slow growth, and we intend to push back against executive orders that we think aren’t warranted by trying to control the amount of money that is allocated.” And “we’re going to do what we can in Congress to try to restrain activities that we think are a mistake, and I certainly think a whole lot of unilateral executive branch-only actions in the immigration field is a mistake.”

And after:

“Mitch McConnell held a press conference today, at the University of Louisville, and he said, gratuitously, almost, we’re not going to shut down the government. We’re not going to endanger the national debt situation.”

McConnell is indeed an uber-weasel who has betrayed the Tea Party by vowing to crush them and by claiming Ted Cruz is a one man army. He also betrayed the American people by compromising with the Marxist Left. He’s earned the weasel award for being for Amnesty before being conveniently against Amnesty at election time.

Vice President Joe Biden!!

Nice Deb: I’m going to nominate our Vice President Joey “Choo Choo” Biden for attempting to smooth over the Obama administration’s shocking and insulting treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister by insulting his great buddy, “Bibi”, anew with a ridiculous backhanded “compliment.”

“You better damn well report to Bibi that we’re still buddies,” Biden said at the top of his remarks, speaking specifically to Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer, who was in the audience. (“Bibi” is a nickname for Netanyahu.)

“I signed a picture for Bibi a long time ago—I have a bad habit of, no one ever doubts I mean what I say, sometimes I say all that I mean, though—and I signed a picture a long time for Bibi,” Biden continued. “He’s been a friend for over 30 years. I said ‘Bibi I don’t agree with a damn thing you say but I love you.’”

Obamacare Architect (they had an architect???) Jonathan Gruber!!

The Right Planet: Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, who bragged about deceiving the American people in order to get Obamacare passed. According to Mr. Gruber, Americans are just too stupid to know what’s good for them. Fortunately, for us, we have “experts” like Mr. Gruber to help save us from ourselves. That’s why the ends justifies the means, according to Mr. Gruber, et al. I guess the “most transparent administration in history” ain’t so transparent after all. Huh. Imagine that. Go figure. ALL HAIL THE EXPERT!

The Independent Sentinel: My choice for Weasel of the Week for lying about Obamacare and counting on a lack of transparency and the stupidity of the American people to pass it.

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay, so it’s written to do that. In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in – you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed… Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass… Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

Well, there it is! Are these worthy weasels or what? Check back Thursday to see which Weasel walks off with the statuette of shame!

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