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  1. It does look very interesting and would be easily proved or disproved with a simple DNA test…NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

    The best reason to prove that he is a criminal who should never have been elected is that we won’t have to support him and wife for the next 30-40 years with his “Presidential” pension. Sucks that we will be stuck with him unless we can prove any of the supposed lies he has told to get where he is.

  2. I purchased this WND dvd and watched it twice. The documentary evidence is VERY compelling, and the photo comparisons throughout the film give credence to the theory that FMD is Obama’s real father.

    Frank Marshall Davis has (another) son who uses the name Kaleokualoha when he comments on blogs. In December 2010, he and I had a conversation about FMD and Barack. At the very end, he admitted his father was a communist and a pornographer. See the link below for our discussion and additional comments by Kaleokualoha.


    EricaThunderpaws MOD • a year ago • parent

    Dear Kaleokualoha,

    You have made these same arguments previously on this very blog. You are Frank Marshall Davis’ son, so I can understand why you would want to de-link him (and yourself?) from his communist affiliations and pornographic proclivities, but wishing it so doesn’t make it so. Perhaps you are also a little unhappy to discover that you and Barack Obama are possibly half-siblings. A little sibling rivalry? Whatever your motivation for defending your father, the evidence that FMD was a communist and a pornographer is insurmountable–in my view. Nothing you say will change that.

    Kaleokualoha • a year ago • parent

    The facts that he was a “communist and pornographer” are indisputable. That is why I am not disputing them. I am disputing the specific misrepresentation, such as Dr. Kengor’s disinformation, that exaggerates his radical influence over Obama. Sorry for being unclear.

    “The first duty of a man is the seeking after and the investigation of truth.”
    – Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)

  3. The fact is that Obama Sr. did not function as a father in Bari/Barry’s life, but Davis did function as a father-like mentor to the boy. The fact is that Davis wrote about sex with a young girl named “Anne” and delighted in seducing young white girls. Apparently he also took nude photos of Bari/Barry’s rebellious and revolutionary-minded mother. Sure looks like Davis had time and opportunity to bed her. And surely the communist Davis’ views and values are reflected in the putative president’s socialist vision for America.

    There is plenty of reason to suspect that Obama Sr. was persuaded or paid to provide cover for Ann Dunham’s pregnancy. Apparently he never lived with her either before or after the baby’s birth.

  4. No question Obama is evil from birth, yes communism is EVIL. The nation was founded on the notion of FREEDOM and self-determination, something Obama will never understand. Obama has a deep seated hatred for the Untitled States of America…as he sees it, America is racist and unfair…he sees himself as a Messianic figure who will lead us to our “collective salvation” by collapsing what’s left of our Capitalistic system, kicking the last brick out from under our moral foundation and hitting the big RED Socialist re-set button to end the United States of America.

    If it were up to me he and his entire administration and 90% of Congress would promptly be arrested and tried for Treason.

  5. Honestly this was no supprise. When he came into the campagine and just listening to him, listening to his words, watching him move about it was like watching Saul Alinsky. obama eminated an aura that was unsetteling, you could see the secreativeness in his eyes and his posture. Now, with his radical change policies (I’ll do damned well what I please and to hell with the U.S. Constitution). I could see and feel he was an angry black man and his wife verified it when she spoke that she had never been proud of America until now.
    Our nation is chuck full of sheeple. They heard their dream come true, but were incapacitated to see the darkness that boiled and the coming storm. If it is elected again this nation is doomed.

    1. Every word is true. My Son In Law was one of those young people taken in. I said to him. This man has done nothing, he has no experience at running anything. Please search as I did. You will come to the same conclusion as I. This man is the worst thing that could possibly happen to this country. Sadly, my projection proved to be true. This man is the worst that could ever happen.

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