Russia Challenges US Nuke Power – Obama’s Greatest Betrayal

This is the threat EVERYONE should be talking about.

A Russian Topol-M ICBM drives across Red

This is President Barack Obama’s greatest betrayal. Everything else he has done, pales in comparison to the gutting of the US military and allowing the Russians to rebuild a very serious challenge to US nuclear arms capability. To be fair, Obama is not the only US President to fail to prepare for the inevitable resurgence of Russian military power. He may however, given his pro-Soviet communist background, be the first one to actually welcome it.

This monstrous betrayal puts millions of lives and the very survival of the West at grave risk.

From Pravda:

On September 1, 2014 the US State Department published a report, in which it was stated that for first time since the collapse of the USSR, Russia reached parity with the US in the field of strategic nuclear weapons. Thus, Washington admitted that Moscow regained the status that the Soviet Union had obtained by mid-70’s of the XX century and then lost.

According to the report from the State Department, Russia has 528 carriers of strategic nuclear weapons that carry 1,643 warheads. The United States has 794 vehicles and 1,652 nuclear warheads.

It just so happens that today, Russia’s strategic nuclear forces (SNF) are even more advanced in comparison with those of the US, as they ensure parity on warheads with a significantly smaller number of carriers of strategic nuclear weapons. This gap between Russia and the United States may only grow in the future, given the fact that Russian defense officials promised to rearm Russia’s SNF with new generation missiles.

How did this happen? The treacherous policy of democrats

The progress was made possible thanks to the treaty on the limitation of nuclear weapons, also known as START-3. The treaty was signed by Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama on 8 April 2010 in Prague (came into force on 5 February 2011). In accordance with the document, nuclear warheads of the parties are to be reduced to 1,550 by 2021. The number of carriers (intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers) is supposed to be cut to 700 units.

It was the first strategic agreement, after the treacherous policy of democrats, in which Russia managed to win significant advantages. In the treaty, the Americans, for the first time in history, undertook to reduce their strategic nuclear potential, while Russia won an opportunity to increase it. Furthermore, the new treaty removed important limitations that existed in the previous START 1 and START 2 treaties. It goes about the size of areas for the deployment of mobile ICBMs, the number of multi charge ICBMs, and the possibility to build railway-based ICBMs. Russia did not make any concessions.

Having written off Moscow as a serious geopolitical rival, flying on the wings of inaccessible military and technological superiority, Washington drove itself into a trap, from which it does not see a way out even in a medium-term perspective…

In today’s Russia, many find this hard to believe. This is a common belief for many of those, who still enthusiastically remain in captivity of the myths about the absolute “weakness” of Russia and the absolute “superiority” of the West. The myth was made up in the 90’s under the influence of Boris Yeltsin and his betrayal of Russian national interests. One has to admit that during that time, the myth was real, if one may say so.

Nukes were the key

For example, let’s consider the potential of conventional weapons of Russia and the West in the European Theater of Operations (ETO). In this area, it is generally believed that NATO is a lot stronger than Russia. Yet, a first encounter with reality smashes this misbelief into pieces.

As is known, the main striking force, the core of combat power of the ground forces is tanks. By the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Armed Forces had about 20,000 tanks in the ETO.

The Americans, in turn, deployed 6,000 heavy Abrams tanks on the territory of the allied group. Despite this, the combined potential of NATO forces in Europe was still significantly inferior to the Soviet potential. To compensate this imbalance, NATO strategists were forced to resort to tactical nuclear weapons (TNW).

In the first half of the 1950s, NATO conducted a research about what kind of forces the bloc should have to show reliable resistance to large-scale ground offensive of superior forces of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries. The calculations showed then that one required at least 96 full-fledged divisions for the purpose. Yet, the cost of armament for one of such divisions exceeded $1 billion. Plus, one required two or three more billion to maintain such a large group of troops and build appropriate infrastructure. This burden was clearly beyond the power of the economy of the West.

The solution was found in a move to deploy a group of US tactical nuclear weapons on the continent, and that was done soon. By early 1970s, the US arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons counted about 7,000 units of ammunition. The highest achievement in the area was the creation of weapons of selective action – neutron warheads (for guns of 203-mm and 155-mm caliber, and for Lance missiles) with a capacity from 1 to 10 kilotons. The warheads were seen as the key in combating land forces personnel, particularly Soviet tank crews.

Given the nuclear factor, to reflect “Soviet aggression,” NATO required to deploy only 30, rather than 96 divisions, and so they were deployed.

Russia outstrips NATO

How do things work in this area now? In early 2013, the Americans withdrew the last group of heavy Abrams tanks from Europe. In NATO countries, over the last 20 years, one new tank would replace 10-15 old, yet still capable, tanks. At the same time, Russia was not decommissioning its tanks.

As a result, today Russia is the absolute leader in this regard. In mid-2014, the balance of the Defense Ministry had as many as 18,177 tanks (T-90 – 400 pcs., T-72B – 7,144 pcs., T-80 – 4,744 pcs, T-64 – 4,000 pcs, T-62 – 689 pcs, and T-55 – 1200 pcs.)…

Here is another surprise. As for tactical nuclear weapons, the superiority of modern-day Russia over NATO is even stronger.

The Americans are well aware of this. They were convinced before that Russia would never rise again. Now it’s too late.

To date, NATO countries have only 260 tactical nuclear weapons in the ETO. The United States has 200 bombs with a total capacity of 18 megatons. They are located on six air bases in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey. France has 60 more atomic bombs. That is pretty much it. Russia, according to conservative estimates, has 5,000 pieces of different classes of TNW – from Iskander warheads to torpedo, aerial and artillery warheads! The US has 300 tactical B-61 bombs on its own territory, but this does not change the situation against the backdrop of such imbalance. The US is unable to improve it either, as it has destroyed the “Cold War legacy” – tactical nuclear missiles, land-based missiles and nuclear warheads of sea-based Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Western politicians think in terms of election cycles. Totalitarian politicians think in decades – even centuries. Short term and wishful thinking in the West after Reagan’s victory over communism, has led Western policy makers down a very dangerous road.

Twenty-five years ago, Moscow gave up a word – “communism.” In return, the West, led by America, gave up much of its military advantage and dropped its guard to the point where Moscow can once again realistically return to its never abandoned goal of world domination.

And their greatest ally may be the US President and his corrupt and communist infiltrated Democratic Party.


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9 thoughts on “Russia Challenges US Nuke Power – Obama’s Greatest Betrayal

  1. …. short term and wishful “thinking” in the West after President Ronald Reagan’s victory over communism ….

    You’re kidding, aren’t you, Mr Louden?

    President Ronald Reagan’s victory over communism was squandered as we endured 8 years of the serially-treasonous, RICO-racketeering, recidivist, looting, lying, thieving, mass-murdering, co-serially-raping and only-ever-incidentally “presidential” depredations of the Billah-Bubbah-Blythe “Cli’ton” Crime Family.

    And – with the possible exception of that directing and firing-up the fearsome feminazi scramblings that covered up the Foster murder and a some as-insidious and similarly-sinister scurrying to construct the arse-covering Gorelick Wall (and, with it, the facilitation of the September 11 2001 atrocities that are that psychopathic prick’s “administration’s” only actual “legacy”) there was no “thinking” going on. (Though perhaps a peck pertaining to pinching a few more fractions of Pennies on the Dollar from “sales” to its proprietors: Peking’s pack of perilously-pernicious predators?)

    From the infancy he has never really Left behind, Hot-Springs via Little-Rock’s loathsome lothario has Left no sign that we may see, of ever having thought much about anything at all. let alone about his crime family’s having ever been ‘on the (actual) “job.”‘

    And gave none to his squandering of the products of President Reagan’s life’s energies.

    Brian Richard Allen

  2. AN ODIOUS AND BRAZEN RUSSIAN DICTATOR BLUFFING THE CIVILIZED WORLD WITH HIS NUKES ARSENAL [Please Read this book: “The Disinformation” written by former highest Eastern European General ever to defect to the West–Ion Pacepa and his co-author U.S. Law Professor Ronald Rychlak]. You’ll have a much better idea about Vlad Pooftin and his Russian-driven communist dictatorship mega nest of some 6000 KGB agents (like him) running Russia! An incredible book based on real life experience of this high level Romanian General well known to our U.S. Presidents and top CIA officials! ****
    Vlad Pooftin is the chief of a ROGUE government which toys with its nukes in the most outrageous way, by pushing his provocations in an unprecedented way, that defies civilized humanity!
    It clearly shows that the rogue Russian government, with its odious, unscrupulous communist dictator Vlad Pooftin, is feeling the pinch of the Western democracies’ economic sanctions–much the same as Iran and Saddam Hussein were, for years rattling, bluffing, threatening and doing crazy things to their people! And he acts so foolish!
    Truly, Vlad Pooftin and his government (together with his lunatic communist Zirinovsky) is an embarrassment to the civilized Christian Orthodox people! Both of them should be put on (summary martial) trial by the Russian people, for genocide, and get rid of them for good–as Romanian people did on December 25, 1989 to their odious dictator Nicolae Ceausescu! //
    Yes, the ECONOMIC SANCTIONS ARE BITING VLAD PUTIN’s government and HE KNOWS IT! He is SQUANDERING POOR RUSSIANS’ PRECIOUS RESOURCES AND OPPRESSES THEM, so that they won’t rise to depose him! Yeah, the rigors of Western democracies’ ECONOMIC SANCTIONS ARE DEVASTATING THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY and lay waste his economic achievements with petro dollars, and Vlad Pooftin is showing the signs of bitter economic defeat at the hands of advanced Western democracies. Vlad Pooftin is acting like a fool and a thug with license to menace his own neighbors, showing his ANGER INFLICTED ON HIM BY THE RIGOROUS ECONOMIC SANCTIONS of powerful Western democracies! It is time for the Russian Christian Orthodox people to get rid of their odious economic and political oppressor who is depriving them of their food security and human dignity, and rules them with an iron hand! It’s time for Russian Christian Orthodox people to raise up another courageous Boris Yeltsin and line up 100 artillery guns in front of their white house, and fire hot projectiles inside their offices until all communists run away for good! The Russian younger generation should come in the streets in Moscow and St. Petersburg by the hundreds of thousands–as they did then in Romania on December 1989! Those multitudes of younger Russian generation ought to bring a SLAVIC SPRING to their great land, and throw out all communist dictators and thousands of KGB employees from all of the levers of their government, including Vlad Pooftin. Then, there will be no one in the land of Russia to send out their military propellers and rusty airplanes in the peaceful air of the world, to voyage the international airspace at the expense of the tens of millions of impoverished Russians, nor threaten peaceful life on Earth with nuclear “suffocation” and neither bully and bluff its peaceful neighbors for their legitimate and political ideal of setting forth their peaceful destiny with a more prosperous European Union trading block–and scuttle the Soviet Russian-driven communism dictatorship system forever!!!

  3. I’m in total agreement with this post, but the situation is far worse than most people can imagine. Analysts are saying that it is entirely possible that an accident or miscalculation could lead to war between the US and Russia. And they are saying the same thing about China.

    A tipping point occurs when something small can cause something big. We are now at a tipping point. We are waiting for a Sarajevo moment.

    Did you know that a big financial crash preceded World War I and World War II? War came 7 to 10 years after the crash. And 2015 is 7 years after the 2008 financial crash.

    Anybody reading this should be preparing for war.

  4. It seems that many of 0bama’s cadre are stuck in the 60’s Peacenik mode, naively clinging to the “If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us” fantasy. The 0bama method of diplomacy insanely legitimizes negotiations with those who, in an instant, will break all agreements the instant it works to their own advantage. Soviets have a history of making fools of those who actually hold to signed treaties. To the opportunistic Russians, arms parity and the concept of “fairness” is only for masochistic idiots. In other words, for the Academic American Left.

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