Obama Pushes Wealth Redistribution In Africa

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

President Barack Obama speaks at the US Africa Business Forum during the US Africa Leaders Summit, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington. AP

It took a little over a year for Obama to ramp up a massive wealth redistribution scheme from the US to Africa. That is what the Power Africa business coalition is all about. Don’t be fooled – it is not altruistic and it is not for the people of Africa. It benefits crony capitalists, Obama’s Marxist sycophants, the US government and a plethora of Leftist agencies, groups and businesses. It is the ultimate in corrupt business schemes and is supported on both sides of the political aisle. “Don’t worry. It’s Africa. Nobody cares about Africa.” (Lennie James as General Zateb Kazim in Sahara from 2005)

In Obama’s bid for the electrification of Africa, he announced yesterday $33 billion in commitments to Africa and their power infrastructure. Gee… he’s shutting down our coal plants, skyrocketing our power bills, refuses to harden our electrical grid against an EMP and oh… we’re broke!! But hey! Let’s give money to a third world, corrupt, violent, genocidal, radical Islamist ridden hell hole like Africa. That ought to handle the world’s woes – not.

All of this, in the end, may actually hurt Africans as cronyists are descending on Africa and buying up their farmland. Farmers in many areas can no longer feed their people and the general populace is so poor, they can’t afford to purchase goods from these conglomerates. Remember… those who control the food, control the world. You’ve got the same old players setting all of this up – it’s a who’s who of Progressive/Marxist entities of which GE is foremost, followed by Ford and Coca-Cola. Immelt is literally salivating at expected profits and if Africa goes entirely communist, so much the better. He’ll make a killing, financially and literally. Then you have the World Bank with their grubby fingers in everyone’s pie. Last, and certainly not least, you have Obama who is literally stealing money from other approved funds in the US and funneling every dime he can into Africa.

From The Washington Times:

President Obama on Tuesday announced $14 billion in new private-sector commitments to Africa and additional billions of dollars in U.S. government support, but critics fear parts of the new initiative may actually hurt, not help, life on the continent.

Speaking at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, Mr. Obama called investment in Africa an “extraordinary opportunity,” touting deals with companies such as Coca-Cola, Marriott, General Electric and others to pour billions of dollars into Africa to promote food security, aid development, create jobs and foster greater economic ties between African nations and the U.S.

The money, he added, will not only benefit Africans but also represents good business for major American firms.

“The bottom line is, the United States is making a major and long-term investment in Africa’s progress. And taken together, the new commitments I’ve described today across our government and by our many partners total some $33 billion,” the president said. “And that will support development across Africa and jobs here in the United States, including up to tens of thousands of American jobs are supported every time we expand trade with Africa.”

Sure it will… just like all those other non-existent jobs you promised. More lies. This further bankrupts and weakens the US and all it does for Africa is line the pockets of wealthy Marxists. That is what is driving the African Summit here in the US this week. More than 40 African leaders are meeting in DC and being promised all kinds of goodies if they play ball. I’m sure there will be no mention of the Christian genocide that is on-going there or of the brutal warlords that run most of those countries. Nope… Obama will wax poetic on his African heritage (omitting his Muslim roots) and will blather on about the beauty of Africa. Of course, he will skip mentioning the feces encrusted shores, the slums that are the mainstay there, HIV/AIDS and Ebola’s gift of death that is spreading rapidly across Africa and soon across the planet. That would be bad PR don’t ya know. Marriott will build lovely hotels for the plague victims, I’m sure. IBM will provide hardware so you can stay up to date on the death toll.

The whole world is getting in on this scheme and I don’t see anyone out there calling this what it really is: wealth redistribution. It’s collectivism, pure and simple and these Marxists want to use Africa as a Petri dish for a one world government.

Just listen to the propaganda coming from the lapdog media:

The new pledges, which bring Power Africa’s total funding to more than $26 billion, will help ensure the continent adds 30,000 megawatts of additional capacity and expands electricity access to at least 60 million households and businesses. World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said Tuesday that his institution will commit $5 billion in direct financing, investment guarantees and advisory services to Power Africa, while the Swedish government is also contributing to the initiative.

Even as the administration has touted the business opportunities beckoning in Africa during this week’s U.S.-African Leaders summit, experts and African officials say an adequate power supply remains the biggest obstacle to economic development there.

More than 70 percent of Africans lack a reliable electricity supply. Power outages cost more than 5 percent of the gross domestic product in Malawi, Uganda and South Africa, according to Standard Bank, and between 1 and 5 percent of the GDP in Senegal, Kenya and Tanzania.

Vera Songwe, a nonresident senior fellow in the Brookings Institution’s Africa Growth Initiative, noted even rapidly-expanding sectors ranging from Internet to mining and the service industry are energy-intensive.

Enter George Soros, who funds the Brookings Institution. Anyone, I mean anyone, surprised?

Wow… you would think Africa is the next birthplace of civilization, only it won’t be. These corrupt individuals and companies will make a boatload off this farce:

At that point Immelt piped in. “Just remember who sells power generating equipment,” he said to laughs, prompting Clinton to quip, “I should have been your agent.”

Don’t you love it when elitists have a laugh at the world’s expense? They claim they are playing catchup with China and Brazil in Africa. Hmmmm…. so we must play on the same field with the communists? Evidently so.

The Export-Import Bank, which should be done away with, was also touted by Bill Clinton, globalist extraordinaire:

Support for the Export-Import Bank came from former President Bill Clinton, who said he has “heard more ridiculous things about the Ex-Im Bank in the last six months than I have in my adult life” and rebuffed a push by conservatives to abolish it.

“Economics is not theology, and if you’re running a country, you’ve got to try to create an opportunity for all your businesses to be competitive,” Clinton said while moderating a forum panel.

More on the Export-Import Bank from Fox News:

Obama also announced $7 billion in new government financing to promote U.S. exports to and investments in Africa. That includes $3 billion in financing from the U.S. Export-Import Bank aimed at supporting American exports to Africa over the next two years.

The Ex-Im Bank is at the center of a political controversy in Washington, with some Republicans seeking to shutter the bank and threatening to block its reauthorization when Congress returns from recess this fall. The GOP lawmakers seeking to shut down the bank argue that its spending is politically motivated and unnecessary.

GE CEO Jeff Immelt, who was among the business leaders participating in Tuesday’s summit, appealed to Congress to renew the bank’s charter, saying its existence signals to other countries that the U.S. government believes in investing overseas.

“The fact that we have to sit here and argue for it is just wrong,” Immelt said.

You can read at the Heritage Foundation on the evils of the Ex-Im Bank. Suffice it to say for the simple reason that Immelt and Clinton support it, it should be done away with. First, Clinton wouldn’t know squat about theology if he were run over by it. Second, it’s more blather and lies. You are taking money from Americans (stealing) and giving it to heathens and criminals… to those who have not earned it, from those who worked their whole lives to accumulate it. All the while stuffing your own pockets as people starve. How noble.

Obama held a dinner where he pranced as if he were King, not President of the US. Take your regular state dinner and multiply it by 50. More than 400 guests gathered on the South Lawn to hear Obama bloviate about, guess what? Himself:

“I stand before you as the president of the United States, a proud American. I also stand before you as the son of a man from Africa,” Obama said drawing applause. “The blood of Africa runs through our family, so for us, the bonds between our countries, our continents are deeply personal.”

He also spoke of the bonds between Africa and the U.S. and warmly recalled family visits to Kenya before he became president, as well as stops at historic sites in Ghana, Senegal and South Africa with his family while in office. He offered a toast to “the new Africa, the Africa that is rising and so full of promise.”

It was a smorgasbord of Progressive elitists and just sickening. The guest list can be found here.

Obama is blatantly pushing wealth redistribution in Africa and South of our border here in the US. He’s not content that we are bankrupt. He wants us destitute and on our knees. That will clear the way for a one world government, the UN and a worldwide security force.


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