Day Three (what happened to Day Two?)

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

We have been so busy and so without Internet connection — which is intermittent at best here in Michigan’s upper peninsula — that yesterday was a complete bust in terms of writing about our rallies in Iron Mountain and Ironwood. We had a great turnout at the property of St. George Glass & Window in Iron Mountain. The weather all day was beautiful and the ride to the next venue in Ironwood was breathtaking. The foliage is at its peak here, and we took full advantage of NO internet connectivity to watch the colorful panorama as it sped by our bus, many of us crowding at the the windshield to snap pics in between rallies.

Our bus driver Bill from Tennessee — who has driven his share of rock groups — asked Diana Nagy to sing “Dreamboat Annie” by the ’70s girl group Heart, and when she didn’t know it well enough to sing it, we got lucky with a stretch of cyber-connection and downloaded the original tune on YouTube. It was a perfect musical accompaniment to the winding ribbons of road that stretched out ahead of us, bordered by golds, reds, flaming oranges and glowing yellows against a brilliant blue sky.

Today is the final day we will have author/blogger/researcher Trevor Loudon on tour with us, to our regret. The information he shares with the crowds about Obama’s connections to the Marxist/Communists are always riveting. He leaves us after the next stop in Marquette to continue his own national tour.

Tomorrow we hit Sault Ste. Marie and Cheboygan. The Honorable Elizabeth Letchworth, retired Secretary to the US Senate, catches up with the tour this afternoon and will join us onstage tomorrow in SSM. She’ll be with us through the end of the month, helping with media relations and securing a few members of Congress to speak at various stops.

I’ll leave you now with a slide show of some of the views we’ve seen, and some of our rallies.

“… Heading out to somewhere won’t be back for a while
Won’t be back for a while…”

View the slide show here…


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