Vote Strategically!

by Dick Manasseri

Stop Trott——Un-Gridlock D.C.——Gridlock Lansing

Fortune Magazine: Boehner to Business – Help Me Stiff-Arm the Nuts . The Nuts? That would be We, We the People, We the Constitutionalists. We, who are so fed-up with the GOP, Snyder, Trott, etc., that We may stay home on Election Day.

From Fortune’s perspective: “To the credit of the party — and allies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Karl Rove-affiliated American Crossroads — Republicans are fielding recruits across the map handpicked to help Boehner [ignore the Conservatives and vote with Democrats]. In Michigan, Dave Trott, an entrepreneur and major Republican donor himself, mounted a successful primary challenge to Kerry Bentivolio, a Tea Party incumbent …”

Fortune agrees with Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review that GOP’s strategy is to vote for “soggy white bread candidates” so that Boehner can give Democrats a victory over Conservatives in the House, and then identifies David Trott as the poster child for Big Money and all the Crony Capitalism that money can buy.”

Fox News has now picked up the story including Trott’s “Foreclosure King” moniker. The story has garnered 400+ comments and over 1,000,000 Tweets in the first 24 hours.

The Constitutionalists in MI-11 need to send a message to Boehner and the Michigan GOP by doing whatever is necessary to Stop Trott. One option – write in “Kerry B.”.

Another strategic villain that “We the People” need to stop is

Senate Majority Leader, “Dirty Harry” Reid.

Harry has single-handedly emasculated the U.S. Senate by creating a limbo where 500 bills from the House now sit enabling Obama to use Executive Orders and his runaway bureaucracy to control our lives. Reid has been able to obscure the truth about Obama’s scandals while imposing the “nuclear option” to fast-track Obama’s appointments.

The Save our Seat initiative makes the case that the D.C. Gridlock that Reid imposes on the legislative process needs to stop now. We can

Un-Gridlock D.C. by voting for Terri Lynn Land.

And then there is the 800-pound villain in Lansing –

Big-Money Big-Government Rick Snyder.

Why in the world would Michigan Public TV discuss the possibility of Gridlock in Lansing if the notion wasn’t gaining momentum? As analyst, Bill Ballinger says, “Mark Schauer won’t be able to enact his liberal agenda because the legislature is controlled by the Republicans… and they hate Schauer.”

There lies problem of the last four years – Rick Snyder has been able to force his progressive agenda, precisely because he can and does strong-arm the “soggy white bread” Republicans in the legislature that he controls like a tyrant. He is connected to the Big Money sources, e.g. The Chamber of Commerce, the Devos-family funded LGBT mafia, the Islamist lobby, and the federal government bureaucracy, and he makes sure the legislature understands how these money sources can work on their behalf despite the fact that the GOP base vehemently disagrees.

Snyder’s fiscal policies have earned him a D from the Cato Institute, the lowest grade among Republican governors and lower than several Democrat governors.

The Vote for Gridlock initiative makes the case that divided government in Lansing, which requires strategic voting to boycott Snyder, is the only way to effectively Gridlock Lansing and stop the ominous slide to the Left engineered by the Governor.


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